The almighty, powerful God of Rock was the founder and ruler of the greatest music of all time. However, he wasn't satisfied. The reason? His guitar abilities were too perfect.
The God of Rock sat on his throne wondering how he could lower his skills. He then had an idea and smiled. The God of Rock made himself mortal, so he could give his sound more soul and passion. Thus, he became the Demi-God of Rock.

Even though mortal, he contained his god skills with his guitar. A guitar unlike no other. This was the Legendary Guitar, making those who wield it powerful and have the god's skills.
Not only was a guitar, it was also a weapon. A weapon designed to fight the Demi-God's foes.

The Demi-God had to use his weapon against a formidable foe. A creature only he can defeat. A creature set out to destroy the Demi-God of Rock and the music of rock. The creature known as, The Beast.

Their battle raged on for ages, throughout the world and its land.

One day, the Beast caught the Demi-God off guard and attacked. The Beast unleashed a spell on the Demi-God. As he looked at himself, he realized he was being turned into stone.

"CURSE YOU!" shout the Demi-God. The Demi-God tried to use his guitar to free himself, but the Beast knocked it away. Using his other arm, which was beginning to turn to stone, he cast the Legendary Guitar away to some unknown land.

As he was being turned into stone, the Demi-God said, "Warriors of Rock! I summon you to find your inner Rock, find the Legendary Guitar, free me from my prison, and help me vanquish the Beast!"

Looking back at the Beast, he said with his final breath, "The Warriors will free me, and together, we will destroy you!"

With that said, the Demi-God of Rock finally turned into stone.