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The class followed mrs. accord into the school bus, And Amitie couldn't help but wonder what was happening, were we preparing for an earthquake?

We were supposed to stop, drop and roll for that right? Anyway she watched Mrs. Accord close the bus door and Shove the keys in the ignition.

Raffine in the meanwhile was complaining that Being squished between amitie and Yuuchan wasn't pleasant.

The bus sped off on the road to the other magic school. Popoi looked sick with how fast the bus was going.

"Oooh!~ this is so fuun!~" Yuuchan said as she put her hands in the air. "If this bus crashes you guys are done for but imma ghost so it wouldn't matter!"

"Mrs. accord pulled up in front of the school entrance and hurried the group of students inside.

"Class! please follow me! Single file line!" She half-jogged up a flight of stairs and opened t a door that said ' Risukuma's class'.

"Mr. risukuma!" Mrs. Accord said hurrying over, she instructed her class to stand in the back since desks were taken up by other students.

"There you are miss accord. Now i have some important matters to discuss..." They talked in whispered voices as other students tried to listen.

"Psst, amitie!" Klug whispered.


"We should go investigate!" he said.

"Wh-what? why? Mrs. Accord wants us to-"

"I know but they don't know any more about this then we do im supposing, shouldn't we try to find out more?"

"I guess..."

"Alright then, C'mon!" He took her hand and pulled her to the door. Nobody noticed since they were focusing on the teachers.

They walked out into the hallway and klug led her up the stairs to a classroom that had a large window.

When they walked in, the classroom was dully lit by red from the sky. They could see a figure, or more like a shadow of someone walking closer to them.

'W-who are you?" Klug said nervously stepping back with amitie.

"..." The shadow said nothing, it only continued to come closer, stopping inches from klug. Slowly, It seemed to merge into klug

as he fell to his knees with a painful yell. Amitie's eyes widened in fear as she watched klug hold his head as if he was going insane.

"Klug! klug! what's happening?" She tried to shake him but he backed away.

Suddenly, his features changed. His hair was lighter, parted differently and his eyes pure red. HIs clothes were of someone else's.

He slowly stood up with a calm expression, looking at amitie.

"Who are you?..." Amitie said in fear.

" A spirit you do not need to be afraid of."

"What did you do to my friend?"

"I am only using his body so i can complete my goal. Nothing more or less."

Amitie could only remain speechless as she stared into his eyes, the most unique she had ever seen.

"..." He stood there for a second in deep thought with an annoyed expression. "I can't have you running off and telling people...so you'll have to come with me."

He said sighing.

"Go with you? I don't know you! Your like some evil spirit thing that just took over my best friend!" Amitie said.

"I can compromise. Im not here to harm you or anybody else, im here to fix that." He said pointing outside. He walked closer to amitie and cupped her chin.

"So i need you to trust me and you can have your friend back. "

Amitie paused for a moment looking into red, compelling eyes.


He stepped back and smiled.

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