Title: Crimson Heat
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizuo x kitty Izaya
Prompt from the Drrr Kink Meme: Izaya with cat tail&ears. In heat.

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


Quick author's note:
This is AU where Izaya has cat ears and tail. But he is in human form and can talk human language. Think perhaps similar to Loveless world? (Or generic cat boy) Thank you!

Izaya's POV

The growing pressure in my stomach and my lower region escalates in an alarming rate as I hold onto the back of Shizu-chan's neck, his mouth sucking on my tongue.

"Mmmfgn…!" I speak into his mouth. He pulls away briefly, his lips hovering over mine as he curiously stops kissing to hear me out.

"S-Shizu-chan… I… I need to pee again…" I moan, my ears flat against my head and ruffled hair.

He chuckles. Why is this man laughing at me?

"I said to go ahead didn't I?"

"B-but!" I stammer because… dammit, why does Shizu-chan like being so dirty? I want my litter box! 。 (≧Д≦)。

"Protozoan! Simpleton! BLOCKHEAD!" I yell at him as he wraps his fingers around my peepee and… pumps it!


? 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

I flail about, squirming and squeezing tightly around my master's cock that continues to pummel inside me and it feels so good yet… I feel violated! But… so good!


"Nnngh…. Nnngh…." He continues to kiss me now as I helplessly lick back at his tongue as the growing pressure builds up inside me.

I… I don't think I can… hold it in anym-.


Blinding light explodes inside me and I can't see anymore. It feels something like having a brain freeze from being overstuffed with ootoro and covered with soft, velvet arms of my master when I cuddle next to him as I sleep all at once.

I vaguely feel something hot and sticky shoot inside of me, filling me with a weird sensation of being filled and it feels heavenly as my paws claws around my master's back and my toes claw and curl around the bed sheets.

With ootoro swimming around my head like birds and stars, my eyelids feel heavy as everything blacks out.

"You mean tuna is an aphrodisiac?"

I hear my master sound astonished as his doctor friend examines my belly then my poop. I sniff and give him my upturned nose in disapproval.

Anyone who touches poop is just nasty. (  ̄っ ̄) / Why would anyone do that for work?

"You didn't know?" the vet with the labcoat and glasses chuckled as he finished with… whatever he was testing.

"I… didn't…" my master faltered.

I take a peek at my master, a bit worried.

… does that mean ootoro gave me that pain?

… worse, does that mean I'm not gonna have anymore?

The thought alone makes me want to cry. ;_;

"Go wait outside for a bit Shizuo. Don't worry. As long as you give it to him in moderations, it should be alright."

Shizu-chan picks me up and carries me outside. I think to myself, what is moderation mean?

Do I get any or not?

My tail swishes around as I grumble. I don't like this at all.

He sits down in the waiting room as he pets me.

"Ah, Tom-san. How are you? Are you here for a checkup?"

I look over when my master stops petting me to wave at his friend. I blink at the dreadlock haired man walk over … carrying a blonde cat with a nice fur.

"Yeah, it's time for Vorona's shots." Tom said as he sat next to my master.

Heh, shots huh? Too bad for you~ I didn't have to get any shots today~

I give her a smirk.

However, the snob ignores me. Instead she sniffs at my master and … paws him.

Hey, hey! This is my master, dammit!

"What a cute kitty." Shizu-chan says as he pets her hair. She coos and leans towards his hand.

What the hell!

"Huh, that's strange." The dreadlock haired man said as adjusted his glasses. "Vorona normally hates strangers. It seems she likes you a lot."

I glare at her but the damn bitch continues to ignore me!

And my eyes widen in shock as she leans forward and…

kisses my master!


I launch myself and attack the bitch! How dare you touch him you disgusting slut!

She hisses back and swipes her claws at my face, leaving a deep enough of a scratch. I ignore the blood as I raise my paws and…!

"Whoa! WHOA!"

Both of us are pulled away by each of our masters, we're still hissing at each other and struggling.

"Sorry about that Tom-san…" Shizu-chan apologizes. WHY? The bitch started it first!

"No, no. I'm the one who should be sorry. Looks like Iza-chan got hurt… is he okay?"

I paw at my face and lick away at the blood. Ha! Tis' just a flesh wound. I wear them like medals earned in battle.

The damn bitch just 'hmphs' at me and smirks! Why if Shizu-chan wasn't holding me back, I woulda-

"Don't worry about it, I'm sure Izaya is fine." Shizuo holds me firmly, letting me know I'm not allowed to fight her.

Dammit. WHY?

She kissed my Shizu-chan!

Totally unforgivable!

"I'll just have Shinra take a look at-"

Just then the doors burst open as another older man in white suits walked in, pulling a leash roughly. The dog with the red hair yelped in pain.

"Is Kishitani-sensei in?" he asks rather demandingly.

"Ah… Shiki-san. Why yes he's in. He's kind of tied up with something but I'm sure he's free to check your puppy for you." The guy with the dreadlocks nodded. "What's wrong? Is Akabayashi being difficult?"

"More then difficult." Shiki growled. "I'm getting him neutered for being a bad dog."

I freeze. So does Vorona.


For being bad?

I can feel my peepee shrink at the mere thought! From the peripheral vision of my eyesight, I can see Vorona shrink too as she clings to her master.

WE'RE SORRY! WE WOULDN'T BE BAD! Omg… don't neuter me!

I shake visibly as I cling to my master, extreeeeemly worried.

The dog named Akabayshi freezes. The white suit man smirks at him. "That's right. I'm neutering you right now, right here. Today." he emphasizes.

"Oh really." The dog with the red hair says, his eyes gleaming. Wow he's got guts. If my master told me I'm getting neutered that day, I'd flatten my ears and beg at his feet!

I mean, neutered is worse than getting SHOTS!

The red haired puppy pounces on top of his master, and lands on him with a crash. I blink as the dog Akabayashi pins his master on the floor and smirks at him.

Wow… he's kinda strong.

"Oh, are you really sure you want me neutered? I thought you kinda like me pounding into you every night?"

"Fuck you Akabayashi! Now get off of me!"

"Nuh-uh. Not until you realize how much you love me." The puppy starts ripping off his master's clothes! 0.0;;;

"Cuz I know you like it when I ram my cock inside and pummel you senseless each night, Shiki-san."

If a dog could purr, he just did. o.o;;;;;;

"I.. think it's time we left." Shizu-chan said as he quickly walked out. I'm kinda in shock as I watch that puppy rip away the pants to shreds despite his protests and starts shoving his cock inside his master's ass. Not caring who's seeing him. (O Д O);;;

"Vorona, you can get your shots next time…" I hear faintly as the Tom guy walks out of the clinic as well. The door shuts behind us all but I can still hear the Shiki guy screaming and moaning inside.

Wow… I had no idea you can do that to your master.

… though I doubt I'd ever want to overpower Shizu-chan. Not that I can… since my master's kinda reeeeeeally strong. .;;;; You know, the legendary violence incarnate of Ikebukuro and all…

Heh, but he's really sweet to me! (*゚∀゚)ノ

Though right now… that's the least of my worries… orz….

He walks while carrying me wordlessly. I cling to him, quietly contemplating everything that's happened lately.

Because I've been a bad cat lately.

I was selfish last night, granted I was in pain (>Д<),;; but that was no excuse for me to claw him, yell at him, demand him of things and…

And today I got into a fight on top of all that.

I'm scared Shizu-chan… You wouldn't dump me somewhere for being a bad cat... right?

"Shizu-chan..." I finally speak up, my voice barely above a whisper.

"Yeah?" He asks me. I curl around his neck, still a bit afraid to see his face, clinging desperately in case he tells me he wants to toss me out.

"Y-you wouldn't throw me out because I'm a bad cat right?" I voice my worry just a bit.

He pauses. Shizu-chan pries my paws off of him and forces me to face him.

"Whatever gave you that idea? Of course not!"

I relax just a bit at seeing those confident and firm eyes.

"W-well, I was sick last night and… you had to take care of me being sick all night... aren't you tired of me?" I ask cautiously.

"No, Izaya. I wouldn't be throwing you out. Ever."

My Shizu-chan's honey eyes furrows as he tells me resolutely.

"No neutering either?" I squeak.

"No." He finally chuckles.

"No, Izaya. I love you for who you are. Now stop thinking that I hate you."

I curl around my master's upper torso again, feeling a bit more confident.

I really love Shizu-chan! I'm really glad he's my master!

… then I just remembered something.

"Hey… Shizu-chan. Am I getting ootoro tonight?"

"No Izaya. Didn't you learn your lesson yet? No more ootoro for you."


"WHAT?" I hiss and look up at my master. No more ootoro? Blasphemy!

"Yes Izaya. No more. I'll give a small morsel as treats and special occasions, but no more over stuffing yourself with those. You know how painful it was, didn't you?" He scowls at me.


I give him a HUGE DISAPPROVING POUT! ಠwಠ That's NOT cool Shizu-chan!

"I hate you after all!" I blurt out and extend out my lower lip as faaaaar as possible.

And to think I just thought how much I love you!

No fair!

He chuckles, his chest rumbling and sending vibrations throughout my belly as I cling to him despite how much I hate him right now.

He whispers into my ear something I don't comprehend.

"I said I'll give them to you on special occasions Izaya." And I shiver as he nibbles on my sensitive ear.


Shizu-chan, I still don't understand you.


Special occasions?

What does that mean?


- The end

Author's Note:

Thank you SO much for reading and reviewing guys *hearts* i love you all! Hope this was a fun read lol.