Chapter Five

I pressed the delete history button, when Alice popped up again. I click on the chat box to see what her 'plan' was.

Bella! I'm so sorry!


Something terrible has happened!

Oh no! What?

Renesmee is hurt!

She ran after the ice-cream van, the van couldn't stop in time… I am so sorry Bella.
Emmett and Jazzy were hunting, I was trying to order these new shoes. And she just… ran. The van… hit her… at least 50mph.
Seems her skin isn't as unbreakable as ours…
She got hit and fell to the floor…

I knew it was a lie. But it was too real! I ran downstairs and into the lobby, and not long after I heard Edward's footsteps. I sat on the sofa, ignoring all the humans walking past, staring at me. I closed my eyes, and put my hands into fists. Not long after Edward ran down the stairs and saw me sitting there. He ran over to me, at human speed, and sat next to me.

"Bella? Love, are you ok?"
I shook my head.

"Alice knew… Alice knew…" I muttered. Edward looked at me really confused. And before I knew it Edward was off, running up the stairs. Alice's plan had worked! I smiled to myself, and waited to see what had happened. It might be a long wait, but I'm sure I could wait.

*15 minutes later*

I heard Edward's footsteps walking… ok, dragging themselves, along the corridor. I turned to face the door and Edward walked in. he looked up at me, and I was worried. His face was nothing but pure pain. Before I had chance to walk to him, he came over to me, and buried me in a hug. I started dry-sobbing into his shoulder. Poor Edward. He had believed everything Alice had said. He stroked my hair, thinking I was the one who was upset. But I knew it wasn't true. But the one thing that worried my mind was Edward still hasn't spoke to me. But before I could worry anymore, Edward started tugging me by the hand. I followed behind like a dog.

He leaned over and muttered into my ear, "Come back to the room, and… I'll talk to you then" He perfectly velvet voice cracked half way, like a sob had been stuck in his throat. I nodded; I had no idea what he was going to talk about.

*Back upstairs*

Edward sat on the sofa, and patted the seat next to him. I sat and he looked me in the eyes. Trying to dazzle me. And it worked.

"Bella, I owe… I owe you an apology"


"Not talking to you, and completely and utterly ignoring you"

I looked up at him. "Why did you not talk to me?"

"I… I was…" He sighed. "Bella, this is kind of hard… I mean…" He sighed again.

"Edward, you can tell me"

"Bella, I only avoided talking to you, because i was ashamed"

"Ashamed?" I was confused. "Of what?"

"Of... Bella, i was ashamed of myself. And that... I thought of those things about Nessie and that Mutt..."

"That 'mutt' has a name" I mumbled.

"Bella, I am worried that Jacob won't treat our princess the way she deserves..."

I was literally gobsmacked. I never knew Edward was worried about Renesmee and Jacob. I was watching him, and somehow you could tell he was worried. His eyes, maybe? He pulled him closer to him and buried me in a hug; i rested my head on his chest, and wished...

Wished that everything would sort itself out.