Chapter 29: Telephone

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"Oi, midget! Hurry up, we're going to be late!"

Ichigo fell back against the apartment door, sighing in the early morning, spinning his keys by his finger. He stood with a hand shoved into his jeans' pocket, bag slung across his chest and resting by his hip, its dark material barely noticeable against the heavy grey of his thermal sweater.

Hearing nothing in response, Ichigo growled irritably, clasping the keys in hand and tugging at his hair; "Rukia-!"

"I'm going already!"

Walking out of their bedroom with her jeans' fly undone, shirt and heels in hand, Rukia came over to him with a step over her bag, violet eyes tired and irritated as they glanced up at him; "It's your fault for letting me sleep so long yesterday after school."

Rukia dropped her heels to the floor, shaking out her shirt before slipping her arms through, amber eyes watching her pull it over her head and tug it down. Her hands smoothing out the tee, Ichigo ran his eyes over his reaper, Rukia's dark hair teasing her skin as the tee hung off her shoulders, its straight collar running across holding up just above her breasts, the black straps of her bra easily mistaken for a camisole underneath.

He glared at the Linkin Park splayed across the black in white lettering, wondering when the hell a rock tee became so alluring.

Then again it's Rukia, the very same woman zipping up her fly in front of him, her iPhone slipped under her jeans against her slender, subtly curved hip. Ichigo's glare grew heavier, a small scowl pulling at his lips.

"Go put on my sweater. My coat if you see it."

Rukia snapped her gaze up onto Ichigo, brows furrowed curiously, hands at her hips; "What?"

"Go to school in sweats, or something," he muttered, arms coming up to cross at his chest, his glare moving over her body. Practically snorting with laughter, Rukia shook her head with a smile, violet eyes bright as she looked at him-

"Do you want me painted gold so that you know when someone's touched me?"

"Actually, that's not such a bad idea, Kuchiki." Ichigo held up his childish glare even as she laughed again, his petite reaper leaning over to slip on her black heels long worn out to fit comfortably, glancing up at him as she tugged the fitted ankle of her jeans over the back of her heel; "You're silly when you're jealous of no one, you know."

Ichigo pushed off the door, walking over to her and grabbing the curve of her jaw, pulling her to stand as tall as she could, her eyes glaring in surprise as she grabbed at his wrists-

"Ichigo, what are-."

She moaned as he leaned in and captured her lips, her male moving against them however he wished, her lips parted to his tongue running their length, slipping past and caressing her own; gripping his wrists tightly, Rukia whimpered as he nipped and suckled at her lips, breaths heavy as they breathed through their noses, Ichigo's hands pulling her even closer and keeping her in place, mouths molded together.

Rukia knew he was the only reason she was still on her feet, moaning again as he slowly ran his tongue against hers, a hand moving down to grip her hip and pull her close against him. Pushing off her swollen lips, Ichigo trailed his hot, open mouth against her jaw, moving down her neck with wet kisses, Rukia's hand reaching up into his mane and fisting up his hair.

Ichigo bit at the skin of her pulse lightly, his mark having barely faded from before. Nuzzling her neck, Ichigo quickly took to her pulse again, biting down on her skin and drawing out a stuttering gasp from her, his mouth suckling on her bruising pulse, his reaper whining lightly; "I-Ichigo-."

Why didn't she realize, the looks other men gave her?

"Ich-!" Her back met the door before she could even breathe, Ichigo's hand tangled in her hair as he pushed up against her however he could, Rukia's hands pushing at his chest; "Ichigo, we're already late-!"

He kissed her again, his mouth rough and hard with his death god clutching at his sweater, groaning blissfully.

Ichigo bit down on her lip, tugging at it with his teeth as they panted for air; foreheads pressed together, amber and violet eyes closed to each other, they slowly caught their breath, realizing they'll only lose it again. He ghosted his mouth over hers, jaw tight as he fought back a growl.

"I don't want anyone even thinking of wondering what it's like to have you."

Rukia felt her stomach tighten, nodding without a word, her hand tightening around his sweater.

She let him pull her head back, his lustful mouth on her pulse again, biting down and sucking on her skin; "Ichigo!"

Usui frowned as the lecture hall slowly emptied out, the seat beside him still empty of a petite raven, Mika packing up her bag on its other side.

Grabbing his book, waving at his friends rushing off to the other end of campus, Usui turned his attention onto Mika, grey eyes watching her zip up her bag. He ran a hand through his blonde hair, his brunette friend standing up as she slung her bag over her shoulder, her green eyes meeting his; "Well that was a fun hour of nothing. I love these days."

Following her through the narrow rows of seats, Usui checked his phone, their next class in some fifteen minutes.

"Thought Rukia was coming today."

Rolling her eyes, stepping out into the crowded hallway with her blonde classmate, Mika walked along beside him with a sigh, glancing over at the handsome male. Rubbing her nose, Mika shrugged nonchalantly.

"Don't know. Anyways, I want some soup today-."

Usui frowned as she left it at that, lips tight as he walked beside his childhood friend, hand wrapped tight around the strap of his bag.

You best be in our next class, Rukia-chan….

To: Sado Chad

Hey, we ran late. Save my seat.

From: Sado Chad


Pocketing his Torch, Ichigo shut off the ignition and unbuckled his seatbelt, Rukia already out of her seat and shutting the door, her male following her out seconds later. Leaning down into the car, Ichigo popped the trunk open and closed his door, rounding the TSX with his beloved aviators slipped onto place, Rukia gathering up their bags.

Taking his from her hand, Ichigo shut the trunk with a gentle slam, tossing Rukia her keys; "Which lecture you got now?"

Dropping her keys into her open bag, Rukia fell into step beside him as they walked towards campus ground, letting him wrap an arm across her back, his warm hand curling to her bare shoulder as she circled an arm around his hips.

"It's biology in a few minutes. Mika is going to kill me for leaving her alone."

"Blame it all on me."

Rukia glared up him with playful hues, his dark lenses and orange mane catching the sun, reaching over and smacking his firm abdomen; "The blame is solely yours!"

Ichigo scoffed, his hand moving onto Rukia's at his hip and pushing it into his pocket with his, smirking handsomely as he looked at her.

"You let me. Besides- she can't get mad at kissing. She has no ground for kicking my ass."

They stepped off the blacktop onto the paved walkway leading them into campus, bumping bags with others every now and then, the general air of relief after midterms about them.

Brushing her hair back, her stray bang falling in place, Rukia stepped up onto the short set of stairs with him; "Well, she'll be always assuming the dirtiest from you, from now on. Especially with your barbaric need to make a mark, you fool."

Frowning, Ichigo glanced down at her, squeezing her shoulder.

"What do you mean?"

"She knows we live together…."

Ah. Puffing out a breath, Ichigo moved his hand from her shoulder to rub at his neck, not sure whether he should be embarrassed or not. It was practically natural to their friends and his family, for them to live together- but what of a stranger to their history?

His features looking uneasy, Ichigo grasped her shoulder again, her lecture's building in sight; "Uh… what did… she say?"

He was put off when he found Rukia blushing, his petite partner closing her eyes as she laughed.

Mika moved onto her back again, Rukia blinking her eyes rapidly as she followed suit, looking over at her as Mika sighed; "Anyways, I think you and Ichigo should spend some time without us all. Hell, go to his place so we're less likely to follow you!"

She giggled as she turned to Rukia, but found violet eyes conflicted, frowning as she moved up onto her elbows to look at the raven.

"What's wrong, Rukia?"

Pushing off the ground to sit up, mindlessly brushing at her thighs and lower back, Rukia looked to her newest, dear friend, a hue of red spreading across her cheeks.

"The apartment… Ichigo and I, we live together, Mika."

Her brunette's eyes slowly grew wide, a simple 'oh' shaping her lips, but nothing else apparent in her face. Rubbing at her hands uncomfortably, Rukia cleared her throat, trying to smile; "W-we've, known each other for year-s, didn't just move in on a wh-whim-."

"This is so great!"

Rukia was now the one staring with widened eyes, Mika sitting up with a laugh, wiggling her brows in such a way that, Rukia could only think of Karin when she did that, looking at her with a devious smile-

"Thought maybe Chad and Ichigo were roommates, was worried Ichigo would ruin it for me if I ever tried to get into Chad's pants-."

'Okay- no longer thinking of Karin.'

Ichigo choked at her words, faltering in his steps as Rukia kept on walking, practically pulling him with her arm still at his hips, her laughter coaxing his own.

Kuchiki Rukia – I hope you're planning on keeping me, your favorite person, company during class. We did NOT say we were skipping, so get Ichigo out of your-!

Rukia blushed as she quickly returned to her homepage, slipping her iPhone back in its place. Brushing her hair back, Rukia pulled open the heavy door to her lecture room, violet eyes peering inside, smiling as she caught sight of long waves of brown.

Quietly waving 'ohayo' to the few classmates she knew as she passed them, Rukia bit back a grin as she practically ghosted across the room, managing to move so silently and quickly despite her heels, her violet eyes set on Mika who had yet to notice her.

Moving into the row behind her friend, silently stepping and making her way to stand behind her, Rukia made to cover her friend's eyes, just like in the manga she read- the sudden press of Usui's body against hers, hands at her waist, making her jump instead; "U-Usui-!"

She spun out of his hold and glared up at him hotly, Mika snapping her gaze behind her, green eyes wide.

"Naoya! Rukia! Why didn't you text me back-!" "What the hell, Usui!"

Mika frowned as she noticed Rukia's angry stance against her friend, turning in her seat to look at them properly, the blonde male simply shrugging and giving the raven a sly smile.

Brushing at her shirt without thought, grey eyes narrowed at her move, Rukia frowned as his gaze bore into her, Mika's lips slowly mirroring her own.

"What's wrong, what the hell are you two doing behind me?"

Usui glanced at Mika, waving a dismissive hand; "Just surprised her, really, before she could do it to you. Thought it'd be in all fun, but it seems-."

"-that Usui-kun and I are not that close yet, at all."

Rukia stared back into grey with dark, stoic hues of violet, her back straight as she held her head like that of a Kuchiki, the noble heiress walking past him without a word.

Watching her friend walk away, heading to the back of the room, Mika scowled beneath a glare she turned onto Usui, the handsome blonde staring after Rukia, hands in his pockets.

"What the hell are you thinking, Naoya! What if Ichigo had seen you-!"

Her friend scoffed at her, hardly bothering to turn narrowed eyes onto her, Mika frowning as he looked down at her from where he stood; "So casual with him already, then? Nice to see where your loyalty lies, after years of friendship, Sato-san."

A feeling close to hurt struck Mika's pretty features, Usui leaving her without another glance; Mika turned back around in her seat, green eyes stung.

"Nice to see who you might truly be, Usui-kun…."

From: Inoue Orihime

Kurosaki-kun, I overslept! I can't believe I did this, can you please let me borrow any notes you take? I'm on my way right now!

Rubbing his eyes as he straightened up in his seat, the large auditorium's lights shut as a movie played up on the immense projection screen, Ichigo dug out his Torch and read his text, laughing softly as he shook his head with a swift slide of his screen.

To: Inoue Orihime

Calm down, Inoue. We're just watching a movie in this one. We'll save you a seat in the next.

"Was that Inoue-san?"

Ichigo gave Chad a nod as he yawned, stretching as much as he could in his seat, staring longingly at the empty cup of coffee on his friend's desk; "I'm so fuckin' tired. I think I would have paid you fifty just to have let me have your drink."

Chad's shoulders shook as he laughed quietly, looking over at his orange-haired shinigami.

"Rin-san must think you're dead."

The males shared a good laugh between themselves, careful not to bother the few who'd come to class that day, Ichigo's Torch vibrating in hand. Ichigo tapped the screen, glancing at Chad as the gentle giant turned back to the movie; "I'll have to double my drinks tomorrow to make up for today…."

Chad simply smiled.

From: Inoue Orihime

What a relief. I'll walk over instead of the cab then. See you then!

To: Inoue Orihime


Rukia sighed as she fell into the seat, her bag dropped at her feet; elbows on her desk, Rukia slumped in her chair and rubbed at her temples, groaning softly as she closed her eyes, wondering why she didn't just force Ichigo to stay at the apartment with her.

We had a pretty good start to an excuse, anyways.

Feeling someone move up to her, Rukia opened her eyes, slowly looking up from the faux grain to her desk- "What do you want, Usui?"

She watched him sigh, the blonde male carefully lowering himself into a crouch before her, his arms resting on her desk, grey eyes looking up at her.

"I like you, Kuchiki-san. So, I want to apologize and let you know I truly just meant that in fun, seeing how you were trying to surprise Mika yourself. I promise I'll work on our friendship in steps… Rukia-san."

Breathing out a tired sigh, Rukia lightly tossed her hands in defeat, nodding as she accepted, wondering to herself if she was making the right move….

Usui stood up from his place, giving the gorgeous raven a small smile; "Gonna sit with my other friend for today. I'll catch you after class."


The male walking out from in front of her, Rukia met green eyes, Mika walking over to her, books and bag in hand. Rukia smiled as she sat down beside her, biting her lip as she looked into green again; "Sorry about that. We're okay, now, I guess. Anyways, what did I miss-?"

Mika glanced across the room, her gaze set on Usui sitting beside their other friends, his grey eyes looking back briefly before turning his attention ahead. She turned back to Rukia, forcing a pretty smile.

"Good, I'm glad…."

To: Kuchiki Rukia

Our last class is gonna end soon, where are you gonna be?

From: Kuchiki Rukia

Just meet us at the main gate. I had lunch, by the way, so no food after this!

To: Kuchiki Rukia

So fuckin' abusive.

From: Kuchiki Rukia

So fuckin' whiney.

Rukia smiled an 'arigato' at the two males holding the doors for them, Mika at her side as they walked out of the campus café, Usui following them out as he briefly caught the door for others.

Standing aside from the crowd, checking their phones for any messages, the small group of friends watched fellow students pass on by as they leaned against an empty table, Rukia sighing as she looked over at Mika beside her.

"Hanging out with Chad again?"

Smiling prettily, Mika nodded, locking her phone's screen before slipping it back into her bag, Usui and Rukia pushing off the table's edge; "Yeah, we're heading to a book store, then the billiards again. Said to meet him at the main gate?"

Nodding, Rukia pushed her bag further up onto her shoulder, violet eyes on Usui looking out into the large, expansive view of their university around them.

She nudged his elbow as they started walking, drawing his attention onto her.

"You're suddenly mute. Tired from so much talking in there?"

"Just thinking over some things…." They walked in silence, Mika and Usui on either side of her, the petite raven oblivious to the tension Mika held along the blades of her back, the brunette holding a frown at bay. Usui had behaved since his supposed apology to Rukia… but she couldn't help the feeling that she should worry, scared he simply didn't mean it.

What are you planning, Naoya?

It wasn't long before the immense, elegant gates to their university came into view, violet eyes looking around for her shinigami's orange mane, Usui and Mika slowing their steps with her as they reached the entrance framed by brick walls and proud trees.

Leaning against the wall, cars speeding by on the street as students came and went through the gates, Usui crossed his arms, his grey eyes on Rukia as she stood before him, Mika looking to the streets beside her. Usui reached up and rubbed at his jaw, licking his lip before crossing his arms again; "Research paper is due soon. You start already, Rukia-san?"

Mika rolled her eyes, keeping her gaze out on the street, cars' windshields and waxed coats shining the sun's reflection in her eyes for split seconds at a time.

Rukia scowled, however, groaning as she rubbed the heel of her palm along her brow.

"I completely forgot about it. It's next week, isn't it?"

A smile passed over his lips, her blonde classmate slowly nodding as he looked at her, Rukia's gaze meeting his as she frowned at her luck.

"We can work on it together; I already have a few sources. I'm actually working on it today if you want to come over-."


Usui lost Rukia's attention at the husked voice beside them, watching her look over and smile so sinfully, Ichigo coming up to her with a tall, dark-skinned male and a curvaceous woman, her bright, grey eyes glancing over him before smiling at Rukia, greeting her with a beaming smile.

He caught Mika's grin at the tallest of the males, Usui's focus quickly moving along onto Rukia, and her orange-haired male.

Usui pushed off the wall, Ichigo's amber eyes moving onto him.

Holding Ichigo's stare for a second, Usui looked at the petite beauty beside Ichigo, the slightest of a tug teasing at the corner of his lip; "Like I was saying- you can come over to my place to work on that report, Rukia-san."

Rukia cringed at the immediate flare Ichigo's reiatsu took, a scowl already pulling at his lips as he stared at the blonde male, Ichigo's arm moving to wrap around her hips and grasp her slender curve. Sighing as the air grew heavy, Inoue frowning at the weight Ichigo bore onto their shoulders, Rukia smiled gently as she could to Usui, smoothing out her reiatsu best as she could against Ichigo's-

"I appreciate your offer to help me, Usui-kun; but I must admit my family name is quite traditional, and I've been taught not to be alone in presence of a man. Some other place-?"

Usui forced a low laugh, shaking his head as he looked at her, a sly smirk on his lips; "Funny, really.

"Since I assume you're alone when your boy marks and fucks you, Rukia-san."

She had felt her breath leave her, the color of her fair skin drained to a sickly tone before a burn spread across her cheeks, violet eyes struck with shock.

Rukia didn't quite hear the gasp Inoue took, nor the furious snarl Mika gave as she snapped a sudden 'Usui!' at his words; especially not the yell Chad gave, 'Ichigo!' echoing about them.

She tried to move, to breathe, to yell, to stop him when she suddenly realized Ichigo's warm hand wasn't at her side, when she somehow realized Usui's grey eyes were barely widened because Ichigo wasn't beside her… when Usui's back suddenly met the wall, Ichigo's fist around his crisp, ironed shirt.

She forced a scream when Ichigo's right arm pulled back.

"You son of a bitch-!"

Sudden yells broke out about them, Ichigo's fist colliding with Usui's jaw, a painful, searing burn tearing his skin as he went on against the brick wall, the fast, hard impact cracking bone.

Without a single moment's hesitance, Ichigo drew his elbow right back, slamming it into the blonde fucker, his vision blurred as another sear of pain ripped through his shoulder, strong arms locking around his torso.

"Ichigo!" "He's being attacked-!" "Kurosaki-kun!"

Usui spat out blood as he struggled for breath, faltering as small hands tore Ichigo's fist from his shirt, his nose pouring blood as it pulsed a throbbing pain throughout; "F-fuck…."

"If you ever say shit like that again-!"

He could barely see Ichigo being dragged away by that large, dark man, the woman with dark, orange hair coming at him. Pressing himself against the wall, Usui spat blood again, groaning as his vision cleared, Inoue's gentle, disappointed face in view.

"You have to lean forward, Usui-kun."

What? Letting her lead his movements, Usui leaned forward to have the blood flow out onto the cement, mouth clear of any more of the hot, red blood. Closing his eyes, he shook as she held his head steady, hearing her thank someone surely handing her the napkins she was using to wipe his bloodied face, voices around them asking if he's alright- asking what happened.

Mika stood frozen as she watched, Inoue pressing new napkins against his nose, Usui flinching and weakly protesting with pain, Inoue's hand smeared with his blood pinching the nostrils shut.

Inoue was frowning, her grey eyes moving off Usui onto Mika.

"Ichigo, you fool -!"

Mika took a shaken breath, looking as Chad held up Ichigo's shaking form, jaws grinding together as his hand bled, pooling along his rigid fingers and dripping down to the ground, his arm trembling as he tried not to move it, Rukia clutching at his shirt as she fumed at him with angry tears stinging her eyes.

Mika had seen the way Usui's face took the blow from his elbow straight on, Ichigo's torso continuing on as his elbow was caught against Usui's shattering nose, his arm straining and tearing against his muscles.

She could hear campus security racing towards the gates in their small vehicles, cars slowing down as they took a look, students gathered around them, cell phones snapping pictures.

Mika looked back at Usui, his grey eyes looking up at her from beneath his blonde bangs, Inoue keeping silent as she kept her hold on the back on his head, holding the napkins to his nose.

His grey eyes looked at her as security came at them, immediately pushing back anyone not involved, black hand-helds blaring static in feedback before clearing, officials requested for transportation.

"Miss, are you with them?"

Mika nodded with a faint 'hai,' Chad and Rukia answering questions as they sat Ichigo down on the curb, a lightly built man encouraging Inoue's aid to Usui. Digging a hand into her thick, brown hair, Mika gave Usui a weak glare, frowning heavily, shaking her head.

How could you?

"You've got a separated shoulder, young man."

Drawing the curtain around the bed, eyeing in slight surprise Chad's towering height, the elderly doctor smiled nicely as he could at him, Ichigo perched on the stiff bed's edge, a nurse removing the ice packs they had taped to his shoulder; "Heard what happened- still one hell of a chance to have managed that."

Rukia cleared her throat, violet hues dark and tired as she stood beside Chad, arms crossed beneath her modest breasts.

"What is he supposed to do, to recover?"

Sighing as he tucked his clipboard under his arm, the doctor clasped his hands as he looked at Ichigo, his amber eyes downcast to the linoleum.

"Well, nothing too serious despite the pain a separated shoulder can cause. With your minor fracture to your hand, you'll definitely be needing to avoid using it, keep that arm in the sling. Ice any swelling and I'll get you some pain relievers."

Nodding, Rukia bit her lip, hesitating before asking one more thing….

"And of, Usui Naoya? How is he…?"

Clicking his tongue, the kind doctor shrugged indifferently, looking between Ichigo and Rukia; "He'll be fine. Isn't pressing charges, despite his injuries…."

Ichigo didn't look up, neither saying anything.

The older man looked at the petite raven, giving her a small smile; "I'll be sending him off in your care, miss."

The doctor left with that, pushing the curtain aside to let the nurse follow behind, leaving Ichigo with Chad and Rukia. Looking at Ichigo as he sat without moving, Rukia silent and still beside him, Chad cleared his throat, letting them know he'll check on them in a bit.

He rounded the curtain, drawing it shut behind him.

Ichigo and Rukia held silent some seconds, her male sighing as he dropped his head, mindlessly rubbing at his slung arm and wrapped hand.

He heard Rukia's heels click against the clean floor, stepping into his view, his amber eyes closing as she reached up and softly brushed her fingers through his hair, reiatsu low and calm.

"…I'm not sorry for hitting him."

Her eyes softened as she looked at him, running her hand deep into his mane, her fingertips lightly massaging his scalp; "…I know."

His amber eyes were strained on her shirt as she stood in front of him, against his legs, his hand tightening around the sling's strap.

"I must admit my family name is quite traditional, and I've been taught not to be alone in presence of a man. Some other place-?"

Usui forced a low laugh, shaking his head as he looked at her, a sly smirk on his lips; "Funny, really.

"Since I assume you're alone when your boy marks and fucks you, Rukia-san."

Ichigo straightened out as he raised his gaze to her, violet eyes softly questioning the look in his amber hues, uncertain whether it was sorrow, or conflict, in them.


A frown pulled at his lips, her handsome male almost looking vulnerable as he looked at her; "…Byakuya would be ashamed of me having you, wouldn't he?"

Shock overwhelmed her gorgeous features, a stuttering 'nani?' hardly whispered. His hand carefully reached up and caressed the back of his fingers to her jaw, Ichigo taking on a look dangerously close to that of defeat, his amber eyes holding her gaze.

"I assume you're alone when your boy marks and fucks you, Rukia-san."

"You're a noble heiress, Rukia… and I've taken you without permission, without anything."

Rukia shook her head as she leaned into his hand now cradling the elegant curve of her jaw, closing her violet eyes.

Rukia kept silent as Byakuya's eyes bore into hers, those eyes keeping any expression to himself-

The heiress held her stance as he somehow stood even taller; "Only you, can hold respect and honor as you carry on in the living world with that boy, even as time to take your place in Soul Society grows further away."

"Ichigo, you fool-."

Rukia's lips stumbled between a smile and a soft laugh, moving her hand onto his, opening her eyes to find his confused.

Rukia closed her hand around the blossom, its touch against her palm and fingers soft as her whisper, violet eyes on her hand.

"What would it mean to you, Ichigo… knowing he has blessed my choice to be with you… be with you as a human."

They looked away at the troubled feel of Inoue's energy, the curtain slowly pulled back as Inoue peered in with tired, worried eyes, Rukia's gentle smile meeting her; "Come in, Inoue…."

She stepped around the curtain, Mika following behind her with Chad, Ichigo giving them a small smile.


"K-Kurosaki-kun…." Inoue frowned as she stared at his wrapped hand, some bruises visible along his fingers, the tight, firm material hiding the real damage. Following his arm up, she stared at his slung arm; "Does it hurt, Kurosaki-kun?"

He rubbed at his neck as he looked down at his arm, wincing as he made to shrug, already getting a scolding look from Mika and Rukia. Looking at Inoue, he smirked best as he could-

"Yeah, but you know yourself it's not my worst."

Chad smiled as Inoue managed a small laugh, nodding in agreement. It was just strange, seeing him patched up by someone else that wasn't herself, or Urahara… strange seeing him deal with the pain when, "I can heal you when we leave-."

"No, Inoue." Ichigo shook his head even as she stared wide-eyed, missing Rukia's warning flare of her reiatsu, her glare unnoticed as Mika raised a curious brow; "People have already seen the damage, and I'm due back every week-."

Mika stepped up from Chad's side, arms crossing as she looked between Ichigo and Inoue.

"What do you mean, 'heal him,' Inoue?"

Rukia scowled at him as realization swept their faces, Ichigo's lips tight as Inoue stuttered, brushing her hair back behind her ear; "I-I…."

Chad laid a hand on Mika's shoulder, turning her gaze onto him.

"Inoue is very knowledgeable in home medicine."

Mika gave a slight pout, nodding nonetheless, the shinigami and their allies relaxing; turning to Ichigo, his eyes still troubled as he looked back at her, Rukia gently gripped his knee, reaching up to tug at his bangs.

"Let's get Ichigo home."

From: Kuchiki-san

Sado-kun, I'm pretty sure we won't go to school tomorrow. Take notes for him?

To: Kuchiki-san

Of course.

Their steps were muffled as they walked down the hallway, few of their floor neighbors pausing to politely ask of his arm, wishing him rest as he thanked them kindly.

Finding their key, sighing as she slipped it into the door's lock, Rukia pushed open the door and stepped aside, her male slowly moving to walk inside, his death god following him in silently.

Lights were switched on, the city awake to the dark sky beyond their open balcony, both shinigami sighing as Rukia closed the door, leaning against it as she watched Ichigo step out of his shoes.

Roughing up his mane, Ichigo made for the living room, holding as Rukia's arms circled his waist, his raven pressing her cheek against his back as she pulled herself close. Ichigo glanced over his shoulder, his handsome features furrowed the very slightest; "Rukia?"

Biting her lip, Rukia ran her hands across his firm abdomen over the textured feel of his thermal, turning her head to press her lips against his clothed spine, holding him against her by his hips.

Closing his eyes, Ichigo dropped his hidden gaze, Rukia's hands moving under his dark sweater, soft fingertips running over his shivering skin at her touch, her hands fully grasping his sides before she pushed them up, fingers spread to feel every bit that she could.

Ichigo's breath hitched as she ran a hand onto his back, moving over his back's wings onto his spine, his thermal lifted a little as she pushed her hand up to his neck, nails lightly grazing his skin as she dragged it back down, her hand moving onto the dip of his lower back as her other rested just above his fly's button. Violet eyes stared into the dark grey of his sweater, Ichigo's skin warm to her touch, the petite raven taking a shaken breath before running both her hands back onto his hips, stepping around him to stand in front of him, his amber eyes looking down into hers.

Gently pushing at his hips, Rukia slowly lead him towards the table, his shaped rear meeting the table's edge, amber eyes flashing over her eyes and face, trying to read her.

His reiatsu flared as she pushed up on her toes to kiss him, lips molded into his, her hand at the nape of neck to hold him there, her mouth slowly moving against his.

Rukia pushed off his lips, eyes bright as she looked back up at him, biting her lip as she fisted up his sweater's hem, her male staring back intently, his reiatsu curious beneath it all. She lifted his sweater up along his firm abs, Ichigo slowly moving his good arm out of his sleeve, ducking his head as she pulled it past his neck, shaking out his hair as he looked to his slung arm.

Her hands carefully unsnapping the straps, she held the sling along his arm, slowly pulling the rest of his sweater down his arm, Ichigo hardly wincing, dropping the dark thermal to the floor before she strapped the sling back into place.

She pressed a kiss onto his lips again, hands cradling his jaw before she pulled away, her hands slowly running down onto his neck, continuing down over his pulse, her hands flat against him as she ventured over his chest.

Pushing her pelvis into him, Ichigo's hand moving onto the small of her back, silent as he watched her, Rukia leaned in and kissed his collar, trailing soft, parted lips down between his shaped pecs, her tongue teasing his hot skin. Shuddering as she pulled back, only to lean in and lick up his heaving chest as his breath grew shallow, Ichigo groaned as she pushed against his arousal, his raven looking at him with wicked hues of violet.

Fingertips playing at his nipples, her hands pushing back up his chest before dropping back down, Rukia held his gaze as she ran them over his abdomen, her palm and fingers feeling his sculpted muscles beneath his tight skin, a devious grin teasing her lips as his breath caught at her fingers grazing his skin along his jeans' hem.

Rukia moved a hand over his tented jeans, the slightest pressure on his arousal drawing a husked groan from him, a shiver running up her spine as he looked at her with those amber eyes behind his bangs. Rubbing him through his jeans, her other hand running up his torso, Rukia smiled as Ichigo shot forward, crashing his mouth over hers with a feral hunger she couldn't resist, the shinigami moaning as they slowly moved against each other.

Grabbing his jaw, Rukia pushed her male back, her violet gaze daring him to move as she moved her hands to his fly, undoing his jeans to expose his black, fitted boxers.

Leaning down, Rukia kissed his navel and made her way down, her male groaning as he dropped his head back, her hands rubbing either side of his erection over his open jeans. His death god's mouth lingered with each open kiss as she moved closer and closer to his hem, her hot breath making him lightly pant, losing his breath completely as Rukia nipped at his arousal through his boxers.

Hand gripping the table's edge, Ichigo snapped his head up as Rukia tugged his jeans down, taking his boxers with it, reaching under its hem to ease his hard member out. Her elegant hand lightly stroking him, Rukia looked up into amber, her male growling through clenched teeth- "Rukia-."

Her hand jerking his pants further away, Rukia crouched down on her beloved heels and slowly ran her tongue along his shaft, her hand cupped over its swollen tip; Ichigo's legs shaking as he watched her, struck silent as she pressed her lips to him, licking up his length as her hand moved down the base, her lips closing in around his very tip.

Cussing under his breath, sweat starting to glisten over his lightly tanned skin, Ichigo's hand shot up to his mouth, his eyes shut tight as he bit down on his hand, shuddering as her mouth slowly pulled away, gently sucking as she went.

Hooded eyes gazed down at her as she rubbed and stroked him, moving her other hand to cup his tight scrotum, caressing the soft skin.

He breathed out her name, panting, dragging his hand through his mane and fisting up his hair, swallowing hard as she kissed the tip of his sex again, rubbing the tip of her tongue against it.

"Fuck," he forced out, running his tongue over his canines, reaching down and grabbing a handful of her black hair, tugging. Breathing out a laugh around him, Rukia quickly licked his tip again as he pulled at her hair once more, grabbing his thighs and pushing herself up to stand, his erection pressed against her front as she stepped in closer to him.

Shaking her hair out of his hold, Rukia reached up and fisted up his orange hair, pulling him down onto her lips, her male moaning as she pushed her tongue into his mouth, Ichigo taking in the faintest trace of his taste on her own.

Letting her keep at this sudden, erotic play of dominance, Ichigo moved his mouth however she wanted, hissing as she bit at his lip, her tongue licking and soothing any stings she gave him.

Sucking his lip between her own before pulling away, Ichigo impulsively leaning in for more, Rukia pressed a finger to his mouth, nipping at his jaw and moving down his neck, teeth grazing his Adam's and driving a hot pant from him, smiling against him. Hands leaving his hair, Rukia ran them down his tantalizing body again, reaching between them and gently grasping his arousal, Ichigo moaning against her crown as he wrapped his arm around her, tangling his hand up into her hair.

Tugging at his erection, violet eyes looking up at him as he leaned back to look at her, Rukia stepped back and pulled at his open jeans, her hand around his sex coaxing him to follow her off the table and let her push him back into their living room, Ichigo pulling her close as they walked.

His reiatsu flared as his legs suddenly met the coffee table, letting go of her to fall back on his arm and sit back, Rukia climbing over him onto his lap, straddling him.

Leaning in, Rukia plucked at his lips, slipping her tongue past them to caress his slowly, grinning into him as he opened his mouth to her wants.

Sitting back on his lap, his hips bucking his bare arousal against her on instinct, Rukia flashed a seductive smile at him, her hands grabbing her shirt's hem and stripping it from her body, revealing her breasts covered in a teasing lace.

Tossing her shirt to the couch, Ichigo sitting upright to lean off his arm, careful of bumping his slung one, Rukia closed her mouth around his again, moaning as he gave in to her, moving hard against him.

His hand cupping her rear end, lifting her off his aching erection, Rukia eased off his lips and grazed hers over his cheek, around onto his ear, her hot breath making his skin shiver, his hand squeezing her firm curve.

Suckling on his earlobe, Rukia gently bit it, moving her lips to whisper hotly; "I do believe you're mine as well, Kurosaki."

Amber eyes closing, Ichigo groaned as she trailed her open mouth back down his jaw, pressing a chaste kiss onto his lips, his death god grabbing his jaw and jerking his gaze onto her, lips ghosting over his as she looked into amber.

"You think you've ruined me, Ichigo- but who are you going to ruin me for?"

A dangerous flash of possessiveness ran through his eyes, Rukia's stomach tight as she licked his panting lips, keeping her eyes on his; "Are you going to let me go back, marry some older man, let him have me, Ichigo?"

His arm wrapped around her hips, hand gripping her hip as anger threatened his handsome features, his gorgeous raven fighting back a sly grin.

She rolled her hips down onto his erection, his breath caught as he held back a loud, pained moan, Rukia's reiatsu flaring as she pulled at his mane- "Will you, Ichigo!"

"No." Panting lustfully, Rukia pulled him in roughly against her lips, both moaning as her tongue delved into his mouth and controlled their fierce passion, his arm pulling her in even closer, the material of her jeans rubbing his erection and making it damn near unbearable.

His reiatsu begging her, his mouth panting and his hand gripping her hip so tightly, Rukia had enough, giving him a small shove to lean him back onto their coffee table, her male wincing as his back met the dark wood; Rukia leaned down and kissed his shoulder, moving around the sling and kissing his skin, her hands unbuttoning her fly, Ichigo's hand moving up into her hair cascading down and teasing his skin.

Sitting up onto her knees, his hand dropping to her thigh, Rukia huffed as she pushed her tight jeans down her hips, lace revealed to his eyes, her hands pushing her pants further down her legs.

Moving back to climb off him, stepping out of her heels as she dragged down her jeans over those sinful thighs and curves, Rukia let them fall and pool at her ankles, kicking them aside and crawling back over him between his legs, straddling him once more.

His hard arousal pressing up against her, damp, black lace keeping her warmth from him, Rukia leaned over him and claimed his mouth, reaching back and grabbing his hand to move onto her breast, his palm rubbing over the lace's texture and feeling her hard nipple.

Moaning into her, pushing her cup aside and palming her bare breast into his large hand, Ichigo moved his feet up onto the coffee table's edge, his reaper pushed up the slightest bit, lips losing him.

Sitting back on his sex, her hands pulling her bra's straps off her shoulders and reaching back to unclasp her bra, Rukia stripped off the lace, dropping it onto his tight abs, reaching her hand down between her legs and fingering her lace aside.

Rukia fingering her clitoris, his hand gripping the table's edge as he watched, Ichigo dropped his head back and groaned, bucking his hips into her, jaws tight.


Tracing her teeth with her tongue as she laughed, Rukia pulled her lace down her thighs as far as she could, grabbing his erection and easing its aching head past her tight ring of nerves, rolling her hips back to push him further inside.

His mouth falling open, eyes shut to the high ceiling as he pushed into her warmth, Ichigo moaned with her as she held onto his sides, pulling up and pushing back to bury him deeper within, a whine leaving her lips driving a wild thrust from him.

Biting her lip, her nails digging into him, Rukia reached over and held his wrapped, injured hand, leaning down and kissing his fingers as she ground her sex onto his, amber eyes moving to look at her, his fingers sucked and nipped on before she pressed a kiss onto them again.

He leaned up on his elbow, thrusting up into her hard to jerk her attention onto him, Rukia crying out and steadying herself against his heaving chest, meeting his eyes.

Moving his bruised fingers as much as he could to beckon her towards him, Ichigo sighed into her hard kiss, her hand running through his orange mane and coming back down his neck, gently curling against him; spreading her legs, Rukia rocked back and forth on her knees, Ichigo thrusting up into her whenever he could, breaths heavy as she moved faster and harder onto him, her small cries hardly muffled by his mouth.

Groaning as they pushed off each other's mouth, his sweaty temple pressed against hers, her hot panting and whines loud in his ear, Ichigo's eyes fell shut, his abdomen tightening as her muscles grew tighter around his hard, pumping sex.

He clenched his jaw, his death god ramming herself back into him one last time, her shaken cry driving him over the edge, a few more thrusts into her spent sex driving out his orgasm into her.

His body shook as she rode out his high, her hands slowly pushing him to lie back down on the table, sitting up and slowly rolling her hips against him, her head falling back with a sigh.

Wiping his brow, panting and huffing for breath, Ichigo closed his eyes as Rukia laid down over him, his flaccid member still buried within her, his arm wrapping itself around her smaller body. Opening his eyes, staring at the ceiling, he could feel Rukia's heart beating against his chest, her breasts pressed up against him, her hands clutching his sides.

She turned her head to press a kiss against his chest, nuzzling him as her lips ghosted over his skin, her reiatsu humming beneath his.

Ichigo could feel every word she whispered against him, hearing every word-

"I'm yours as long as you'll be mine, Kurosaki Ichigo."

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