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Asuma's dead, and I need to accept and get over that… But I can't and I won't. I let him off too easily… I should have thought of a way to make his life terrible… But I didn't… He tortured and terrorized Asuma right in front of me, and there was barely anything I could do about it… "Asuma-sensei…" I muttered softly standing outside my house on the front porch, looking aimlessly up at the stars… It's my fault he died…If I hadn't been so incompetent and brain-dead, Asuma… would still be alive right now… "I'm Sorry Asuma…" I sniffed wiping a tear away from my cheek. I'll make him pay though…I'll make sure that he goes through ten times worse shit then what he put you through, Asuma-sensei. I grab the shovel rested against the house next to me, my face hardening "He'll wish he could die by the time I'm through with him." I growl heading in the direction of the Nara family woods "Or my name's not Shikamaru Nara."

~Look it's a time laps line~

Shunk, the sound of shovel connecting with dirt. "Off to an easy start. I mumble tossing the unearthed dirt off to the side, "Maybe the whole thing is going to be this easy." I mused stuffing the shovel back into the dirt.

~Oh hey, here's another one~

Tink, The sound of shovel connecting with rock. I groan, leaning down to wedge and haul out another rock. "I guess I spoke too soon." I grumble dropping the large rock down next to the other already excavated rocks "Well, whatever. It's not that hard I guess." I sigh walking back over to the hold and hopping down into it getting back to work again.

~Know what this means?~

It can't be much farther, the earth's getting harder to move out of the way. I groan softly huff and begin to do hand signs for a shadow jutsu. "I know I wanted to keep my chakra hidden, but I have to get this finished by sunrise." I mutter shadows digging down into the ground shifting and squirming. Piercing through rocks and crushing them then moving them to the side. The rock and earth becoming easier to move. "This'll make thing get done in half the time." I mutter sitting down against the side of the hold, watching the shadows do the work for me.
Shikamaru Nara - Grave robber extraordinaire!

~Yep, it's a time laps~

*Hidan's POV*
My eyes snap open. That must've been my 49th nap this week…if it's even been a week… or maybe it's been a month… maybe a year? Bah, whatever, I don't care about time anymore. Right now, I only care about what the fuck woke me up. It wasn't the usual centipede or the occasional worm crawling into my ear or mouth, if it was I'd be having dinner right now! …Or lunch… or maybe breakfast…Gah! Whatever! What the fuck woke me up! I'm gonna get to the bottom of this!…Oh the irony of that…

*Shikamaru's POV*
Almost to the bottom of this. I chuckle softly. Oh, that's ironic. Anyway…hm…he's been down there for a few months. So, if the rule of threes applies to him, then he should be like a living rag doll of something. He shouldn't be able to move or anything, making my job loads easier. So close… Soon you'll be mind for the torturing… Hidan. Only a few more shovel's full.

*Hidan POV*
They're getting closer, I can feel it! I can almost hear them breathing! Praise Jashin! I'm going to be free! I can feel air beginning to ghost over my lips, Ah fresh air!

*Shikamaru's POV*
I shove the shovel down into the dirt again, this time the shove stops short with a low thud sounding from just under a layer of dirt.

There was a low groan "Ah, my fucking stomach!" someone beneath the layer of dirt growled. The dirt shifted aside as a figure sat up from the dirt.

The figure spat out dirt coughing and sputtering.

Wide-eyed I took a step back from him raising my shovel into the air above my head.

The person looked up at me and blinked "Holly fuck! It's the deer fucker!" he shouted beginning to stand up.

Panicking I quickly brought the blunt back of the shovel down onto Hidan's head crying "Hiya!" loudly

Hidan groaned loudly still holding surprisingly onto consciousness, "Owww" he moaned in pain, straining his eyes looking up at me "The…fuck was that f-for." he groaned, pain etched into every word he said.

Quickly I brought the shovel back up and crashed it down roughly on the top of the Jashinist's head again. Hidan groaned and fell back down into the dirt where he had been resting "Shi…ka…" he muttered trailing off as he lost his grip on consciousness.

I sighed in releife, taking a moment to catch my breath and regain my composure. I kneeled down next to the Zealot and gathered him up, a severed limb here and there but not in too bad of shape. He's going to have one hell of a headache once he wakes up though. I smirked, feeling accomplished. I climbed out of the hole and returned everything back to as normal as it could be. I didn't want anyone to know about this. That's the last thing I need, people fussing over me. I sighed and gathered everything again, slinging Hidan over my shoulder, holding his severed limbs and the shovel in my arms.

"Everything went as according to plan." I mutter heading for my house. I remember how the two of us reacted when I found him, they way he was so shocked and I was so panicked. It was like it came straight out of some weird romance story or something. I laugh softly. "Sure, sure." I chuckle, smiling softly, heading off into the darkness of the forest.

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