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Chapter 7-

"So what happened to our cherry blossom?" suigetsu asked. They were jumping from to tree to Akatsuki base. Sakura was on sasuke's back unconscious.

"I don't know. That's why we are going to Kabuto" sasuke sounded annoyed.

"Ok,ok I was just worried. Geez."


Juugo was feeling better about himself because sasuke wasn't mad at him. On the other hand Karin was totally furious. Sakura had sasuke worried. Of course sasuke didn't show it but she knew and she didn't like it. She didn't like sakura. Just then sakura stirred on sasuke's back. Sasuke looked over his shoulder. She still had her eyes closed but he knew she was going to awake soon. She murmured something he didn't get.

Sakura felt her head pounding like all the times when she wakes. She figured it was one of the poison effects. She felt like she was moving. She started to register her surroundings. She felt her chest against something firm and warm. Her hands and legs around something. Then she realized the situation. She was being carried on someone's back! Last time, she remembered was in a cave with sasuke looking after her. So I am not dead yet she thought. Then she yanked open her eyes to see who was carrying her even though she was pretty sure it was sasuke. And her guess was right because she could see a spike lock of black hair. Her head was on his shoulder. She wanted to get up but her body wouldn't obey. "Sasuke"


"our cherry blossom has awoken" suigetsu exclaimed.

"How are you feeling?" Juugo asked.

"I'm o…" sakura didn't get to finish because sasuke interrupted with "something's wrong with you"

For a moment he felt sakura tensed but then relaxed again.

"I am fine" she lied.

"u call coughing out blood fine?"sasuke growled.

"where are we going" sakura murmured changing the subject.

"Kabuto is going to give you a check up"

"what? No. I don't want to"

"why?" he asked as if challenging to point out there was something wrong.

"bcuz, I don't want that snake like hand touch me" partly it was true but of course it was mostly because Kabuto would instantly know.

Then she felt her head spinning. Dizziness, pain in the chest and stomach. She made sure she didn't make any noise. She felt cold sweat bead down from her forehead.

Sasuke felt sakura quivered and turned his head to see sakura closing her eyes shut tightly and paled.

"Sakura" he thought. He quickened his step unknowing to himself but not to others. Suigetsu grinned even though he was worrying about sakura. Juugo nodded knowingly. Karin of course as usual was scowling. Sasuke felt the shivering seize along with her head limp again noting that she passed out again. "I wonder why sakura didn't tell us. Tell me? Why do I feel this way? This feeling….is like back then when I cared for her. But I thought I had broken bonds with her? May be it reformed? May be… it never was broken…" sasuke was lost in thought but his pace was fast. The others had a hard time keeping up.

When they finally arrived at Akatsuki, Madara was no where to be seen. Sasuke was grateful for that, he didn't have to explain the failed mission.

"Sasuke-kun, you are back" Kabuto stated eying the figure on his back.

"Hn, it saves me the time to look for you"

"Oh really? You need me?" Kabuto said quite mockingly. Sasuke ignored it and said "I need you to check up sakura"

"I thought so. But isn't she a medic? She should know how to take care of herself"

"just hurry up" sasuke snapped.

"well I guess there's no harm in that." with that Kabuto turned and started walking away to find a room to do check up. Sasuke followed and so did the others.

The room was dimly lit by candles. "Set her there" kabuto instructed pointing to the bed by the wall.

"hn". Sasuke gently slide sakura on the bed with some help from Juugo. Sasuke looked at her pale, fragile body. Kabuto smirked lightly before coming to stand in front of the bed. He signed saying "I guess this would be the second time" he paused for a while before continuing "the first time I healed her was when her team came to investigate about your whereabouts. Naruto lost control of his tailed beast"


Kabuto placed his blue glowing hand to sakura's chest and stomach examining what was wrong. After sometime he stopped.

Sakura felt her head pounding again so she knew she was waking up. She registered that she was lying down. Then she recollected the events before remembering that kabuto was going to check up. She cracked her eyes open. True to sasuke's words, she saw kabuto standing nearly by. She panicked seeing kabuto's face knowing that he had find out.

"Oh, you are awake, sakura-san" Kabuto announced. Sakura tried to signal him not to tell. Kabuto saw this and smirked.

Sakura then heard sasuke speak out "so what's wrong with her?"

"she doesn't seem to want to tell" Kabuto answered. Sakura risked a glance at sasuke but his expression gave away nothing. She couldn't tell if he was angry or concerned.

"I don't care. Kabuto what's wrong with her?"

"I guess I will since it's not my problem" kabuto said. Sakura turned away preparing for the worst. Sasuke would probably be so angry. The room went awkwardly quiet but everyone was listening intently even Karin's ears seem to pick up.

"well, what's wrong with her is that she is ….. poisoned" Kabuto voice disrupted the quietness.

"then cure her" came sasuke's monotone.

"Oh, I am afraid I can't. You see it has spread too much. But it's not like I want to. She has at the most 2 or 3 days left. Well then good day to all of you" With that he smiled and exited the room.

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