Title: Crimson Heat
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizuo x kitty Izaya
Prompt from the Drrr Kink Meme: Izaya with cat tail&ears. In heat.

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


Quick author's note:
This is AU where Izaya has cat ears and tail. But he is in human form and can talk human language. Think perhaps similar to Loveless world? (Or generic cat boy) Thank you!

Izaya's POV

Hello~ This is Izanyan! Or you can call me Iza-chan~ Erika likes to call me IzaIza. They all work for me though no matter what name you may call me, I probably wouldn't answer to you. The only one I answer to is…

"Izaya~ Where are you, you damn cat. It's dinner time~!"

Ah, yes. That's one the one. My protozoan thick-headed, short tempered master, Shizu-chan.

Shizu-chan is a debt collector. He's kinda busy all the time and leaves me alone during the day. Kinda sad isn't it? He let's me out to go play though. Of course, I always come back for dinner time, but I enjoy watching him frantically search for me.

It's kinda cute you know? When his face is a flustered and angry at me because he cares for me.

Tee hee, don't tell him I said that. Shh… it's our secret.

"There you are, you damn cat!" He rushes towards me to pick me up.

I mewl when his strong arms lifts me up to carry me.

"Shizu-chan~!" I hug him, climbing to his shoulders.

"Hey, hey. Watch it. You've grown big you know," he chuckles. I love his chuckles. They kind of roar and rumble from his chest and the vibration tingles my ears and warms my body.

"Here you go. Tuna," my master says as he opens up a can of tuna and dumps the mush onto my plate.


"Shizu-chan~~" I whine. Come on~ you're getting all the good stuff every day~~~

"No buts. You're getting that for dinner. I've spoiled you too much with human food."

I whimper and poke at the mush. What is this! RAWR! (¬≥⌂≤)⁄

He KNOWS I hate canned food!

I pout and wait. He doesn't look down at me. I whimper and circle around his chair.

He STILL doesn't look down at me.

So I sit there looking up at the table, waiting for him to give me a small portion from his dinner plate, whimpering and whining.

… you know, that kinda sounds a bit too pathetic. Even for me.

I give up. Not even sniffing at my plate, I slink to the bed room and plop myself on the bed.

I'm sooo boycotting until I'm fed properly!

My stomach grumbles. I was waiting for a nice dinner so I ate lightly for lunch. It was a bird in a cage from our neighbor, Ryuugamine Mikado.

Don't tell him I ate his pet though. The nasty bird had so many feathers, some of them are still stuck between my teeth. I haven't gotten around to pulling them all out yet.

Holding onto my empty stomach that continued to bitch at me, I grumble and try to get some sleep.

It's not long before I feel someone lift me.

Mmngh… who is it? Shizu-chan?

I sleepily blink one eye open to see those brown concerned eyes to know that I'm right.

"Wake up you spoiled brat. Hey I got you something to eat, so stop sulking."

I yawn and stretch, rubbing my eyes with my paws.


"Yeah, yeah. These costs a lot so don't let it go to waste now. Geez… you were so much cuter when you were younger," he grumbles as he strokes my hair.

I know he doesn't mean it.

… at least, he better not mean it. I'll scratch his face until he says he loves me! \(*`∧´)/

He sits next to the bed as he takes out a small box of to-go sushi box. I instantly smile in glee! Yes! SUSHI! 0(^▽^)0

But my face instantly falls when I see no ootoro. Just plain tuna.

I scrunch up my lips and give him my deadliest glare and kitten pout of doom!

How COULD you Shizu-chan! My OOTORO! (>Д<) I was looking so forward to it!

Seeing my face, I think he got what I was going for.

"Ah, sorry… ootoro and chuutoro's kinda out of my budget," he admits as he scratches his head and blushes.

…sigh. Well that's what I get for having a master like Shizu-chan.

He can't feed me with ootoro every day but at least he gives me plenty of love.

… or at least he'd better.

I still pout. Because it's just principal. But I relent soon enough once I'm sure that he's feeling guilty.

Hopefully my act will reward me with an ootoro tomorrow. v( ̄ー ̄)v

"Shizu-chan, feed me~" I whine a bit.

"Spoiled cat! Eat it yourself," he chuckles. I cling to him some more.

"Feed me~ I'm so hungry, I don't have enough strength to eat it."

"Geez, damn cat. You'd better know how to at least chew, and don't tell me you want me to chew for you and feed it mouth to mouth."

I pout. Because I did mean it that way. Oh well.

I crawl into his lap and purr as he takes a small sushi to hand feed it to me. I curl my tail and shiver in ecstasy at each morsel. I know Shizu-chan's secretly happy because his smiles are so obvious as he feeds me one fish at a time.

Once he's done, I suck on his fingers for a good measure to lick up all the fish oil soaked in his hands. Ha! After this treatment, he really better buy me some juicy ootoro next time.

With a full tummy and a happy smile, I roll around on the bed for a bit, licking at my paws and washing my face for bed. Shizu-chan goes to take his shower. I look at the clock to realize it's really late.

… Shizu-chan actually got out to buy dinner for me at this hour.

I feel a wee bit guilty. Only a smudge. Rather than guilt, I'm filled with all sorts of happiness. He went out forme.

That kinda makes me more happy than guilty. I like testing my waters. I like testing him. Testy Shizu-chan is kinda cute too.

Shizu-chan comes out of the bathroom wearing nothing but towels around his hips, his muscles glistening with water, and his hair dripping wet.

… strange, normally when I see him nude, it doesn't affect me. More like, I kinda want to scratch that smooth surface and mark him for fun.

This time though, my heart squeezes tight and starts beating fast.

I curl and hug myself as I turn away from him.

Strange… my heart is still beating fast.

What's going on?

Shizu-chan sits on the corner of his bed and pulls on his boxers so he could go to sleep. I meow as he gets in the bed and snuggles next to me.

This is how we usually sleep together.


Except… tonight.

I can't seem to fall asleep.

I lay there quietly as my master starts snoring, his chest slowly heaving up and down.

Did I sleep too much earlier?

No, I didn't sleep long. I should be tired…

But my body is reacting funny.

I don't get it but… it's too hot here.

I kick off the covers and struggle out of my master's hold.

The damn brute is too strong! He mumbles something as he holds me closer! Aaaah! 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

I kick and scratch him but it's no use.

"Shizu-chan…" I whine.

He keeps snoring. Damn it Shizu-chan!

"Shizu-chan! Shizu-chan!" I shake him desperately.

Something's wrong. Something's really wrong. My body's reacting really funny when I touch him. His breath is intoxicating me. I'm trembling and sweating and shaking and…

It's starting to hurt.

"Shizu-chan!" I practically scream at him.

"Please wake up!"

Tears start welling up when Shizu-chan won't wake up. Damn it Shizu! This isn't the time to be a deep sleeper!

I roll on top of him and bite his lips. Hard.

"Ouch!" he shouts as he wakes up. I can taste the blood as I lick my lips.

"Damn cat what do you wa…. Izaya?" his anger quickly turns to concern as I start wailing.

"Shizu-chan! Shizu-chan! It… it hurts! It hurts so much! I don't know what to do!"

After several minutes of trying to get me to calm down, Shizu-chan quickly calls his doctor friend. I curl up in bed, trying desperately to quail this pain. It's… it's not working.

"I don't know Shinra!" he was yelling into the receiver. "He's crying for god's sake! Izaya doesn't cry unless he's really hurt!"

… well no, that's kind of a lie. I do sometimes cry when I want something from Shizu-chan but… I also admit, I normally don't cry over small pain.

"Symptoms? Well, let's see… he has fever, he says his body tingles and feels funny and uhhh… wait, what? Check his where?"

Shizu-chan frowns as he turns to stare at me. I hazily look back at him, my mouth half open as I pant heavily.

"Hold on a second," Shizu-chan lowers the phone and comes over to me. I mewl pathetically. I feel pathetic. This sucks.

"Izaya, don't be scared. It's me. Here, let me check something okay?"

He carefully unbuckles my pants and pulls it down. The cool air seems to help my burning body.

Then we both stare at my erection.

Huh? Why is it like that? I don't have to use the sand box right now. (OД O;) I'm pretty sure I'm toilet trained?

"Uhh.. yeah Shinra, you're right. … Huh? No, Izaya's a boy cat, not a girl. Wait what? This is unusual? Hey, what do I do? Should I take him to the hospital? What do you mean this is natural? You just said it was unusual!"

Shizu-chan started yelling into the receiver again. I don't know what's going on but I wish he'd stop yelling. I don't care if he wakes up the neighbors but his shouts are really making my head ring.

I frown at my cock though. That really is weird… I really don't have to go pee so why am I…

Shizu-chan finally hangs up the phone and sighs.

"Well, it's too late for tonight so Shinra said he'll come tomorrow morning with the shots for you but… he says other then shots, there's nothing I can do…" Shizu-chan said softly with concern as he pat my burning cheek.

"Shizu-chan…" I lean towards his touch. Somehow tonight it feels different. Tonight it feels…

"Well, there is one other option but…" he looks troubled, not sure if he should say it.

It doesn't matter. When his fingers stroke me, something triggers my heart. I realize I need him. I want him. I don't know how or why but…!

I throw off the covers and launch myself on top of my master. His eyes widen in surprise but before he can react, I sink in my claws on his shoulder for a firm grip and lock our lips together.

Chewing on his lips, I moan for more. I've never done this before but my instinct kicks in and suddenly I want to feel his tongue. I'm consumed with insatiable hunger to taste him.

"Shizu-chan… Shizu-chan… please…" I plead him desperately. I grind myself against his hard body, rolling my hips. Rubbing my erection against him makes me shiver and it helps my pain.

Author's Note:

chibi: So sorry. Yes, this is an AU story where Izaya is a humanoid kitty ears and tails. He's as big as a human with human appearance save for the cat ears and tails. So he wears pants and shirt.