A/N: I feel the same way about the demon in Paranormal Activity as I do about Edward Cullen in Twilight and the Creeper in Jeepers Creepers: those fugs need their asses kicked, and who better to do it than the Winchesters? This is way over 100 words, so I can't pass this off as a drabble. It was inspired by the latest E/O Challenge drabble word (this week, it's rough) and this marks my second official Xover, so yay for me!

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or Paranormal Activity. This is for entertainment only, and not for profit.

Summary: A Supernatural/Paranormal Activity Xover. Dean and Sam Winchester investigate the curious case of Katie and Micah in sunny San Diego, California. First up is Dean, with a little help from his so-called better half, and Sam's next. Two separate AUs.

Part 1: Show and Tell

Micah's bleeding, and Katie's stopped screaming. She's smiling now, wide and cheerful, with way too many teeth in her mouth, as she raises the butcher knife again and Micah can't understand any of this. All he can do is stare as she turns towards the other man in the room. Dude showed up on their doorstep that morning, said Dr. Fredrichs called his dad about Katie's case. Leather wearing, rough looking punk. Stupid name too.

Dean something.

Win...Winchester. Yeah, right. Like the rifle. Prick.

Micah hated him at first sight. He didn't like the way he looked at Katie, told him to go to hell and slammed the door in his face.

Now he's back, inside the house this time, despite the locked doors and windows and the house alarm never even went off. Winchester puts himself between Micah and Katie, and for a moment Katie's face shifts and changes into something dark and gleeful.

"Hey pretty boy," Katie growls in this impossibly deep voice. "You wanna see something that's really frightening?"

"You show me yours and I'll show you mine," Winchester growls back.

It gets pretty confusing after that.

Micah can't understand where that damn dog came from all of a sudden. It's big and shaggy, doesn't look like any dog he's ever seen before. Last time he saw a critter like that, it was in a western.

The camera's still rolling, and Micah hopes he got this all on tape.

Katie's knees buckle as the shadow comes out of her, all dark and smoky. It doesn't get far. The dog's there, right on top of the thing, with its teeth sunk into what could be its throat, shaking its head from side to side like a terrier killing a rat.

The shadow breaks apart, just as Winchester catches Katie in his arms. Micah sure in the hell doesn't like that. He can't do anything but slump against the wall. Things are getting kind of grey and hazy around the edges. His side hurts, and his t shirt's soaked, all wet dark and slick.

Micah blinks, long and slow, and Katie's sitting unconscious right next to him, slumped over, the side of her head resting on his shoulder. Winchester's there, and how the hell did he move that quick? His hand's pressed against Micah's bloody skin, underneath his ripped tee shirt.

The man's eyes glow moss green and bright golden, and that's a trick of the light. It has to be.

Winchester quirks an eyebrow at Micah. "Dude, next time you wanna go all Blair Witch with a camera, do it with a human, yeah? Not some damn demon."

Micah stares past Winchester's shoulder at the dog.

The shadow's gone now, faded away, and the mutt stands there grinning, pleased with itself.

Dumbass, the mutt grumbles. Playin' with fire.

Coyote, Micah thinks to himself. That's what this damn thing is. A coyote.

Everything goes slip-sliding away from him just then, and that's the last thought Micah has for a while.

Dr. Fredrichs calls the next morning.

Katie answers the phone. Good thing, too. Micah would have cussed the bastard out for ditching them like that the night before.

Katie comes back to the bed, and she's smiling, but its really her this time, relaxed and peaceful for the first time in a long time. She slides into bed next to Micah, puts her head on his chest and snuggles up against his side. He vaguely remembers something about blood and a butcher knife and that damn Dean Winchester, but that can't be right. He feels fine. Better than fine, and there's not a mark on him.

There's something about a wild dog too, and maybe he should care a little more about all of this, but oddly enough, he doesn't. Micah goes back to sleep with Katie in his arms, and when he wakes up hours later the first thing he does is check the camera.

Whatever happened Micah's pretty sure he captured it all.

He didn't. The recording's blank.

BTW: This is a story from the Coyote 'verse I created in Dog Eat Dog. In it Dean Winchester is the human half of the trickster God Coyote.

Sam's up next.