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.Normal Pov.

*At Sam's house*

Sam reclined back against the wall by by her bed "So Danny, Wanna play Doom? I Own like six Computers for school work" Sam scoffed. 'My parents think i really need ALL those for school.'

Danny who previously had his back to Sam turned and look at her with a bewildered expression "SIX? Your parents bought you six of them? Wow, my mom made me earn my money for one." Danny sat down on Sam's soft lavender Carpet.

"Yeah well. They want me to take in out riches and be more girlie." Sam scoffed again "As if. The closest i will become to girlie is liking boys,"

Sighing, "Well, we gunna play Doom? Or do something else?" Danny asked trying not to sound rude.

"Yeah, Just lemme get out the stuff" Sam went over to her closet and opened it. Stepping inside, Sam turned on the light.

Danny looked over to where Sam's Closet was, running his fingers threw his hair. "Dude! You have a walk in closet?"

"Yeah hold on Danny." Sam yelled from the closet. A minute and a half later Sam returned with armfuls of Doom gear.

"Wow, that's a lot." Danny Stood from his spot on the floor. "Lets get playing!"

Sam giggled a little 'Danny is sure interesting . . .' (A/N if this doesn't seem like sam, just stick in the kind of compliment she WOULD say. Thanks)

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