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John watched with concern as Martha's gaze became more and more distant with each passing second and her hand became progressively limper in his. He knew it was bad, but seeing just how bad was terrifying. We need to do something. She can't keep going like this.

"Have you noticed anything off about her lately?" He asked, looking over his shoulder at Anthony, Jose and Tessa,

"She's been in a lot earlier since she was..." Tessa trailed off. She didn't need to continue – everyone knew what she was talking about,

"How much earlier?" Anthony let out a grunt behind John as if to say 'like you care', but was silenced by a sharp glare from him,

"4:30, at least." The tech whizz replied softly, "She's had files out every time."

"She's been staring at her computer screen a lot lately." Jose put in. A plan began to formulate in Bloom's mind,

"Tessa, do you think you can find out what Martha's been looking at?" He questioned, his eyes fixed on Martha, who had not even twitched during the course of their conversation,

"Of course." She replied, clearly insulted by the question, "I'm not employed for my looks you know." The joke slotted awkwardly into the tense atmosphere of the room,

"Do it." He told her with conviction. We're going to help you, Martha. We're going to get you through this. Tessa scurried from the room, ready to tackle her new task, "Jose." The youngest team member's head snapped up at the sound of his name,


"Can you try and find out what files she was looking at?" The younger man nodded,

"I'll do my best." He replied as he went in search of the files his boss had been browsing through, leaving John, Anthony and Martha alone in the room,

"Can we put aside our differences while we help Martha, Anthony?"

"You're lucky we're working towards the same goal, Bloom." Anthony said by way of answer, the venom thick in his voice. John sighed,

"I know." He said under his breath, But I don't feel it.

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