Warning/Disclaimer: yet another loverly slash brought to you by me of which I use JKR's characters and not for profit in any way. Wasn't that a horrible grammatically incorrect sentence there? Yes, yes it was.

Pregnancy Tests

"Harry! What in the world is this!" Draco's half angry, half frantic shouts echoed through the house.

He emerged from the bathroom holding a plastic stick. He was panicking now. He knew what those little plastic sticks were, and he knew what that little plus sign meant. Needless to say, as Draco frantically looked from the little plus sign to looking up again, he felt his whole world spinning out of control quickly.

"HARRY!" He shouted again. There really was no way this was happening. No possible way. And if it were, why would Harry just leave this on the bathroom counter so casually? Gryffindor courage his arse!

"What? What's wrong?" Harry came bounding up the stairs with a worried look plastered on his face.

"Harry, what is this!" Draco shoved the plastic stick in his boyfriend's face.

"That's a pregnancy test," Harry stated plainly.

"I know that! Why is it in our bathroom?"

"Oh, I must have accidentally left it there! I'm sorry, Draco." Harry made to snatch it out of Draco's hands but Draco was quicker and pulled his arm back.

"This was a great way to tell me! I don't know what I'm possibly going to do now." Draco leant against the wall as his head began to spin. Slowly he sank to the floor, pregnancy test still in hand.

"Draco? Are you ok?" Harry stood there in the hallway awkwardly as he stared down at his distressed boyfriend.

"No, Harry! I'm not bloody ok!" Draco snapped. "How did you think I would take something like this?" He waved the pregnancy test around like a mad man.

"I don't know. I really didn't think you'd even care." Harry was beyond confused as to why Draco was acting so strange and panicked over something so trivial.

"Oh, bloody fantastic, Harry. You're pregnant and you think it's perfectly fine for me not to care. If only we were more careful," he moaned and pressed his hands against his eyes.

Just then Harry began to laugh. Draco peeked through his hands and glared hard at his boyfriend.

"What's so funny, Potter?" he spit out.

"You are!" Harry managed to choke out. "That's not mine. That's Hermione's! She didn't know where else to go, so she came here. She must have forgotten it being too excited to tell Ron."

Draco's face fell and the pregnancy test clattered to the floor. "Granger?"

"Yes," Harry laughed again. "You're really something else sometime Draco, you know?"

"You're a bloody tosser sometimes," Draco grumbled petulantly as he stood up again.

"Yes, but you still love me." Harry moved forward to plant a small kiss on Draco's cheek. Draco didn't move and kept his arms tightly crossed over his chest. "So, are you now terribly disappointed it's not me who is pregnant?"

"No!" Draco responded all too quickly. "Well, maybe a little. But I don't want children yet. We've not even talked about anything beyond living together."

Harry chuckled as he wrapped his arms around Draco's waist. "Well then, I guess we will have to discuss some things beyond just living together soon then." Harry kissed Draco properly as the latter smiled.

"Soon, but for now, let's go congratulate Granger and Weasley."