They are in the bathroom with the shower running and steaming the place up. Justin and Zeke are down to their boxers and Zeke's back is against the wall with Justin dry humping his leg so that their covered erections are rubbing against each other. This isn't enough though, so Zeke wraps his legs around Justin's sexy defined hips and Justin thrusts against Zeke's ass so hard that he is fucking Zeke through his underwear.

As Zeke yells at Justin to pick up speed, Justin slams Zeke against the wall again and again until finally Justin sets him down and rips off both their briefs. Before Zeke can go down and blow Justin, Justin pushes them both into the shower and under the hot pulsing spray. As Justin grabs the soap and starts rubbing and stroking Zeke's hard dick, Zeke turns his back to Justin and rubs his ass against Justin's cock to create sweet friction on the head of Justin's penis.

When this isn't enough Justin holds Zeke's hands above his head and thrusts deep inside him, burying his dick in Zeke's tight little ass. Justin slowly builds up speed and friction as they rock back and forth against the wall of the shower. When they get tired of that, Justin turns Zeke around, picks him up, and slams him down on his hard dick as Zeke wraps his legs around Justin's waist bounces on top of his cock.

Just before Justin cums Zeke stops them, and gets down on his hands and knees. Justin steps forward and brings his huge dick to a stop, quivering in front of Zeke's face. As soon as Zeke parts his lips Justin slams forward, fucking his throat as Zeke's tongue dances around Justin's head and loops and tickles around Justin's tight balls.

Right before Justin cums, he swings his legs around Zeke's back and starts riding Zeke like a bull, fucking him doggy style. As Zeke screams Justin's name, Justin picks up speed and finally shoots so much steamy white liquid inside Zeke that it trickles out his hole. Justin bends down and starts to eat his ass, lapping up his own cum like an animal.

As Justin eats out Zeke like a starving man Zeke begins to jerk himself, slowly at first but picking up more and more speed. After Zeke cums all over himself, he cleans up by swirling his fingers around his shaft and balls and then suckling them clean in his mouth.

Hey guys, just realized after I posted this that it has pretty much the same ending as the chapter before it. Sorry about that! Hope you enjoy! J