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Full Summary: What if, on that first day, there was no empty seat next to Erasa? Gohan goes through the first few days of high school with alone, but don't worry; a good friend from the past/future is coming to join our hero, but he's not here just for fun, contrary to appearances. No Buu saga, but there is action, don't you worry about that!

~*Befriending Gohan Son*~

Chapter 1: Start

"And he got a perfect score on his application test,"

Gohan blushed as the teacher introduced him. He stood awkwardly at the front of the class, staring at the ground, waiting for the teacher to say he could find a seat.

"Any questions?" The teacher asked. People were whispering, and with his advanced Saiyan hearing, Gohan heard most of it.

"He's such a nerd!"

"Look at that scrawny kid,"

Gohan flushed just a little bit more. He felt isolated already. The teacher motioned for him to take a seat. He looked around; there was a cheery looking blonde girl who looked regretfully at him. He took an instant liking to the girl. She seemed genuine and wasn't whispering deprecating things about him to her two friends, a jock and a bored looking tom-boy, who were bickering amongst themselves, not paying him the least bit of attention. She caught his eye and seemed to whisper an apology. He gave her a small smile and took a seat a couple rows in front of her.

Class was quite boring. He had read most of the books being described when he was five! He fiddled with his pencil for a while but, growing bored, decided he'd attempt to meditate. He had all of his classes in the same room, thus he wouldn't need to move for two hours.

Gohan calmed his mind, making sure to keep his back straight and eyes open, and let his thoughts wonder.

"Hey, Videl, don't you think the new guy's a cutie?" Erasa asked, staring at the boy with amazingly spiky hair about two rows directly in front of her.

"What? Who?" Videl asked coming out of a daze. She hated literature; it bored her to tears. She usually spent the class day dreaming and hoping a crime would spring up.

"That guy, Gohan," Erasa pointed him out.

"That pathetic nerd?" She asked in an incredulous whisper.

"Hey! He has a really cute smile! I was going to call him to sit with us, but that guy's sitting here," Erasa pointed discreetly at one of Videl's fanboys.

"Pfft, not my fault. I'd prefer him over that geek; if I'm going to have fanboys, I'd prefer that they weren't weaklings,"

"Watcha guys talking about?" Sharpner asked, his ears subconsciously pricking at the word 'fanboys'.

"Gohan," Erasa whispered back.

"How can he be so focused? God, that guy is nerdy," Sharpener watched Gohan sitting perfectly still, his eyes wide open, back straight, paying close attention to the teacher, or seeming to, "What a loser."

The bell rang, snapping Gohan out of his self induced trance. He stretched his muscles a bit and packed up his books. He felt his stomach growl and dashed out of the classroom at a moderate human pace.

He looked around for a while, trying to find a good place to eat lunch. He knew people would give him grief over the amount that he ate, so a secluded place would be best. He picked a tall tree at the back of the school, near the oval. He made sure no one was looking, then, with one powerful leap, landed easily on one of the high branches. He nestled next to the trunk and pulled out his capsule lunch. He opened it and all the encapsulated food fell neatly on the branches around him.

He soon finished his lunch and jumped out of the tree. The point of going to high school was to make friends, so, Gohan decided, lunch would be the best time to get to know people.

He walked around the groups of students, laughing with their friends. Whenever he approached, he always heard the whispers.

"See, that's the nerd!"

"He does look like a dork,"

As soon as Gohan heard this, he turned away, pretending to see something or need to go somewhere else. Eventually he found a secluded spot, again, behind a tree.

He was thinking about whether coming to school was such a great idea, when he heard some voices,

"Videl, would you get me a training session with the champ? Please?" the boy begged. I wonder who the "champ" is… Gohan mused.

"Please, Mr. Satan would crush you in an instant," Another boy laughed. Gohan took a quick peak and noted the voice belonged to a muscular jock with long blonde hair. Standing next to him was the cheery blonde and the tomboy.

"Shut up, Sharpner," the tomboy – Videl, was it? – admonished, "Sorry, kid, my dad is way too busy," Gohan processed the information. So this "champ" aka Mr. Satan, is Videl's father and is apparently strong. Where have I heard that name before?

The random boy cocked his head arrogantly, "I've been training for a while, I'm sure I could last a fair amount of time with Hercule," he said. Sharpner laughed again, earning a punch from the cocky challenger. Sharpener took a step back and ducked under the fist, then brought a left hook across the boy's head. His hand connected solidly with the boy's temple, sending him sprawling across the ground; out like a light.

"That was hardly necessary, Sharpie!" the blonde girl squealed, bending to check if the boy was okay.

"Yeah, well, he was asking for it. If he can't handle me, he can't handle the champ,"

"I agree with Sharpner, for once; that kid was way too up himself. If Sharpner hadn't knocked his teeth out, I was warming up for it,"

Ohhh, I remember Hercule! The loser with the afro! Memories of the hilarious man at the Cell games came flooding back. Gohan stifled a chuckle. He was about to move off from his hiding place, when he heard a voice from Videl's earpiece.

"Videl, you've got to hurry! There's a bank robbery taking place!"

"Got it, Chief, I'll be right there," She said and tapped the earpiece, "Well, duty calls," she shrugged to her friends and activated her jetcopter.

"Be careful, Videl!" Erasa called after her.

Why is that girl going to stop a bank robbery? It can't be safe. I saw one on the way to school this morning, but the police managed to get that under control. Gohan looked at his watch. Well I've got time; I might as well tag along.

Gohan ran up to his locker and changed his into his gym pants, pulling off his vest and badge. He now wore dark navy track pants and a white shirt, which was quite the inconspicuous outfit if he did say so himself.

He ran to the roof and launched himself off. He caught sight of the jetcopter and followed after it. As he drew near the bank, he could hear the sounds of screams and gun shots. He ascended to Super Saiyan easily and landed near the scene. He was extremely curious about what Videl could do to stop the robbers, so he hung back for a while to watch.

Videl heard the terrified scream of one of the banktellers. She angled her jetcopter to the ground and leaped out, pushing the 'capsulise' button as she did. Catching the capsule and stowing it, she ran towards the chief.

"What's going on?" she asked.

"Those men were robbing the bank when we came. We told them to surrender, but they refused and it suddenly turned into a hostage situation."

"I'll handle this," Videl said, cracking her knuckles. She ran into the building. The first thug thought she was just some harmless girl and laughed as she approached.

"Come to be a volunteer hostage?" he reached out to grab her. Videl grabbed his outstretched arm and flipped him over her shoulder, kicking him in the head for good measure. Three more ruffians rushed out to see what the commotion was about. She handled two of them, kicking one in the stomach, rolling to her side and tripping the other one. She punched one of them in the face and wheeled around just in time to see the third robber pointing a gun in her face.

"Oh shit," she whispered, she squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the inevitable bang. She waited for a second. Then two. What was taking the guy so long? She cracked open her eyes a fraction and saw an angel. His hair was glowing golden like a halo and he had the most handsome, chiseled face she'd ever seen.

"So…I'm in heaven," she asked the angel standing in front of her.

"Hardly, Miss. I'd say this place is a bit more…rambunctious than heaven would be. That and the name's a dead giveaway. Who would name heaven "Satan City"." The angel grinned at her, his green eyes lighting up in amusement. She felt herself blush an amazing shade of red. She was broken out of her reverie by the applauding, cheering public. Suddenly, her sense kicked in and she realised what was happening.

She looked at the stranger's hand. In it was a crushed bullet and on the end of his fist was an unconscious gun toting robber.

"You caught a bullet!" she whispered.

The impossibly hot guy grinned, "I can do a lot more than that," He said and jumped into the sky. He then flew away.

"Videl!" Erasa snapped at her friend. They were sitting in the Satan Mansion "doing math homework". In actuality, Erasa was applying a mud pack and Videl was slipping in and out of a dazed, semi-conscious day dream.

"Yes!" she asked.

"So…how was the bank robbery to day?" she asked suggestively.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Videl said stubbornly, fighting a blush.

"I can see you turning redder than my 'Crimson Seduce' lipgloss. Tell. Me. Everything,"

Videl sighed; there was no fooling Erasa.

"Well…I was fighting these robbers and doing a great job; I knocked out three of them, then this guy comes out of nowhere and points a gun at me," Erasa gasped. Videl nodded in agreement with the gasp, "Anyway, as I'm saying goodbye to my short life, this…guy…" Videl paused, reliving the experience, "He just appeared before me. He was like my guardian angel! He caught the bullet, punched out the guy and flew away," Videl gazed dreamily out her window for another few seconds, then shook her head violently.

"Oh my god!" she shouted, "I'm turning into one of those lovestruck idiotic dumb blondes who don't think about anything other than boys and make up!" Videl squealed, horrified at herself.


"Oh my god! I should hate this guy! He's stealing my title of the city's defender!"

"Cough cough."

"Videl Satan works alone! Urgh, how dare he just swoop down and save the day?"

"Hack, cough, hack!"

"I'm going to kill that guy next time I see him! I'm going to drill him for answers! Who the hell is he anyway?" Videl continued to bemoan her situation, becoming more and more aggressive, until Erasa took the offensive and slapped a bit of sense into her.

"Videl, hunny, I think – scratch that, it's obvious that you have a crush on the Gold Fighter –"

"Wait, the who?"

"That's what everyone's calling him. He's all over the news. He's being hailed a hero. There are rumours that he's devilishly handsome, and amazingly strong – both of which you have just proven to me. You should hear the girls' gossip about him,"

Videl was stuck somewhere between hating those girls with every fibre of her jealous teenage being and wishing she could act like a hormone fueled adolescent with them.

"I for one am excited," Erasa grinned at her,"Your first crush!"

Well, that's chapter one. I hope it was interesting! Next time Gohan get's a new costume and a friend from the past/future comes to relieve our hero of his friend-less-ness.

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