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Stalagmites, which was the first thing that Sasuke saw; when he opened his eyes as he stared at the ceiling with blankness, noticing how he wasn't on the cold ground the former avenger assumed that Karin found a nearby cave and treated his wounds. But that was not the case…

"I gave you some first aid." An unknown voice echoes through the dark as Sasuke sat up and looked at his abdominals, true to the stranger's words bandages were wrapped around his torso and his abs. The Uchiha then turned his head towards the voice as he looked at the dark abyss, with his equipment that was neatly laid next to one of the stalagmites, with the same emotionless eyes that he had.

"You won." The voice echoes once more as Sasuke recalled the time where his brother laid on the ground, dead, with a peaceful look on his face. "It was very close though…you're still badly wounded. You shouldn't be so damn reckless with your life." The impassive teen simply looked down at the ground as the stranger finally revealed himself, disguised with an orange swirled mask that had a hole in the right eye so that he can see, and a black garment that covered his body up and down. "We've meet once before, as enemies." Tobi told him as the Uchiha looks at him, with an enigmatic look that makes you wonder what he's thinking.

"I brought you here to tell you something…" he lowered his eyes, towards the cold, rocky ground. "Not interested I see…" Tobi then tilted his head towards the right. "Maybe you'll pay attention if I said it like this…?" he then cleared his throat as if to say an important speech.

"It's about your brother, Uchiha Itachi." That grabbed the dark haired teen's attention as his eyes wondered back towards Tobi. "There we go…you know so much about your brother, and at the same time, you know nothing." He told Sasuke as he glazed at the masked man.

"Alright…why don't I start by introducing myself." He told Sasuke as he unclasped his mask. "Much like you, I'm a living breathing Uchiha…" he told him. Though it appears that Sasuke was staring at the man with an expressionless look, he was surprised what the masked man told him…another Uchiha?

"…and the man who knows the truth…of Uchiha Itachi." He told him as he partially took off his mask to reveal a three pupil Sharingan; as the man gazed down at Sasuke, the teen's eyes widen as the left part of his eyes altered into the Sharingan. The Uchiha teen glared at the man as his eyes begun to bleed; while at the same time, his eyes once more altered into a different set of Sharingan, the Mangekyou Sharingan. As Sasuke continued to stare at the man with intensity, Tobi looked at Sasuke with shock as black flames appeared on his shoulder.

'Impossible!' he silently thought as he yelped in pain, while the flames covered his body, dropping his mask in the process. The Uchiha teen covered his left eye as Tobi disappeared from view. Sasuke shook in pain as he fired his very first Amaterasu, or translated as the Illuminating Heaven; calming himself down he took deep breaths as he felt the Mangekyou Sharingan change into the three pupil Sharingan, and reside back into his regular dark eyes.

After taking a few more breaths, Sasuke finally says something when he woke up. "What the hell was that…?" he asked as he looked where Tobi was, only to find an empty space. Breathing heavily, Sasuke looked at the ground once more, coming to the conclusion that he had killed another Uchiha.

"That's Amaterasu… a technique that Itachi implanted into you." Sasuke turned his head at the dark area with alarm as a hand picked up the fallen mask and wore it once more. "Itachi, Itachi, Itachi… even in death, he never ceases to surprise me…even planning a situation like this…" he muttered as Tobi stood in front of Sasuke, unscathed.

"What…are you saying?" the dark haired teen asked as Tobi sighed and looked at Sasuke. "He ingrained you with his own technique, a last-effort to kill me…or maybe to just keep me away from you." Tobi told him as the former avenger gazed upon him with bewilderment. "I assumed that he set it up so the sight of 'my' Sharingan would automatically trigger Amaterasu to activate.

It's what you'd call a fail-safe… although he only gotten the fail part-"

"Don't have any idea where you're getting at…" Sasuke interrupted, as Tobi couldn't help but to sigh at this guy's impatience. "Look, Itachi did something to you just before he died, right?" his eyes widen, as the young Uchiha recalled the time where his brother poked his forehead, and muttered something just before he died. "Somehow, at the last second, he transferred all his eye techniques into you.

"T-that makes no sense…what are you trying to imply?" Tobi shook his head, not believing how ignorant this kid was. "It was to protect you." At this Sasuke stared at him with shock, protect him? The hell was that suppose to mean? It took a while to process on what Tobi told him, with a low growl he glares at him with much abhorrence. "Is that suppose to be funny?" he asked as he clenched his teeth. "If you keep screwing with me, I will promise you a painful death." He told him as Tobi simply shook his head.

"Talking with you is going to be difficult; well, that's understandable. I mean, some weirdo appears and says that your brother loved you even when he did all these horrendous-"

"Shut up!" Sasuke yelled as he clenched the blanket. "I don't care anymore; go away and never come near me again!" Tobi looked down at him and finally responded through his orange mask. "You need to know about him…this man risked everything to protect the ninja world… the leaf village…but most of all… you…" he told him as Sasuke slowly unclenched the covers.

With this Tobi, later introduced as Madara, told him everything; the dark truth about the leaf village's beginning, the power of his clan that grew and diminished in matter of years, the Uchiha clan planning a coup d'état to take over the leaf village, and Itachi's order to spy and eliminate the Uchiha clan. Madara also told him about the promise Itachi requested when the two met; that he would get revenge on the Uchiha, but in return asked not to touch the village, also the plead with the 3rd to not tell Sasuke the truth…

…and his brotherly love that couldn't kill his little brother…

"…for him…your life weighed more than the village. So that in defeating him and avenging the Uchiha clan, you would be hailed as hero of Konoha. Eaten up by a disease and feeling his own death approaching, he used variation of medicines to prolong his life…all for the sake of his little brother…" Madara finished as he looks at Sasuke, an isolated look in his eyes as tears streamed down from his eyes.

'Brother, show me how to do the clone technique after dinner!'

'Sorry Sasuke, I'll show you some other time…' This was the first time Itachi poked his forehead.

'I've got a mission later, so I won't be able to train with you.'


'Sorry Sasuke, some other time ok?' Second…

'Brother, practice some technique with me today…'

'I'm busy…?'

'…you always act like I'm a pest.'

'Sorry Sasuke…some other time…' Third…

'Sorry Sasuke… this is the last time…' Fourth…and final time…before Itachi's death…

Sasuke controlled himself as the tears stopped. "…I understand now…" he muttered as Madara grinned behind his mask. "…what will you do now?" he asked, though he knew the out come would be that Sasuke would probably have resentment towards his village, and with that he'll try and destroy the lea-

"I'm leaving…where people wouldn't know of my existence…" the grin was soon replaced with a shocked look, but it's not like Sasuke will see that.


"My brother wanted peace, and I'll admit…if I haven't thought it through then I wouldn't have 2nd thoughts to kill all those Senju followers…but if I did…then what my brother accomplished would be in vain." He explained as he got off of the mat, and walked towards his equipments. Meanwhile Madara was cursing his ass off; this was not supposed to happen! "But Itachi wanted you to go back to village; he wanted you to be a hero-"

"If I returned to the village…do you honestly think that most of the people would accept me? Also if I did return as a hero, then that'll make me no worse than a trash that would want a second chance…" he told him as he wore on his clan symbol shirt, and picked up his chokuto. "What of team Snake? Or your friends back at the village?" Sasuke remained silent as he wore the akatsuki garb and walked towards the empty space.

"Team Snake was designed for one purpose, to kill my brother; now that he's dead, what's the point in keeping them?" he paused as some kind of rift opened in front of him, Madara noticed the blood on the ground…the Mangekyou? "…and…I have no friends…not after what I've done…" he told him as he turned to the masked ninja, with blood streaming down from his eyes.

"Thanks for the little story, but this is the only way…" and with that he walked into the dimensional rift, the gap closing behind the young ninja. Uchiha Sasuke no longer resides in this world…

On the island of Drum, the witch, Kureha sighed, the doctor having just seen off her old acquaintance Hiruluk, running away from another mob, that foolish doctor, just what in the world is he doing; shouldn't he have realized to give the anesthetic before he does anything stupid? In the end, there wasn't much that COULD be done, that fool is just too damn headstrong to heal people that he doesn't bother with any other help.

'What a dumbass…' she sighed, as she took another swig at the bottle of rum in her hand (There is no way in freaking hell I'm going to refer a Pirate drink as Sake). Shaking her head, the doctor turned, preparing to head back to her home, which resided in the trunk of a living tree, when she paused, her brows knotting as she sensed something off to the side, something that hadn't been there earlier; call it a doctor's intuition, but she knows that there is someone waiting to get their ass whipped.

'Let's see who the unlucky bastard is…?' she wondered, stepping forwards with pride and prejudice of her foot in someone's abdominal, but what she didn't expect…was a person. "The hell…" it was a body, with blood soaking the white snows around his head, her eyes widen.

"Don't tell me…he's hit in the head," she murmured as she did something that she would always do whenever she's a doctor and that she needed to check up on a patient…

…Kick him over to see what the hell the problem is.

Needless to say, she is not pleased with the damn results.

It was indeed a person, lying in his own pool of blood, his skin was literally red; the bandages that were on his abdominal were soaked in blood; he possibly reopened his wound; but that's what didn't set Kureha off…no it was the fact that his eyes were streaming with blood, "A reopened wound, a serious ass case of Hypothermia, and a possible uncontrollable subconjunctival hemorrhage."


The body maintains a relatively stable temperature whereby heat production is balanced by heat loss. Normally, the core body temperature (when measured rectally) is 98.6 degrees F or 37 degrees C. When the outside environment gets too cold or the body's heat production decreases, hypothermia occurs (hypo=below + thermia=temperature). Hypothermia is defined as having a core body temperature less than 95 degrees F or 35 degrees C.

Body temperature is controlled in the part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which is responsible for recognizing alterations in the body temperature and responding appropriately. The body produces heat through the metabolic processes in cells that support vital body functions. Most heat is lost at the skin surface by convection, conduction, radiation, and evaporation. If the environment gets colder, the body may need to generate more heat by shivering (increasing muscle activity that promotes heat formation). But if heat loss is greater than the body's ability to make more, then the body's core temperature will fall.

As the temperature falls, the body shunts blood away from the skin and exposure to the elements. Blood flow is increased to the vital organs of the body including the heart, lungs, kidney, and brain. The heart and brain are most sensitive to cold, and the electrical activity in these organs slows in response to cold. If the body temperature continues to decrease, organs begin to fail, and eventually death will occur.

Subconjuctival Hemorrhage

A very common cause of a painless bloody eye usually first noticed by somebody else or by the person with it when they look in the mirror. The bleeding results from a break in a small blood vessel in the sclera, the white part of the eye. This releases a tiny amount (less than a drop) of blood, which is trapped underneath the conjunctiva, much like the blood in a bruise is trapped in the skin. It is called a subconjunctival hemorrhage since it occurs beneath the conjunctiva, the transparent membrane covering the sclera.

A subconjunctival hemorrhage can occur with heavy lifting, coughing, sneezing, vomiting or for no apparent reason. It looks bad and may be frightening but is not dangerous and leaves no residual change in vision. There is no discharge from the eye. The redness may turn brown or green and everything returns to normal within 3 weeks as the blood is absorbed. If this is not resolved by this time, then contact a medical center immediately for bleeding disorder, blood thinner or high-blood-pressure.

Kureha certainly didn't hope so, and was about to crouch down and check the body out for more information when it twitched, her eyes widening as the boy slowly lifted his head and ask, "I-Is this near the Land of the Fire?" he asked as she looked at him, "Boy, do you think this is the Land of the Fire? We're surrounded by snow, where the hell do you think this is?"

He didn't respond, which irked her to no end. She shook her head, and responded, "This is the Drum Kingdom, Drum Island; and right now your in front of my house." The boy looked at her…and began to chuckle. "So…I did it…I'm really out of that place…" soon, the tears of blood were replaced with actual tears as he looked at the tree and cried, "I'm no longer bound to that place…I'm free…" he cried, before he closed his eyes, light breathe was being emitted, his strength apparently spent.

Needless to say, Kureha felt the beginnings of a headache she normally only experienced when dealing with Hiruluk's latest act of stupidity building up behind her eyeballs.

Sasuke groaned. What happened to him? The last thing he remembered was something cold on his back...and pretty much everywhere around him was freezing as hell...

...and the soft thing beneath him definitely wasn't cold. He slowly opened his eyes, and blinked; everything was dark... He touched where his eyes were and felt something soft.

'Bandages?' he muttered as he took them off and stared at his surroundings. The room was fairly well lit, that was the first thing he noticed, the second thing he noticed was the heavy smell of alcohol, especially the one used to clean off infected wounds; he also noticed how his eyes didn't feel any discomfort from using that dimension jutsu; also the wounds that he received from his previous battles were... more or less, unnoticeable. Whoever the hell treated him, sure knew how to do their job right...but at this thought, Sasuke frowned.

"This is either really good or really bad." The only medic whose very proficient in healing him to this state was Tsunade...

"So Sleeping Beauty finally wakes up?" a sarcastic voice booms in the room as Sasuke turned to the source, when he saw something fly at him; unconsciously he rose his arm, and apple? "Your motor senses and sensory cortex look alright; and judging from your dumbfound appearance, it seem your eyes are alright." his eyes widen when she mentioned about his eyes, as she rolled hers. "Don't you worry you little baby, I fixed you up good, a long week, but you'll be kicking around in about a day." she said with a crackle. The Uchiha looks at her, "Thanks..." he said as he sat up, "...but I don't have anything to pay you back with."

"I know, I went through your stuff." that's where he looked at her as if she was crazy, "You thought I do this for free? The amount of anesthetic, and blood transfusion that I had to use to patch you up nearly empty my supplies, I'm even surprised your even alive after loosing that much blood; in fact, I thought you defied most medical study when you lost that amount of blood." she commented.

Blood Loss

Your body is estimated to be about 60 to 70 percent water. Blood is mostly water, and your muscles, lungs, and brain all contain a lot of water. Your body needs water to regulate body temperature and to provide the means for nutrients to travel to all your organs. Water also transports oxygen to your cells, removes waste, and protects your joints and organs.

The blood in your body are so important that loosing at least 40% of it will result in death; and even half of that will be dangerous to your health.

He looked at himself and noticed...the slash wound that he received from Itachi was almost gone, there wasn't even a scar on there!

"Surprised? Well don't be, your on an island where medical field is advance then the rest of the world." She laughed, like a witch, Sasuke noted as she went through her cabinet and got out a bottle of alcohol, and without any weary she took a chug from the bottle. He wondered how this old lady could even handle that amount of dosage of alcohol. A normal person would have whined or cry about the burn of the alcohol.

"Mind if I asked you something?" Sasuke requested, "You want to know the secret to my youth?" he blinked.

", I was wondering where I was." The woman laughed, "Well at least you didn't break that part of the medical facts."

Blood Loss pt. 2

Some side effects of losing a large amount of blood (at least 5% of it) may result in loss of memory. This is temporary, but if it's a long term, contact a medical facility immediately for a blood transfusion.

She merely pointed outside, which revealed, literally, a winter wonderland, with mountains that looked like drums and conifer trees covered in snow. "This is Drum Island, somewhere on the Grand Line." she said as the woman kicked back and sighed. "Don't expect me to tell you specific, I'm a doctor not a freaking pirate." she said as the Uchiha blinked. "What of the Land of the Fire?" he asked as she laughed, "Does this look like a land of fire to you?" she asked as he looked at the bed...

...and laughed, "Finally...I'm no longer bound there..." he muttered as the woman laughed. "Yeah sure, but now your bound here." Sasuke blinked as she crossed her arms, "I did say that it wasn't for free." she said as she began to laugh, "The amount of blood you took from my stash, along with the anesthetic and bandages, oh and the alcohol; ah yes, the alcohol..." she hummed... "I'm suggesting that you'd serve under me for six years!" Sasuke glowered, he wasn't going to stay here and-

Suddenly he felt his whole body froze up. W-What the hell is going on! He looked over towards the woman, who had her finger pointed...right at his face. His eyes wondered around, when he saw the mirror; and found three needles sticking right out of his chin, forehead and on the bridge of his nose. "You were probably thinking that you can leave eh?" her sunglasses tilted...and Sasuke was somewhat regretting to even consider to escape. "Listen here punk, I don't know where you were raised, but here in this world we live with one moral: If you get something, you have to give that someone back with equal value." she growled. "I'm even being nice, to not add the extra four years you owe me; so don't get cocky with me."

That witch! She simply laughed, "Better work on that glare...cause you'll be working under me for the next seven years!" His eyes widen, that witch added in another year!

The only response he got from the witch doctor, Kureha was a crackle of laughter.

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