Wrote this because Belle wanted me to write something for Tetris ;)

note: Not meant to be taken seriously.

In my world, like all others, society is split into the elite and the commoners. There are seven rungs on the social ladder – no more, no less. I'm proud to say that my family, the Maroons of I, are the highest in the standings. There are more families in I, obviously, but my family has been around for years. Besides, we have more class than the others.

The others, the other families and rungs, aren't very important. They are far below us and not worth my time, or yours. All one needs to know is that that is what they are – worthless and a disgrace to the world as we know it.

My mother and I stand at the back of the chamber. The others of our kind have formed an unruly mob in front of the stage, where my father stands, their fists pumping in the air.

"And what if someone in your precious family has to face this fate?" I can recognize my childhood friend, a member of the White of J family's, voice. For the first time, he sounds spiteful, and I peer over my fan to gape at him.

"What fate, Mother?" I whisper. Grasping her arm, I repeat, "Mother! What fate?"

She smiles weakly at me before nodding to the left of the room. "You see those gates? What lies behind is the new punishment for wrong-doers."

I cock my head to the side curiously. I remember those gates from when I was younger. Granted, I don't know a lot about them. All I know is that I was never allowed near them. Perhaps they are more dangerous than I had originally thought.

"What's behind them, Mother?" I'm yelling above the others now. "The gates! What's behind the gates?"

I spoke too soon. I feel rough hands grab me – so rough that they can only belong to a member of the lowly (and I do mean lowly) Z family. I am wrenched away from my mother, screaming and kicking.

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

And then I'm falling - falling into black.