'Ugh….goddamnit I can never get that part right!' Hino picked up his ring and set back to his starting position in the corner . 'Okay here I g-'


'goddanmit.' He turned to the person who had just ruined his concentration to see an obnoxious red standing on the other side of the mat grinning like a fool. "What?"

"Come here! I got something to ask you. " He called motioning for Hino to come closer.

"Go away, I'm busy" He tried to get back in the zone but was again pulled from it by another yell.

"COME ON! Don't be such a sour puss just come over here!" Azuma called again with that defiant look on his face that seemed to always be planted there.

A sigh. "Fine." Hino strode over to where Azuma was standing. "What?"

"When's your birthday?"

A twitch. 'Is he freaking serious?' Another sigh. "Why?"

Anger covered Azuma's face. "Why do I need a reason? We're friends aren't we? Can't a friend ask when another friends birthday is?" Mock hurt replaced the anger from before only causing Hino to roll his eyes though.

I guess the only way to get him to go away so I can practice again is answer his stupid little questions. "Friday."

Azuma's eyes bugged out, mouth hanging open "What! You mean this Friday? As in the day after tomorrow?" Anger returning. "Why didn't you tell anyone?"

Hino shugged. "I didn't think it was a big deal, not like anyone cares any-"

"I CARE!" Azuma shouted. Everyone in the gym turned to stare at them, not that it was strange or anything. The boys rhythmic gymnastics team was always making noise, but usually it was more than just two of them. "I-I mean we all care…We're friends right! So we all care!"

A small laugh emitted from the smaller man as he looked away. "You don't have to lie to me, I know you guys don't like me all that much." He started to make away when Azuma grabbed his arm and pulled him back. The pull came as a surprise to Hino making him fall into Azuma.

A blush covered Hino's face as he tried to pull away. "Let me go!" But Azuma ignored him and yanked him out of the gym. Then shoved him into the wall.

"Stop that! We do like you! You are our friend! We wouldn't put up with you if we weren't!" Anger was written all over his face but then only to be replaced with disappointment. "Don't you like us? Don't you think of us as…..friends?"

The blush that had appeared on Hino's face earlier and tripled in shade. "O-of course! I mean, you guys are okay, but I mean…" Words were escaping him, he wasn't used to another person being this close to him. Having them loom over him with their arms on either side of head.

Azuma smirked. "Ne, Hino, what you blushing for?" That only caused his blush to deepen.

"Shut up!" The smirk widened.

"I think you maybe like one of us a little more than the rest" Azuma leaned a little closer. "Would that person be within a foot in front of you?"

"U-uh!" Hino started to panic a bit. He didn't need this, it was just Azuma playing with him…..right? "Azuma-"

"Don't you think you should start calling me Wataru?" Hino looked at him confused. "I mean Azuma sounds a little formal for what we're about to do."

"What? What are we abou-" Azuma leaned forward a pressed his lips to Hino's. In shock Hino's eye's widened staring at the closed ones in front of him. After moments that felt like hours he pulled away. "Azuma-" Hino started.

"Didn't I tell you to call me Wataru?"

"Wataru-" Another kiss, only this time both parties participated.

A pair of young boys turned the corner only to be met with this site, shocked the younger let out a scream of "ANIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!"