Chapter 1 - Missed

Her name was Kiley Tinsel. She was the most beautiful little girl he'd ever seen in his life. He couldn't really say little girl, because she hadn't been one of those in a long time. He'd met her when she was 10 and now she was 16. He'd been a friend of the family for years. He watched as she walked around with her friends laughing and carrying on...Making sure she messed with her older brother Jared. She definitely got under his skin but good, but Jared still loved her like any brother and sister would. She had waist length raven colored hair and the softest brown eyes that had specks of blue in them. She was getting taller by the year and would soon pass her mother in height.

Paul was pulled from his thoughts as she looked over at him as she smiled big and blew kisses at him. Paul smiled as put his hands up waiting for her to respond. He watched as she ran over and jumped in his arms and hugged him hard. Paul swung her around in circles and listened as her laughter filled the air. He put her back down but she didn't remove herself from his arms, he kissed the top of her head, "I missed you little bit." Kiley held on tighter, "I know I missed you too...Next time you leave you can't be gone this long...Promise me?" She pulled back and her eyes pleaded with him, his resolve broke, "Okay...I promise."

Paul twirled her in a circle and stopped her facing him, "Hey by the way...Happy Birthday." Kiley beamed, "Thank you...I was so scared you was going to miss it." Paul shook his head, "I'd never miss it...Have I missed one in 6 years?" Kiley got a huge smile on her face, "No...I just...Well you know." Paul nodded, "I know, I left to patrol up by Canada and you didn't think I was going to make it back." Kiley smiled weakly almost looking hurt as she nodded, "You were gone for so long." Paul chuckled, "Don't look at me like that...I was gone for 8 weeks...But you knew I'd make it back."

He could already see the tears as they slid down her caramel colored cheeks. It broke his heart to see her cry, it always did. His hands came up as he cupped her face and wiped the tears away with his thumbs and kissed her forehead, "I got something for you." Kiley smiled softly, "Really?" Paul exhaled hard as he smiled, "Of course." He pulled a red velvet heart shaped box out of his pocket and handed it to her. He watched as she chewed her bottom lip and opened the box. It was a beautiful necklace the charm that hung on the silver rope chain mirror the Quileute protector tattoo on his right bicep.

He watched as her eyes lit up and her smile brightened his heart. He took the necklace out of the box as she turned around and he put it around her neck and she pulled her hair to the side and held the charm with her index finger and thumb. He watched as she brought it to her lips and kissed it, "It's so beautiful." Paul smiled, "Well, now I'm always with you even when I can't be." Kiley threw her arms around his neck as she buried her face in his neck, and he hugged her tight, "Thank you so much! I'll never take it off I promise." Paul chuckled, "You're welcome...You better get back to your party...You're mom and dad will skin me alive if you miss anymore of it." Kiley pulled away, "You're not leaving already are you?" Paul shook his head, "No, it's my first night back...You enjoy your party and well talk after every one leaves." Kiley smiled as she pushed up on her toes and kissed his cheek and he watched as she ran off to be with her friends again.

Their story was quite unique and always would be...They were part of the Quileute Indian Tribe living on the reservation in La Push, Washington. The unique part was Paul's family had a special gene that was carried onto him. It gave him the ability to shape shift into a wolf. Paul was already 6 foot tall and around 165 lbs of nothing but pure muscle. When he was in wolf form he was giant 5 almost 6 feet tall on all fours. His fur was a silver color mixed with dark grey colors. He had incredible strength, healing powers, was insanely fast, when him and the other pack members were in wolf form they could hear each other's thoughts.

Kiley Tinsel was brought into his life when he was 16 and she was at the tender age of 10. What brought her to him was an involuntary process called imprinting. It was something the shape shifters or wolves didn't have any control over, Imprinting occurred when a shape shifter found their soul mate. The moment the shape shifter sees the one they are destined to be with, they imprint. It is as if your being pulled toward that person, and that when you see them a glowing heat fills you; having every connection with everything else severed and instead being only connected to this earth for the other person. After that, nobody else matters because you are only there for your other half, your soul mate. Going for even a day without seeing their imprintee would cause physical pain.

Paul imprinted on Kiley when she was 10. The alpha to the pack Sam Uley had to explain everything to her parents. Sam was able to explain that imprinting just meant that Paul was going to be whatever Kiley needed at each particular time in her life, brother, friend, protector and once she got older a lover. Her parents were honored when they found out Kiley was going to be protected and loved for the rest of her life...they knew who she was going to end up with.

Paul watched as she bounced around with Embry Calls little sister Briar Call. Bri smiled "I saw you with Paul...How is he?" Kiley smiled widely, "He's good, he just got back from Canada...I'm so glad he's back...I missed him." Bri giggled, "Yea...No one knows that more than me. He's all you talk about." Kiley giggled, "I know...but he's been a good friend since we met 6 years ago." Bri nodded, "Sounds like a little more than friendship if you ask me." Kiley waved her off, "Really? Well that isn't exactly a brotherly love look you give Jacob Black all the time." Bri scoffed, "Okay...Okay...I'm so busted." Kiley and Bri both giggled as they continued talking and enjoying the rest of the party.