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Chapter 1: Time Off

It had been a year since the four boys of Big Time Rush had come to LA to fulfill their dream of becoming a famous band. And they had succeeded. After a year of adventures and trials, happy times and sad times, laughter and tears, they had finally fulfilled their dream. They had completed their first album, performed their first concert, and gone on their first tour. Their album had sold millions of copies and they were happier than ever. While the fame and fans were part of why they were so happy, the main part was traveling this journey together and supporting one another through everything. Kendall and Jo, and Logan and Camille were all going steady and very much in love.

James and Carlos had also found love...in each other. They had admitted their feelings for each other shortly before leaving Minnesota and had been together ever since. The were so much in love and they couldn't be happier. There were many days when Kendall and Logan secretly watched them cuddling and smiling on the couch and they commented many times that James and Carlos were the most beautiful couple they'd ever seen. The smiles on their faces when they were together told everyone around them that they were deeply in love. But what people saw on the outside was just a fraction of the story. Only James and Carlos understood just how deeply the roots of their love went. They shared a connection in heart and mind and soul. They cared deeply about how the other felt and what they thought and said and they respected each other and trusted one another completely. And they shared a very passionate sex-life. Their first time had been about a week after they admitted their feelings for each other when Carlos was spending the weekend at James' house(as they frequently did to just hang out and spend guy-time together). Before that night, they had both been virgins. While their first time had been wonderful and passionate, it was also painful and clumsy to start with. James had almost been brought to tears because he had caused Carlos so much pain. But Carlos reassured him that he was okay and they proceeded to make very passionate love. Ever since then, they had become inseparable. Being apart was like torture to them.

And when they arrived in LA and moved into their apartment, they jumped at the chance to share a room. Their apartment had only four bedrooms for six people and the boys had to share rooms because, as Mrs. Knigh had said, Katie was a growing girl and she needed her own room and her 'privacy'. But, sharing rooms was no problem for the guys and they were very comfortable, as the rooms were rather large. When James and Carlos picked their room, they had only one little problem: there were two twin beds. But this predicament was quickly solved when James had the brilliant idea of pushing the beds together to form one large one. This worked perfectly for them and finally, they could sleep together as a couple. They had shared some of their most passionate moments in that bed. And 'passionate' doesn't necessarily mean 'sex'. They cuddled, they kissed, they talked, they dreamed, they just shared life. They were happier than they ever thought they could be.


Finally, after over a month-an-a-half of relentless recording sessions and numerous dance classes, Gustavo(upon constant nagging from Kelly) gave the guys some time off to relax. He'd agreed to give them three weeks off, which they greatly appreciated. Kendall and Logan could finally spend some much-needed quality time with Jo and Camille, and James and Carlos had some quality time of their own planned. While hanging out in the Palm Woods lobby one day, James came across a brochure someone had left there, describing a local state park called Lake Pleasant. In the brochure were several pictures of the very beautiful scenery and plantlife of the park. It seemed like a very nice, romantic place to get away to. He showed the brochure to Carlos and he was instantly excited at the idea of having a romantic get-away with his boyfriend. It was decided; they would go to Lake Pleasant. That same day, James called and asked about the details of renting a campsite. The price was very reasonable; twelve dollars per night. They planned to stay for a week.

In their room, James and Carlos were busy packing for their week-long camping trip. They'd gotten two of those big, waterproof backpacks that professional hikers use to store their things in. The first thing Carlos packed was his trusty helmet, of course. They also packed several changes of clothes, their swim trunks, their sleeping bags, several blankets, two flashlights, and their pillows.

"You excited about our camping trip?" James asked, stuffing his favorite pair of jeans in his backpack.

"So excited." Carlos said, "I can't wait to leave tomorrow!"

"I know this trip is going to be so romantic." James said.

James had more intentions of just spending a romantic week alone with his boyfriend; he planned to propose to him. He'd been contemplating this for several weeks and he knew deep down that Carlos was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He'd secretly gone to a small place in the local mall that makes custom simple jewelry and had a very special beaded bracelet made. The bracelet was adorned by many, tiny colorful beads woven together with a thin, black cord. Down the middle of the bracelet were several yellow beads that spelled out 'Marry Me'. Ever since having the bracelet made, he'd been carrying it around with him, waiting for the perfect moment to ask Carlos the question constantly bouncing around inside his head. He knew this camping trip was the perfect time to do it.

"I just know I'm forgetting something." James said, going over the mental list he had in his head.

"Don't forget this." Carlos said, tossing a little white bottle across the bed to him.

James picked it up and saw that it was lube.

"Can't forget this, can we?" he said, placing it in the side pocket of his backpack.

"Nope." Carlos said.

"Did you pack your inhaler?" James asked.

"Yes." Carlos said.

Ever since he was six years old, Carlos had had asthma. It wasn't very severe, though. He only had occasional attacks after lots of physical exertion or when he was around lots of dust or pollen. He hadn't had to use his inhaler for over two months, but he always carried it with him in case of an emergency.

"I think we have everything, except for packing the cooler in the morning." Carlos said, zipping his backpack closed and setting it in the floor beside the bed.

When he stood, he backed into something solid. He relaxed when he found that it was only James. James wrapped his arms around Carlos' waist from behind and rested his chin on his shoulder.

"I love you so much." he whispered.

Carlos smiled and reached up to place his hands on James', interlacing their fingers. He loved it when James held him like this. He felt so safe, so loved. The whole world seem to just melt away, leaving only he and James alone in their perfect world. A smile spread across Carlos' face and his eyes fluttered shut when he felt James lightly nibble on his neck.

"You're so beautiful." James breathed into his neck.

Carlos gasped softly and his hold on James' hands tightened slightly.

"You like that?" James whispered, flicking the tip of his tongue up and down Carlos' neck.

"Yes." Carlos breathed.

"Then you'll love this." James whispered before turning Carlos and around and crushing their lips together.

Carlos moaned and reached up to wrap his arms around James' neck. Their tongues clashed and James moaned, running his hands underneath Carlos' t-shirt. He knew Carlos loved this. And, indeed he did. The feeling of James' warm hands gently sliding all along his back, made goosebumps crawl across Carlos' skin. He would have loved to take this further, but they were suddenly interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Come it." James said, smoothing his slightly disheveled hair.

The door opened and Logan stepped in, holding a blue-and-white box.

"You guys finished playing tongue-hockey?" he asked.

"Actually, we weren't." James said, "Did you want something?"

"I wanted to give you guys this." Logan said, holding out the blue-and-white box.

It was a First Aid kit.

"We don't need that." Carlos said, "What's the worst that could happen?"

"You never know when something might happen. Please, take it." Logan insisted.

"Fine." James said, taking the box.

That was the smarted move James could have ever made. He would soon learn just how valuable that First Aid kit could be. And they would learn the meaning of Carlos' phrase 'What's the worst that could happen?'

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