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~*Befriending Gohan Son*~

Chapter 7: Recovery

"Morning, Gohan!" Trunks grinned as Gohan stumbled into the room. Trunks was sitting next to Erasa, making small talk and having a general conversation. Sharpner sitting behind her, talking to some of his muscly friends from his local gym, where he trained when he wasn't at Satan's gym.

"What's up, Brains? Man, you look terrible!" Sharpner raised an eyebrow.

"Thanks for sugar coating it," Gohan mumbled.

"C'mon, Gohan, cheer up!" Erasa said with huge smile.

"Yeah, Gohan" Trunks laughed, mimicking Erasa's smile.

"How are you so perky?" Gohan asked, falling gracelessly into his chair.

"Oh you know, regeneration tanks," Normally, Trunks would have been much more careful with his words, but Videl wasn't around and Erasa and Sharpner were no where near as nosey as she was.

"I need to get one of those, don't suppose they're on the market,"

"I don't think aunt ChiChi would be too thrilled and I don't know where you'd hide one,"

"What are you guys talking about?"

"Uhhh…new video game?"

"Oh. What nerds," Sharpner laughed, though it was good natured and no harm was intended.

"Hey, Erasa, where's Videl?"

"She got beaten up pretty badly yesterday, so she's recuperating at home,"

"Oh, poor Videl,"

"We should pay her a visit!" Erasa said, already making plans, "We can all go!"

Trunks and Gohan agreed, wanting to check up on their friend.

"Hi, Videl!" The four of them, Erasa, Sharpner, Trunks and Gohan, chorused at once. They had taken a bus to the Satan mansion straight after school. Erasa set a bouquet of flowers in a vase next to her window.

"Hey, guys," Videl said with a smile. She looked…quite frankly, she looked unwell. Her right arm was in a cast, she had multiple large bruises over her legs, so large that they mixed together, making her legs look purple. Her left arm was no better. She had a few cuts, and scrapes, especially on her knees and she winced every time she took a breath or sat up.

"Jeez, Videl, did you fall into a car compactor?" Sharpner asked quite un-tactfully.

"Thanks for your concern, but I'd rather not talk about it," Videl snapped. They assumed she was still sore(no pun intended. Okay, you got me, pun intended) about losing a fight.

"How long are you supposed to be like this for?"

"I have to stay in bed for at least another two weeks. Then I complained about how I needed to defend the city and I couldn't just wilt away in here. Then the doctor and I argued for a while and he got fed up and left. I've got a bottle of pills over there and some written instructions that he drops off via my dad now,"

They stared at her blankly. Then all of them started laughing; classic Videl. While they were laughing, Gohan took the opportunity to crush a senzu bean, which he had gotten from Korin at lunch, and drop a tiny piece into glass of water. He didn't want too drastic a recovery, or people would get suspicious. He added another fragment into her jug of water and another into a cake they had brought her, which she would, hopefully, eat later.

"Hey, Videl, you look a bit dehydrated, drink this,"

"Oh, thanks Gohan," Videl sculled the cup and handed it back, "So how's school?"

"Same old, same old,"

"You should get better soon, Videl, there'll be a surprise at school if you can make it back by the start of next week," Trunks said with a grin, knowing Gohan had dropped in bit of senzu bean into her food.

"Are you kidding, Mirai? Didn't you hear her, she'll be lucky if she's coming to school by the end of the month!" Sharpner said with confusion.

"Actually, I'm feeling better already!" Videl said. She could feel her bruise starting to dull to a throb instead of a jarring, flash of pain and she could move her broken arm without wincing.

"Just, don't push yourself, okay, Vi?" Erasa asked, fluffing her pillow.

"You mother me too much," Videl grinned, "So what's the surprise, Mirai?"

"Can't tell you; better incentive to heal fast," Trunks said with a wink.

"Why do I feel this isn't going to end well?" Erasa asked. She had known Mirai for only two weeks, yet she could read him like a book. She knew he was planning something that was going to be hell for someone.

"Mirai, tell – " Erasa was about to demand an explanation, when Hercule exploded into the room.

"How's my little pumpkin doing? BWAHAHAHAH!" Hercule boomed. Videl's room, being as big as it was, echoed with his voice. Trunks and Gohan fought the instinct to clap their hands over their sensitive Saiyan ears.

"I think I just went deaf," Trunks muttered to Gohan.

"What?" Gohan asked, pretending not to be able to hear him.

"Who are these people, Pumpkin?" Hercule asked staring at them, "Wait, I know Erasa, how's it going, Sweetie?"

"I'm fine Mr. Satan, thank you," Erasa replied politely.

"And Sharpner, you still working out at the gym? I expect great things from you, boy! Why, you might be able to take over being champ after me! That'll be a long while, but maybe someday! BWAHAHAHA!"

"Thanks, sir, that really means a lot to me," Sharpner looked like he actually meant it.

"Yay, our turn," Trunks muttered sarcastically to Gohan.

"Do I know you two?" Hercule asked, pointing a large hairy, accusatory finger at Gohan and Trunks.

"No, sir, don't think we've met,"

"You two look much too scrawny for your age! Why, when I was your age I had muscles bulging out of me everywhere! Muscles bigger than your head!" Trunks and Gohan laughed nervously, not sure how they should respond to that.

"Daddy, stop, you're embarrassing them. And me!" Videl moaned, blushing madly, "I'm soooo sorry, guys,"

"Nonsense, Sweetpea!" Hercule shouted, once again, "You two should come down to my gym. We'll bulk you up good down there! Why, in a couple of years, you may even look like me!" Gohan and Trunks repressed a core-wracking shiver.

"Well, we wouldn't want to pass up such a wonderful opportunity…"

"But we're really busy, what with school work and all…"

"It was really nice of you to offer though…"

"And we might drop by once we get settled into school," Gohan and Trunks performed quite the impressive tag team that left Hercule stunned.

He laughed heartily, "You kids are alright. But stay away from my daughter! You might be good people, but you can't marry her unless you're stronger than I am!"

"Daddy!" Videl squealed. Videl never squealed, but right now, she was ready to die of shame, "Stop! I really need to rest, so if you could leave…"

"Oh, that's right, I forgot about that! Videl, I don't want you fighting anymore crime!"

"Dad, you can't stop me! We've had this conversation before! I'm not going to stop!" Videl glared at her father. Hercule glared back. Sharpner pretended to be admiring Videl's high definition TV, Gohan fidgeted nervously, Trunks didn't really care.

"So…who wants cake?" Erasa asked brightly. Instantly, the crushing tension was lifted and Hercule laughed.

"We'll talk about it later, Princess. Get well, would you kids like to spend the night?"

"I'm fine," Sharpner said, "I don't live too far,"

"I don't mind," Erasa said. The Satan mansion was practically her second home.

"I can go back home," Gohan said.

"Same," Trunks said.

"Where do you guys live, anyway?" Videl asked.

"I live near Mt. Paozu,"

"What?" Erasa, Videl and Sharpner cried. Hercule didn't really know where that was so he just pretended to be shocked with everyone else.

"That's like three hours away from here!" Erasa said.

"I…have a jetcopter,"

"I've never seen you take a jetcopter to school," Videl said suspiciously.

"And a motorbike…"

"Gohan comes and lives with me on school days," Trunks ventured.

"Where do you live, Mirai?"

"West City,"

"That's still quite far! That's like an hour away!"

"Uhhh…I, too, have a jetcopter,"

"How can you guys afford jetcopters?" Videl was getting more and more suspicious of them. She knew they were hiding something now, but she had no clue what it could be.

"Uh…Mirai bought them on sale? Two for the price of one!" Gohan said quickly, knowing that what he said didn't make any sense.


"Now, Pumpkin, I think it's time you rested," Hercule interrupted.

"I feel fine, dad. Much better than before, actually,"

"That's my little trooper," Hercule grinned and ruffled his daughter's hair, making sure to avoid the bandages.

"Well, it was good to see you," He said, patting Erasa's head and shaking hands with Sharpner.

He shook Gohan's hand and, being Hercule, squeezed it tightly. Gohan didn't notice and smiled his goofy smile. Hercule squeezed harder, but eventually gave up, assuming that he was tired; that's why his strength wasn't up to normal. And he was taking it easy on the kid. That too.

Trunks grasped Hercule's hand and gave it a bit of a squeeze. Hercule nearly bit his tongue, trying to stifle a yelp of pain.

"You've got a good grip, son," He said massaging his throbbing hand behind his back.

"Thanks sir, I get it from my dad," Hercule left, making as big an exit as he did an entrance. Videl was about to get right back to questioning them, when Sharpner interrupted her.

"Hey, Videl, what's this?" The four of them, excluding Videl who was sitting in bed, wasted the next two hours playing the newest video games, which Trunks was the best at, having to play them all the time with his chibi counterpart.

"Dammit!" Sharpner shouted after Trunks had over taken him in one of the go-karts. He won the race, while simultaneously bumping Gohan off of the mountain and into the pit of lava.

"Mirai!" Gohan whined. He wasn't as good, but he had nimble fingers from when Goten and Chibi Trunks forced him to play.

"Guys, it's getting late, I've got to go," Sharpner said. He fared them well and left.

"I'm going to go set up my room, I think I will stay the night," Erasa said and waltzed off.

"I'll leave too, meet you outside, Gohan," Trunks said quickly and bolted out the door, wanting to leave Gohan and Videl alone for their goodbye.

"Well, I guess I'll see you at school," Gohan said, scratching the back of his head, the flashing his awkward-situation smile.

"Thanks for coming, Gohan, I appreciate it," Videl said, and she really meant it.

"Want me to grab you anything before I go?"

"Nah, I'm fine,"

"Okay, get well soon," just as he turned to leave, he remembered the senzu bean in the cake, "Oh, and Videl? Remember to eat that cake we got you. Whenever I get hurt, I eat some cake and I get better right away; it's guaranteed,"

"I will, Gohan,"


"I promise,"

"Good," Gohan put a hand to her forehead and swatted away an errant bang. He leant down close to her face and gave her a light peck on the cheek, "See you soon" he said and left.

"Ready to go?" Trunks asked and saw his friend blushing. He laughed and teased him all the way back to Capsule Corps. Gohan declined an invitation to stay overnight and flew home at a break neck pace, hoping the rushing wind would clear his head.

The rest of the week progressed smoothly. Gohan and Trunks had relatively little super-hero work to do, what with Videl, their source of information, still confined to her bed. They continued to visit her with Erasa and Sharpner, who were stunned by her quick recovery. By Friday she was completely healed. Her doctors were amazed, Hercule boasting that it was all thanks to those 'Satan genes'. She was, grudgingly, allowed to resume normal life on Saturday, deciding to spend her first day out of bed at the Satan Gym.

"Hey, Vi, perhaps you should, you know, take it easy?" Erasa asked. She sat on a bench, painting her nails and watching Videl completely demolish a punching bag.

"Can't…gotta…get…back…into…shape!" she said between puffs. As she said the word 'shape' the punching bag exploded in a puff of sand.

"Ewww…oh, Videl, you ruined my nail polish!" Erasa whined, rubbing grains of sand off her nails. She picked up her two bottles and her purse, "Well, I just came to make sure you were alright and if you're just going to get all sweaty, I guess I'll get going,"

"No, don't leave. It'll take half an hour to replace the bag, so we can talk for a while,"

Videl and Erasa made their way into one of the empty studios and sat down. Satan gym offered aerobics instruction and dance classes, as well as just pumping iron. Videl took a long draught of her drink bottle and sighed.

"Okay, Videl, tell me what's wrong," Erasa pulled out one of the mats from the corner and made herself comfortable.

"What do you think about Gohan?"

Erasa raised a suspicious eyebrow, but kept her tone neutral, "I think he's a nice guy. He seems quite genuine and he's got a kind character. He seems quite worldly, but naïve in some areas,"

Videl nodded. Erasa was a people-person, so any observations beyond 'squeal that guy's so cute', was usually spot on.

"Why? Do you like him?" Erasa couldn't help the massive grin that tugged at her lips.

"I…" Videl, instead of denying it vehemently, like she normally would, decided to actually think about it. While she was no more in touch with her 'feminine' side since all of this started, she could confidently say she knew her heart a bit better, at least.

"I don't know," Videl said, releasing another, longer, sigh. Whenever she thought about the kiss Gohan had given her, it made her smile. It was only a small peck on the cheek, but, still, it made her insides feel all warm and gooey. He hadn't said or done anything else after that, he was shy, she supposed. It was a different feeling to the one she got whenever she was around the Gold Fighter, though. The Gold Fighter was almost opposite; he sent a cold shiver down her spine, a thrilling sensation. When she looked into his eyes, the chill turned into a flame and it was…amazing. She felt so many opposite feelings that worked together to throw her into such confusion, but happiness as well.

Erasa stood up and put a comforting arm around Videl, "Don't stress too much, you'll turn your hair grey!" This got a chuckle out of Videl. They spent the next hour discussing nothing in particular.

End of chapter.

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