"Alright Arthur, we're going for a bit, but Holly will be here soon to take you out for your walk." Carrie said as she grabbed her purse.

Doug walked in and headed to the door quickly as to not meet eyes with Arthur. "Don't burn the house down!" He shouted as he made his way outside. Carrie smiled and shut the door behind her.

Arthur clapped and looked around the room. "Right, toast time." He shouted for whatever reason. This was a bad idea, as Arthur all alone plus electrical appliances tends to equal flames. But he headed to the kitchen nonetheless. As he entered he noticed someone at the fridge. "Ah, hello there Holly, my dear, didn't know you'd be here so soon."

"My name's not Holly." Someone said from behind the fridge. The door slammed shut and Iron Man stood there. "I am Iron Man...oh, hey old dude."

"You again!" Arthur shouted in shock. "Why are you here, come to break our table again? 'Cause if you are, that's my job!"

Iron Man munched on his sandwich quietly for a moment before glancing over to the table... and blasting it. "No, I was just hungry, but there you go anyway. Thanks for the food... and the beer, of course." Iron Man prepared to fly away, but Holly walked in before he could. "Well, hello hot stuff." He said quietly.

"Am...am I on the wrong show or-or something, why is Iron Man here?" Holly said, utterly confused.

"No, but I'll gladly take you off this show and into my pants, what do you say?" Iron Man guzzled down some beer and tossed the bottle away. "Let's get it on." Holly nodded and he flew through the roof, Holly in hand.

Suddenly the front door opened and Carrie walked into the kitchen a few moments later. "Sorry, dad, I just forgot...what the HELL?" She shouted.

"Douglas did it!" Arthur quickly said as he retreated to his basement.

Doug walked into the room, scouting for food, but quickly met with Carrie's angry glare. "What?" He looked at the broken table and then back at Carrie. "I didn't do that, I was with you!"

"You probably sat on it earlier and it was just coming apart from the weight, you cow." She muttered as she headed out of the kitchen.

Doug stared at the table for a moment, taking in all of what just happened. "Words hurt, you know!"