First fanfic for puyopuyo, um, there's not a lot of stories for this series!, we need more fans..anyway most of the authors of the stories seem to also be on puyo nexus, coarse that's just me. i've only bin on nexus once, and that was with my cousin shadow, you might know her. Disclaimer:I do not own puyo pop, if I did releases would also be in America!

The blonde ran quickly through the falling brown leaves of October. The wind was cool, and blew slightly in your face. She grinned with a faint smirk and hurried to the front of her school, located in the middle-of-nowhere primp town. She burst threw the doors and hurried up a flight of stairs till she got to her destination.

"Miss Amitie, how nice of you to actually join us today.'' Mrs. Accord said in a tone that Amitie hated. "Sixty-SEVENTH tardy in a row might I add!'' she jotted down Amitie's tardy in her record and pointed to Amitie's seat. ''Sorry teach, my alarm just didn't go off...'' Amitie said laughing nervously why scratching the back of her head.

"Mm-hmm, that's what you told me last Tuesday. Now class, open your books to page 99... .'' Mrs. Accord wrote instructions for the class on the chalkboard quickly and turned back to her desk.

Now the students and teacher didn't notice it, but outside red and black storm clouds were forming, and it was getting darker.

"Um, Mrs. Accord!" Raffine said waving her hand in the air, she was the first one to notice the clouds looming over the school.

"Not now Raffine! Im reading my magazine!''


"Raffine, you seriously need to shut up'' Mrs. .accord said muttering to herself as she faced the girl. "What-'' she gasped at the weather outside.

"Whoa...'' amitie said to herself, she stared out the window in amazement.

"LOOK OUTSIDE GUYS THERE'S A HUGE FREAKIN BIRD!'' amitie said standing on her desk.

"Um, amitie, we were gasping at the mysterious clouds, not that bird'' arle said scratching her head.

"Oh…'' amitie sat back down.

"Okay class just settle down, Im going to call risukuma'' she picked up an old fashioned phone and dialed his number.

"Yes um, have you seen the weather?'' she said into the phone.

Popoi tried to listen too, but unfortunately was stuck in accord's death grip.

"Mm-hmm…'' accord turned away from the class while listening to the other line.

"Class, we have a problem, come with me." She said briskly walking out the door.