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She was gradually losing consciousness.

Someone came to her and lifted her. She just had time to see who was the blond angel holding her and who was screaming sadly her name, to told him something more close to what last words are meant to be:

"U..usui...I.. d.. don't ..hate you"

She sighted, and then all became blank.

Usui. POV

** Horn sound ** **Impact**

He didn't want to turn around, he didn't want to see what he just heard. He didn't want to see that it was her.

He turned around and saw what must have never happened. The reason of his life was now lying on the ground.

He ran to her "N...no..please.." he sat on the ground, lifted her gently and put her on his lap holding her head with one hand while the other was caressing her cheek.

"Misa..ki... plea..please... open your eyes.."

When she opened her eyes, a tear rolled down on her face but it was not her tear, it was his. She opened her mouth trying to speak, but had no force at all. Usui brought his ears closer to her so that he could hear.

"U...usui...I..d..don't...hate you" she whispered and her eyes slowly closed.

Usui was dazed

So she didn't mean it...

"Mis..Misaki.. breath.. please"

There were no response but he just can't gave up, she has to wake up, he thought. He shook her gently calling her with all the nicknames he could have called her.

"Prez…Kaichou…Misa-chan… Ayuzawa…. Mi..Misaki"

Once he was no longer able to speak as if he had swallowed a knife, he stopped, realizing that it was useless. He was holding her body, but she wasn't there anymore…

He raised her head to his chest and layed down his forehead in her hair. He closed his eyes, crying silently.

Does she know that I can't lose her ...


Usui was running behind the stretcher where was Misaki. He had to stop because the doctor said that he can't go further.

"Please, doctor, s...save her" he said painfully.

He leaned against a wall and slid down.

She can't.. d..die...I need her so much.

1 hour pass... 2 hours... 3 hours until he had stop to count them. Each hour, the waiting room looked more and more crowdy. First, her mother and her sister came and then all the maid latte staff, after Sakura, Shizuko... and Shintani who was destructed as much as him. Usui know what is the pain you have to go through when the life of this girl is in danger.

The staff of Maid Latte tried to cheer him up but he just didn't have any response. His eyes were not as sparkly as they used to be, they were dark and cold...

Don't leave me Misaki….

and a tear roll down his cheek...

A doctor came off of the operation room and came to tell everyone the report. Usui hold his breath:

« She was really injured, but the operation went succesfully. We will bring her to a room where you can all see her. But like I said she was really injured, she is now in a coma and we are afraid if she doesn't wake up soon enough, she might .., » and he hold his breath even if it wasn't the first time he had to tell bad news, « …die »

Everybody was quiet, crushed by the tragic new. And then someone dare to make a move.

"She's gonna wake up, it's the strong misaki we're talking about, neeh? " Shintani said with a touch of hope

Everyone agreed, everyone except Usui... before this happened, he had never seen her that weak. All of this was his fault ...

He buried his head between his knees.

When everyone visited Misaki's room, her mother went to see him.


…No response…

She sat beside him but he kept looking the floor.

"You know…some people say that people in a coma are able to hear what someone says, I'm sure she will be happy to hear you, Usui"

He raised his eyes and met her gaze. She has the same eyes as her daughter… beautiful golden eyes with a touch of hazelnut.

"You're right" he simply said and stood up walking slowly trough the hospital's corridors.

That's when he saw her in the hospital bed. Looking so pale and so weak. His whole body was shaking and he swore he could have collapse if he didn't turn around.

"I'm sorry, Misaki, I can't see you like that" he whispered and went back to the waiting room.

3 days passed, and he never left the waiting room, well sometimes he did go to the bathroom or to eat at the cafeteria but he didn't quit the hospital neither he did go to her room. He was pale and everyone kept telling him to get some rest. But he can't, even if he's not beside her he's at least closer to her than he would be at his appartment.

It's no good... I HAVE to see her... don't be a child takumi and be strong.

He made a second attempt to go see her. He entered the room, gaze locked on the floor. He slowly raised his eyes. She didn't change from the time he saw her 3 days ago. She was like a stiff doll.

It was late, everyone was at their home. He was alone with her, not sure if it was a good idea. He sat on the chair near her bed. He watched her breath and took her hand between his palms.

"hel..hello, ayuzawa.., your mother told me that you might hear me"

He stopped , not able to tell if what he was doing was useless.

"It's probably stupid to talk to someone unconscious but… if there's a chance that you might hear me it would be idiot to remain silent…" He looked her face, still motionless.

"And plus, maybe it's a good thing that you're not able to move. Knowing you, you'd probably hit me after what I will tell you… " He smiled nervously, remembering the countless times that she hit him after he told or did something. He tightened the grip of his hands with hers.

"I'm s..sorry about what I said to you 3 days ago, I didn't mean it … I hope one day you're gonna forgive me"


" So, Usui , your grandfather must be proud of you I mean to have a grand son who has a fiance who is the grand -daughter of the the most powerful man in America is a thing who make someone proud!" A man at the party said

"Yes he's proud" Usui said with a fake smile

Usui knew that his grandfather just want to match him with her so that he can have the company in America. It was the only girl he was allowed to date. He made it clear that if he ever saw him with someone else, he might destroy the future of the poor girl who dared to be close to his grandson. That's why Taiga is his fiancé, he doesn't have to marry her to make her grandfather happy. Just the two of them together is enough to pull strings in America. That's why he didn't want to be involve officially with the only girl he cares about because he know that her future will be destroyed. And that's when all of what he has tried to keep secret got destroyed.

"Hello , Usui! " said hapily his favorite girl.

Crap, no one can know that I' m involved so deeply with her. Especially these two men who are friends with my grand father. I'm gonna have to lie... sorry Misaki, you're gonna be mad at me but I hope you can forgive me…

He got it all wrong...


Usui was now lying in the bed beside her with his head near her face and one arm around his waist. He had told everything.

"That's why, I... I never intended to hurt you misaki, It was the opposite I wanted to do I wanted to keep you safe from my family, because... b.. because I couldn't dare to see you hurt!"

He closed his eyes, remembering something

"And there you go hit youself by a car, you didn't think about me! You didn't think about the pain I would go through if I were about to lose you !"

His whole body was shaking, feeling that he was about to lose his mind.

"... you... you are the only one and had always been and will always will Ayuzawa..."

He couldn't hold back his tears after what he just said... he doesn't care if he looks like a crybaby...

"Wh... what.. a crybaby, that usui..." he heard

Was it his imagination? He felt (or imagine) the blanket moving.

He lifted his head to make sure it wasn't her.

But it was her, she was looking him with her beautiful golden eyes.

"S..stop crying baka" she told with a tired voice, while drying his tears with her fingers.

"Mi...Misaki? " he said perplex still crying

"who else could that be idiot " she said with a smile

She was alive ...Misaki was alive...

It took him a few seconds until he realized that she was awake for real. He pulled out the blankets that was hiding her and embraced her tightly being careful not to put all his weight on her.

He was in a state beyond the hapiness. He kissed every part of her neck, of her chin, her cheeks, her forehead, her eyes, her nose and lingered longer on her lips. It was a breathtaking kiss and they didn't want to end this. Usui was the first to break the kiss even if it was difficult.

"I'm sorry Misaki" he said finding nothing else to stay.

"I think I heard that before" and she gave him a wink " But you should have told me, I'm not someone who you have to keep safe from your family, I'm strong" and she searched for his lips.

"Wait, you heard?" usui said with a face showing his surprise .

"Of course, Baka, my mom is always right" and they continued the interrupted kiss, softly to start and fiercly after. Usui stopped, knowing where this would lead them, and stared at her

"I love you, Ayuzawa" with a look he wanted serious. Misaki blushed but she was so happy that, after all, he cares about her.

"Well I don't hate you " she said with a look she wanted funny.

Usui loosen his embrace and stood up to sit on the bed, turning his back to Misaki.

"You're not funny.." he said painfully "the last time you said that I almost lost you"

Misaki didn't want to hurt him with saying that. She embraced him from behind, her chin on his shoulder, her mouth near his ear.

" I-I l-love you too, Usui Takumi" she whispered, timidly.

She finally said it he thought..

He turned around and pushed her softly on the bed, her face in his hands.

" Promise me to never leave me again" he said with a serious voice.

As an answer she gave him a soft kiss. "I promise" and couldn't say anything else because Usui was too eager to press his lips on hers.

They did not want this to end and they were sad when the sun rose. But they knew this one and only thing:

He was hers as she was his, like it have always been and will always will... always and forever

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