Love you to death.

Chapter 1 - Vulnerable for you.

Sebastian Blackthorn was a strong vampire. He had a lot of authority in the Night World Council. Everybody knew he was strong, he even thought so himself. That was until his black-as-hell eyes landed on the picture right in front of him. Hunter Red Fern had passed it to him. It was the picture of a female hunter, a very strong one. So strong that when those vampires that were known for unbeatable killing skills were sent after her, they were either killed or injured, badly.

He stared at the picture, lost in her beautiful violet eyes that betrayed no emotion.

She wore a mask that stretched up to the bridge of her nose, so he could not see much of her face; her Jet-black hair was tied in one long pony-tail at the top of her head that flowed down her back, and her fringe was hanging just right above her eyes. She wore a black long sleeved turtle neck sweater and a pair of black jeans, finished off with black high-top boots. This made her look like a ninja. She looked serene yet dangerous at the same time. She was so irresistible.

He felt as though if this girl were to plunge a knife into any part of him, he would die instantly. He felt helpless and vulnerable just by looking at her, and that was not a good sign, especially for him.

He ruffled his dark auburn hair with his hand, frowning, thinking why he felt like that. But he could not come up with a sensible probability, although there was one possibility- the soulmate principle. But that was impossible! The soulmate principle was a thousand years ago!

Besides he was a vampire, and she was a human. She was just a stupid human, a vermin, to him. But each time he thought like that, he hated himself. He hated her for making him feel so….vulnerable. He hated himself for hating her. He hated himself for calling her vermin. Hating her made his head hurt and his heart burn, like his entire body was set aflame. It hurt so badly!

But the worst part was that he was going to have to do something that he might -ever since he became vampire- regret for the rest of his many hundred years.

He was going to have to kill her.