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Shikamaru groaned as his eyes fluttered open, "Man...What time is it?" He muttered sleepily to himself as he peeked out the window, noting that the sun wasn't even close to beginning to poke its way into his bedroom. He shifted his gaze over to his alarm clock. 3:24.

"Damn." Shikamaru cursed under his breath. He rolled onto his stomach and pressed his head firmly into his bed. "Go back to sleep." the Nara demanded of himself. "Back...to sleep." he repeated, desperation leaking into his voice. He had no reason to be up this early. He was hungry from not having anything to eat the night before, but he was too scared that his father might still be up and on the prowl, keeping an eye out for any "misbehaving" sons.

"Come on." Shikamaru tried encouraging himself, but to no avail.

Shikamaru tossed and turned in bed, trying every position possibly in a vain attempt to lull himself back to sleep.

"What a pain." Shikamaru grumbled, sitting up in his bed, "Don't tell me I'm becoming an insomniac now." he said as he ran his hand through his hair and sigh. Shikamaru gasped, cutting his exasperated sigh short as pain seared in the back of his head.

"Oww," he groaned softly, placing his hand over the sore area. He tried putting pressure on the spot, but the pain doubled in response. Cringing, the Nara yanked his hand away, hoping that the pain would dull in time.

Shikamaru's eyes widened as he got a look at his hand. It was stained red. He was bleeding, considerably.

"Damn!" Shikamaru cursed and hauled himself out of bed.

As he examined the back of his head with the assistance of two mirrors, the situations only became worse and worse for the poor boy. Not only had the gash bleed through the bandages, but it also appeared to be infected.

"Dammit, dammit, dammit." Shikamaru chanted as he hurriedly began trying to fix the problem. "Why dammit why!?" He hissed, quickly re-dressing the wound.

As he finished temporarily fixing the problem, Shikamaru returned to his bed, groaning at the sight of a blood stained pillow. "Man..." He grumbled and plopped himself down on the edge of the bed. Unsure of what to do with himself, Shikamaru simply sat; wishing that time would go faster.

"It's still only 3:38..." He muttered miserably.

Then, a new, horrifying idea forced its way into the abused boy's mind. What if he needed stitches? What would he tell the doctor? What would he tell his mom? Would his dad say anything about it? Should he tell the truth? Would they think he was lying? "Just an attention starved kid."? What would his dad do if he told the truth...?

Shikamaru's head pounded, a tormented moan escaping his lips as he buried his face into his hands. "What should I do...?" He whimpered. He couldn't get stitches. Getting stitches would only make it worse. He knew it would. There'd be questions with answers that he knew he would stumble over. He despaired at the idea that he might fumble over his story if or when someone or his mom or doctor asked. What if they saw through his lie? He wouldn't live to see the next day. He wouldn't dare to let anyone else know that the "accident" even happened.

Shikamaru sighed heavily, burdened by his own thoughts. He sat there for what felt like hours, praying to ever god he could think of- Hell even Jashin- that he wouldn't need stitches. But, it was only 3:40.

"Hidan..." Shikamaru murmured, barely above a whisper. "Hidan...Hidan..." he repeated somberly. Shikamaru wanted someone to talk to. He needed someone to talk to. He couldn't stand to be alone with his thoughts any longer. "H-Hidan." He groaned louder after several minutes of waiting.

"Fuck, what are you bitching about?" came a groggy, irritated reply from the other.

Shikamaru winced at the harsh tone in the Jashinist's voice.

Shikamaru muttered a reply to the Zealot. Shikamaru heard Hidan grumble from underneath the bed at his inaudible reply. Hidan wasn't in the mood for this.
"What? Fuck, speak up, Bitch! You're talking through a fucking mattress, Genius." The Jashinist snapped.

Said genius curled into himself, surprised at how much the other's words were affecting him. He couldn't take this kind of abuse right now. "...N-Nothing... just... go back to sleep..." he mumbled louder, unable to hide the hurt in his voice. "Sorry...for waking you..." he said and shifted himself off the bed.

Shikamaru wondered why he would get his hopes up like that as he shuffled his way over to the door. What did he expect to happen? Did he expect this to work out like a sappy love novel? Did he expect Hidan to have a very sudden change of disposition and choose to happily talk to him?

Yes...yes the increasingly depressed Nara did. But, those hopes were quickly dashed with the reply that the sleepy Jashinist snapped at him. As Shikamaru opened his bedroom door, he decided that he would take his chances with the wrath of his father.

"It's not like I have anything to lose." He thought dejectedly as he stepped out into the hall. Perhaps some coffee would help clear his mind. Shikamaru closed the door behind him, leaving a confused and slightly worried Jashinist in his wake. Hidan wondered where the feeling of guilt lumped up in his chest came from as he laid in silence under the bed. Why should he care if Shikamaru's upset? Shikamaru doesn't mean anything to the Jashinist, right?

"Fuck." Hidan muttered and bit his lip.

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