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Chapter One

Jared's Point Of View

My name is Jared Makahl. I am your average sixteen year old. . . exept that I am a werewolf. I have just recently phased. About a week ago. Today, I am going to school for the first time. I am pretty controlled, Sam says, so hopefully no one pushes my limit, on my tolerence level.

I have your Quiluet black hair and copper skin and dark eyes. My phyisical appearence has changed gerasticaly since my becoming of a wolf. For example, my face is more sculpted, or square. My eyes have grown darker, and are harder. I look more mature, or like a twenty year old. But, I dont exactly act as mature.

Sam Uley has been the only one that has kept me from going insane. He has helped me threw all of this and has been somewhat pacient. His girlfriend, Emily, has been nice and calm with me too. My Dad and Mom know all about me bing a werewolf. My Dad had that gene, but Bloodsuckers were'nt around during his years. He says he wishes that gene was triggered.

At the moment, I was getting dressed for school. My Mom had just went shopping for new clothes because it was pretty obvious that I had grown about a foot in a half. Plus, I was more beefy, and wider.

"Jared!" I heard my Mom yell up the staires. My Mom was very small and delecate. She reminded me of a china doll. But, she was underestimated. Growing up, her Mom had died and her Dad was at work most of the day, so she took care of two brothers and a sister. She was tough. I got my eyes from her. I thought she was beautifull, but didnt every child think that their Mom was beautifull?

"Yeah?" I asked.

"You'll be late. You better hurry," She said. I could already imagine her hands on her hips and her toe tapping.

"Okay. One sec." I said. I chose some jeans and a green polo shirt. I put on some tennis shoes and went downstaires with my backpack.

"Have a good day, Kid," Dad muttered, walking out the door for work. He smiled encouragingly, "Good luck,"

"Thanks," I said and smiled back. I saw Mom in the kitchen and my older sister Allie sitting on a stool.

"It's about time hooky player is going to school," Allie muttered, drinking some coffee. Allie was a complete spitting image of Mom. She was eighteen and was a senior. She didnt know about my fury little problem. Sam said we could tell no one, including my sister. For all my sister knew, I was sick all week with a bad case of strep throat.

"Hi, Jared." Mom said, ignoring Allie's comment. She smiled, "I like your outfit," She noted. I rolled my eyes and smiled, back.

"Hi," I said. I grabbed two gronola bars and grabbed a piece of gum for afterwards. "I'm heading out,"

"Okay. Bye. Good luck!" She said. My sister cocked an eyebrow.

"'Good luck', for going to school?" Allie asked. She snorted and got out of her stool.

"Bye," I said, ignoring Allie and going out the door. I got my keys out of my bag and went out to my beat up, black truck. I started the enigine and pulled out of my driveway. I sucked in a breath.

When I got to school, and got out of my car. I could sence a few people staring at my new appearence and others walk away, quickly. I just kicked rocks that were in front of me, and ignored them all.

I went out to my locker and shuffled threw the hallway. The sounds of people talking and having conversations was like a ton of bees being in my head. It was a buzzing sound. And it was rather annoying. I sighed and put in my locked combination. I grabbed my English textbooks and went to class without a word.

Normaly, I would be late for class, and goof around with my friends Kaleb and Peter and make the bell last minuet, but Sam said I couldn't take any chances and hang around with them. Sam said soon enough others would phase.

"It's nice for you to finaly join us," Mr. Kahl grummbled to me. He dosnt seem to happy that I was gone for a long time.

"Yeah," I muttered back, with eye brows raised. "What is my makeup work?"

"Here," He said, giving me a stack of papers with a paper clip on them. Alot of work. Great joy. "Get your notes from. . . er," He looked over to the girl who sat next to me, "Miss. Connweller,"

"Okay," I muttered and walked off to my desk. I sat down, akwardly in the small chair. I looked over at the girl with black hair, who seemed to be into her book that she was reading.

"Umm," I said. What was her name? She didnt seem to hear me. "Can I barrow your notes?"

"Okay," She mummbled. When she looked up I could see the blush on her face. I felt my body go numb. Everything about this girl was snapping the strings that held me to the ground. Her hair. Snap. Eyes. Snap. Blush. Snap. Skin. Snap, snap, snap. She was the only girl in this room. If I looked up at anyother girl in this room, their faces would be blury and un-scene. She was beautiful.

"Thanks," I breathed, slightly above a whisper. I couldnt keep my eyes off of her. More, rosey, blush krept up her russet cheeks. I smiled, smuggly as she dug threw her bag for them.

"Anytime," She said. What was her name?

"What is your name?" I asked her with a slightly cocked head.

"Kim," she said and then sniffed. Have I sat by her all year? Oh, I felt like a huge jerk!

"Kim," I muttered to myself. It fit her. Perfectly.

Well, I sure as heck didnt coppy notes during class. I was too preocupied staring at the beautiful woman befor me.