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The Cassiana Chronicles

Chapter 6 – When Destiny Calls

In the silence before dawn Jordan Wells lay awake, the sense of expectation she

felt filled her very soul, and kept sleep at bay. Something was going to happen.

She didn't know what, but it was something wonderful, something magical, and

it was heading straight for her.

Far below the city Cassiana was also spending a sleepless night. She too could

sense the feeling of expectation within her daughter. As yet Jordan did not know

what was going to happen to her, (they were never really allowed to clearly see

the course of events if they themselves would be personally involved), but her

mother could and what she saw filled her with joy.

The man in the bed beside her stirred and opened one eye. "What's the matter?"

He asked.

"It's Jordan."

"What about her?" He asked urgently, fully awake now. "Is she ill?"

"No, no. It's ok Devin, she's fine." Cassiana said kissing the top of her head.

"Don't worry it's not anything bad, just the opposite in fact. By the end of today

our daughter is going to have met her destiny."

"You're talking in riddles again Cass." Devin replied. "And I don't suppose you

have any intention of explaining yourself, do you?" She shook her head. "I

didn't think so. You are sure she's going to be ok thought aren't you?"

"She'll be fine. Don't worry my love. Have patience and very soon you will see

for yourself."

"Mmm if you say so." Devin replied reassured, and already half asleep.

"I do say so." She said almost to herself as she snuggled down next to him.

"Just you wait and see."

As the sun began its steady journey across the sky Jordan gave up any ideas she

had about getting to sleep and went in to the kitchen to make some tea. A taste

for which she'd acquired from her grandfather. Taking her cup, she went to stand

by the open window and looked out at the awakening city before her.

"It's going to be a beautiful day." She thought to herself as she sipped her tea.

"There's magic, and rainbows, and starbursts in the air." And so saying she

returned to the bedroom in order to dress.

Across town in his own apartment, District Attorney Joe Maxwell, was himself

preparing to start the day. He'd launched himself out of bed and bounded into

the shower that morning with an eagerness that had been lacking since Catherine

Chandler's death. Now he stood gazing out of his own window a broad smile on

his face. He felt good. He felt alive. He felt ready for anything. He just knew

that whatever life threw at him today it was gonna be pretty special. It was that

sort of day.

Jordan's morning followed its usual course, classes, classes and yet more classes.

She was training to become a doctor and although she loved to learn, she could

well do without the numerous, very heavy medical books she had to transport

from place to place. Today was no exception, they were piled high, so high in fact

that she couldn't see where she was going. Inevitably she tripped over something

that lay in her path. Carrying the heavy load she was there was no way of stopping

herself, and down she went, books and all. As she lay sprawled on the ground

surrounded by medical journals, she mentally checked she was ok. Satisfied she

wasn't hurt, she started to gather her wits about her. After all she couldn't stay

down here all day, in New York people would probably just walk over her.

Before she could do another thing, two hands appeared and lifted her back onto her

feet, with such ease and grace she turned half expecting to see her Uncle Vincent

standing there, which of course was absolutely impossible, it being 1.30 in the

afternoon and broad daylight. What she did see took her breath away. He was

gorgeous, with incredible eyes. Oh God those eyes, she thought as she looked

into them and couldn't bring herself to look away again. Time stopped and the

world ceased to exist for what seemed like eternity, before he smiled and said.

"Are you ok Miss...?"

"Wells. Jordan Wells." She said, not quite knowing how she managed to form

the words. "And yes I'm fine. Thank you for helping me."

"You're welcome." He said. "Can't leave a damsel in distress now can I. Let's

get these picked up before they get trampled. I'm Joe by the way. Joe Maxwell."

"Pleased to meet you Mr Maxwell." She replied as they bent to retrieve her

scattered possessions.

"Call me Joe. Are you sure you're alright? Maybe we should go grab a coffee

and sit down. Just to make sure you don't go in to delayed shock or something."

She saw the pained expression cross his face, as he noticed the books he'd just

picked up were medical books, and realised that she almost certainly knew more

about delayed shock than he did.

"Maybe we should." She replied. "You can't be too careful with delayed shock."

"Yeah right." He said, recovering his composure. "Better safe than sorry I always

say. There's a place I know just up the street that do sensational cappuccino."

"Great." Jordan replied. She hated Cappuccino, but would have agreed to anything

in order to spend more time with this man. This Joe Maxwell, who she already

knew she was hopelessly in love with.

Joe Maxwell had been on his way back to the DA's office when he saw the young

woman trip over an empty soda can. She and all the books she had been carrying

crashed to the ground. He'd hurried over to where she lay and without thinking

had simply lifted her back on to her feet. He was lucky, she could have easily

slapped him and accused him of assault. But she didn't. Instead she turned to face

him and he felt he'd been struck by lightning. She was beautiful. He looked into

here eyes and couldn't look away again. The busy New York street ceased to exist

as he stood drowning. Eventually he'd pulled himself together enough to ask if she

was ok and discover her name was Jordan Wells. The name Wells sounded familiar

to him. But he pushed the thought to the back of his mind and started to rant on

about going for a coffee and delayed shock, before he realised that the books he's

just picked up for her were Med Journals, and that she must know more about

delayed shock then he ever would. God he must have looked a complete idiot.

But instead of laughing at him, she'd agreed that yes it could be tricky. They'd gone

on his suggestion, to Luigi's and had Cappuccino, which he was sure, by her face as

she drank it, she didn't like. But drank it she had. Then he'd asked her out to

dinner the next day and she'd accepted.

They'd talked for hours giving up any idea of returning to school or work that day,

and after he'd walked her to her car he floated back to his apartment, his thoughts

full of Jordan Wells. Who was he had to admit too young for him. But age didn't

matter when you were in love.

"Love?" He said aloud. "Who the hell mentioned Love?"

"You did." He answered himself. "Face it Maxwell, you've fallen for the girl."

"Yeah." He thought. "I have."

Joe Maxwell DA, a man who hadn't so much as looked at another woman since

Catherine Chandler's death, had indeed fallen in love.

Jordan Wells burst into her uncles chamber, where she knew her parents as well

as Vincent would be, with such energy she brought the brilliant radiance of a

hundred sun rises with her.

"Hi everyone!" She exclaimed, as she bounded to hug each member of her

family in turn. "I have had the most amazing day." She continued, just

remembering to throw a cushion down on the floor at Vincent's feet to break

her fall, before she threw herself down on top of it.

It was her favourite place to sit. Whenever she came below and the opportunity

arose she always settled herself at her uncles feet. In fact she was never very far

from him when she was below. He drew strength from her very presence, when

the loss of Catherine weighed heavy upon him, and she simply loved to be with


Now as she sat, her arm resting on his leg, her eyes raised to his, he looked down

on her fondly and asked.

"What did you do Little One?"

"Oh the usual stuff." She replied. "But then after lunch I was hurrying to my next

class when I tripped and fell. Oh don't worry Dad." She said, turning to Devin as

she felt his concern. "I'm not hurt. Anyway as I was saying, before I could do

anything these hands appeared and lifted me back on to my feet again. And I

looked up to see who my good samaritan was and our eyes locked and held for

what seemed like forever, and I couldn't breathe properly and everyone and

everything around us ceased to exist. It was amazing. And he's invited me to

dinner tomorrow evening, so I know he felt it too."

"Oh no." Devin groaned.

Cassiana Wells looked at her husband and gently squeezed his hand saying. "It

had to happen."

"But why now." He replied.

"Because now is the right time."

"You knew." He said, glaring at her. "That was what all that meeting her destiny,

stuff was about this morning, wasn't it?"

Cassi just grinned and turned to face her daughter. "So tell us what happened

next." She said.

"We went to Luigi's and talked and talked and talked. Oh Mom, he's wonderful.

He's great looking, but there's something else about him. An inner strength. He

has a good heart, I can feel it. In fact..." She said looking up at Vincent. "He had

a heart like yours Uncle Vincent."

"Does this saint have a name?" Devin asked.

"Oh Daddy, he's not a saint. He's just good and kind. Because of his job he's seen

some terrible things but despite that, or probably because of it, he still wants to make

everything alright."

"But does he have a name, and what is this job he does?"

"Of course he has a name." Jordan replied, leaving Vincent's side to sit by her

father. "And actually you know him, you've even worked with him."

"I have?" Devin questioned. She nodded but didn't say anything. "Well who is

it Jordan? Tell me, the suspense is killing me."

Jordan laughed at the exasperation in her father's tone but decided to take pity on

him. "It's Joe Maxwell." She said simply.

"The District Attorney?" Vincent asked in a stunned voice. "Catherine's friend?"

"Yes Uncle Vincent, the very same."

"He's too old for you." Devin said.

"Oh Daddy, age doesn't matter."

"Catherine was very fond of Mr Maxwell, Devin. And you yourself said what a

fine man he is." Vincent stated.

"We each have our destiny to follow my love." Cassi said softly, emphasising the

word destiny. "Remember?"

Devin Wells glared around the room at is wife, his brother, and his daughter,

unwilling to give in but knowing everything they said was true. His daughters

final statement was his undoing.

"Daddy, I love him." She said it softly, but he could see in her eyes the truth

behind the simple words.

"Alright." He sighed. "If he means that much to you."

"Oh thank you." Jordan cried, flinging her arms around his neck. "Thank you,

thank you, thank you."

Vincent sat watching them marvelling at the way they were all still caught up in the

life Catherine had lead above. The chances of Jordan and Joe Maxwell meeting were

slim a best. They both lived vastly different lives, and yet meet they had.

Cassiana caught his eye and smiled. "When destiny calls Vincent."

"When destiny calls." Vincent repeated, and smiled back at her.