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Note: Once again, takes place after School's Out-Forever and Breaking Dawn.

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"What did Attalia have to say about the Cullen's...Newest acquisition?" Caius asked, shuffling a deck of cards in his hands.

"She reported that all was well." Aro replied, folding his hands on the table in front of him. "She reported no threat, despite his...Special attributes."

"And you believe her?" Marcus asked.

"I take everything Attalia tells me with a grain of salt these days." Aro said. "I question her motives."

"She has some kind of connection to the newest Cullen." Marcus said. "I don't understand it yet."

"A move needs to be made, Aro." Caius told him. "We can't just sit around and go on some untrustworthy vampire's opnion. We should go to the Olympic Coven and see for ourselves."

"We cannot be too hasty, Caius." Aro warned him. "Despite our strained relationship, I would like to stay on friendly terms with the Cullens, at least until I am given due reason to make a move. Besides, I would rather not fall completely out of favor with a few of the Cullens..."

"You still wish to add Alice, Edward, Bella, and Renesmee to the Volturi?" Marcus asked. "You still think that's possible?"

"I do not know, but there is no sense in giving up yet." Aro answered. "Also, it seems there is another to add to our collection..."

"The new one...Fang, is his name?" said Caius. "You think you can persuade him?"

"Maybe with a hand from Chelsea, it could be possible." Aro replied. "I think it is worth a try."

"Then what's keeping us?" Marcus asked. "I say we go to them."

"I say we wait." Aro said. "Now is not the time."

"How will we know when this 'time' is?" Marcus asked. "Aro, waiting would be foolish!"

Suddenly, Caius ceased his shuffling, taking the first three cards from the top and placing them in a row on the table, face down. He flipped over the first card. "The Justice card."

"Tarot cards, Caius?" Aro asked.

"They're interesting to play at." Caius replied.

"Well, what does the card mean?" Marcus asked.

"Consequences." Caius answered. "Everything has its consequence."

"Any move we choose could have its consequences." Aro commented. "We should know that by now. We've suffered the consequences of our past."

"And we can't afford to do that now." Marcus added. "Not with the plans we have in motion."

Caius flipped over the next card. "Two of Wands. A choice must be made."

"Ah, you see, Aro?" Marcus asked. "The choice must be made, we cannot wait!"

"Unless we choose to wait." Aro countered. "But, either way, we must choose something and agree upon it."

Caius picked up the last card, flipping it over. An eyebrow raised in interest. "Temperance. Finding balance. Making opposites work together."

Though Marcus and Caius seemed confused, a smile spread across Aro's face.

"For cards to 'play at', they have advised us well." He said. We shall neither attack nor wait, but gather information from afar. If we cannot trust Attalia's word, we must recieve a second opinion." He turned to Caius.

"Send a few of your best spies to Forks."

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Note: I got all my tarot card info off of a website. I'm sorry if I got anything wrong. Actually, in some parts, I almost meant for the Volturi to read them wrong. If you know anything about tarot cards, you may catch on, if I did it right. We'll see.