The song I used as inspiration for this story was Iris By The Goo-Goo Dolls…I know the last chapter was tough but no one can end up with the knight in shining armor always…sometimes they have to wait for someone better. No worries though I have started a sequel! Enjoy!

Chapter 15 – Give Up Forever

Kiley looked at the clock on the wall as her eyes skimmed over the students in class. She looked out the window and noticed all the cars parked outside, "Okay everyone since it's Friday and the last day before summer break...I'm officially letting you all go early."

Whistles, whoops and hollering sounded throughout the room.

Kiley laughed as she packed up her stuff and left the room and took off to her house. She'd officially been a math teacher for 8 years now. The first two years she was a tutor and got her teaching credentials. It had been 10 years since Paul's death and she still missed him as much as she did the night he died. She was still close with everyone in the pack, her family bond with Jared grew stronger. Their parents had moved to the Makah reservation because their mom's family lived there.

In some weird twist of events, everyone in the pack thought Paul knew he was going to die soon, because he'd actually made a trip to see a lawyer in Forks and had a will drawn up leaving everything to Kiley. Even his house. Though she couldn't bear to live in it without him, she divided his things amongst his pack brothers and sold the house. She thought about renting it out and even offered to give it to someone in the pack but no one could live in it when they knew Paul and Kiley belonged in it. Selling it just seemed to be the right thing. She sold it to a very young Quileute couple who had their first baby on the way.

Kiley jogged up the steps to her front door and saw the long stem red rose sitting on her welcome mat. She smiled, she knew who it was from. she got one every year on her first day and on the day of Paul's death. It would keep the tears at bay. She went inside and changed into jean cargo capris and a white form fitting t-shirt and pulled her hair into a ponytail. She left the house as she drove to the cemetery. Once she got there she walked down the little brick path until she found his grave marker under the huge willow tree. The tree always looked like it was weeping for him.

Kiley came to a stop in front of his grave as she squatted down and traced the name on the stone with the tips of her fingers, she blinked and the tears slid down her cheeks slowly, "I miss you. And I know that you know that. But I'm not coming back here anymore. It's been ten years and I know you're never coming back...It took me a long time to realize that. I know I'll never be able to move on with my life if I'm still waiting for you to return to me." Kiley leaned over and pressed her lips to the cold stone.

When she finished she drove down to the beach. Emily and Sam were having another bonfire as usual. Jacob and Briar had finally gotten married and were back from their honeymoon and Emily just wanted to have a small get together. When Kiley got to the beach Emily, Briar and Kim practically tackled her with a hugs. Kiley smiled, "I haven't been out of the loop that much have I?" Briar gave Kiley a knowing look, "Okay girl...You've been out of the loop for a while. Even I was surprised you made it to the wedding." Kiley smiled, "Well I'm just glad I made it."

Jared walked up, "Well, who is this stranger? Oh I'm sorry you almost look like my baby sister, but I could be wrong." Kim and Kiley both smacked Jared in the stomach as he chuckled and wrapped Kiley into a huge hug and kissed the top of her head, "Nice of you to join us sis. I missed you." Kiley giggled, "Yea well what can I say? A bunch of 5th graders keep me fully entertained now a days." Kim snorted, "Then you should feel right at home with all these knuckle heads." Briar nodded in agreement.

Jared and Jake growled in Kim and Briar's ears as both girls shivered from head to toe and then screamed as they took off running down the beach with Jared and Jake hot on their imprints heels. Kiley and Emily stood laughed at them.

Kiley looked out at the ocean as she looked back at Emily, "When did the ocean get so clean and clear?" Emily knew about Kiley's decision to not go to the cemetery anymore as she shrugged, "Maybe you're just seeing things more clear now." Kiley nodded numbly as she walked over to the water's edge and let her feet walk through the cool clear blue water. She squatted down and let her fingertips touch the water as well. It even felt clean as she inhaled the scent come off the ocean and into her lungs. As she exhaled she'd never felt more cleansed and refreshed.

Emily's eyes followed the figure as it walked over and stood a couple feet behind Kiley. Leah looked over and then back at Emily, "What's he doing?" Embry gripped her waist as he kissed her ear, "He's going to tell her finally." Leah frowned, "What if she doesn't..." Embry smiled softly as he pulled Leah closer, "Kiley needs him as much as he needs her." When Leah stopped fighting the imprint with Embry they actually made a great pair of grownups in a loving caring relationship. And everyone else in the pack agreed they were perfect for each other.

"You know what the worst part is?" A deep voice behind her said.

"No what?" Kiley smiled softly as she wiped her eyes and stood. She turned around as she looked into those familiar soft brown eyes that held so much happiness and caring love. His tall gangly frame had gained muscles in all the right places but his shaggy black hair that hung in his eyes would never change.

"I waited far too long to tell you I have fallen in love with you." His voice filled with seriousness and the tone was even.

Kiley shook her head, "Seth...You can't...I won't let you waste any part of your life on me...You've got an imprint out there somewhere." Seth took two steps until he was standing directly in front of Kiley as he shook his head, "I'm never going to imprint Kiley. I'm almost 30. If the Quileute God's had someone out there to be my soul mate they would've brought her to me. For the last ten years I waited for my imprint to cross my path and I fell in love with you more and more every day. Everything is suddenly clear to me."

Kiley blinked as the tears poured out like a waterfall down her cheeks, "What do you mean?" Seth tightened his lips as he gripped her upper arms and looked down into her eyes, "I don't think I'm supposed to imprint. I think the Quileute God's know that Paul was taken from you too soon and I'm supposed to take care of you now. If I was supposed to imprint I would've done it by now. Kiley I've fallen completely in love with you...Please just give me a chance...A chance to make you happy again. I promise nothing will ever happen to me. I will stay by your side until we both die. I swear on my life."

Suddenly Seth's lips captured hers in the most amazing kiss. He pulled her against his body as she felt her fingers weave into his soft shaggy black hair. He could feel her struggling to push up on her toes more as he leaned over more and lifted her off the ground.

No one knew exactly why Seth never imprinted. Maybe he hit it right on the mark when he said he wasn't supposed to so he could take care of Kiley. Maybe he just never met his imprint face to face. Maybe he was just meant to be with Kiley regardless imprinting or not. No one knew.

When Paul died Kiley knew she could just give up forever.

But something kept her alive and going until Seth came to her...No one knew what it was either...Probably never would.