The computer screen illuminated her face as she bent over the laptop. Her fingers hovered over the keyboard of her computer as the image on the screen stared out at her. The webpage had a simple and dated layout, mostly consisting of a black screen with white text in small, orderly rows on the page. At the top was a text banner that read, "Revenge Request." Her eyes moved to the text below the banner, and then to the entry boxes below the block of text.

Revenge Request

Enter the name of the person you wish to get revenge upon and your email.

All requests will be completed by midnight of the specified date. Iwatodai area only, please.

She bit her lip. This was murder. If this was true– it couldn't be true, could it? This was just one of those dumb urban legends, after all – but if it were true, that meant she was directly responsible for someone's death. How could a website kill someone? And even if it wasn't the website, that meant that there were contract killers working in Port Island. This wasn't the safest of towns, sure, but that kind of thing was just insane. But if it was true, it would mean that by entering this name she had killed this person. Maybe the gun wasn't in her hands, but she was the one who'd pulled the trigger.

But, even so—

That person. It was because of her that everything was like this. If it hadn't been for her and her family—

No, she couldn't think about that. Not now, not when this was what she had to do.

She steeled herself. She breathed out. With new determination, she put her fingers to the keyboard and tapped at it with quick, precise strokes.


And with a tap of the Enter key, the screen changed.

Thank you for making your request. It will be processed and enacted in short time.

She leaned back in the chair and put a hand to her forehead. She'd done it. There was no going back now.

Grenades were really clumsy weapons. Imprecise, unpredictable, and the amount of harm they could do was entirely based on how far you could throw them. Unluckily for the Shadows, Jin had a good arm. Sometimes they went off in his face too, but that was during the Dark Hour, and that was when his special powers were in effect. And plus, singed clothes were a lot easier to replace than, say, a face.

He tossed the grenade into the air and caught it. His desk chair squeaked as he leaned back to check on his companions. Takaya had draped himself across the couch, possibly sleeping, probably just being dramatic. Hell if Jin knew. Chidori was nowhere to be found, as usual. Probably had slipped out while he wasn't looking. Whatever. She could do her weird-ass art stuff all she wanted and wherever she wanted for all he cared. He leaned forward and turned toward the computer screen, the old desk chair squeaking with the motion.

Today was shaping up to be a slow day. I wonder if there's anything interesting on 2ch… Before he could even get a chance to check, the email app on his computer beeped. With a sigh, he clicked the icon, and a window popped up showing the message. Jin sat back in his chair and waved a hand in the air.

"Hey, Takaya, come take a look at this."

He heard something thump to the ground from behind him, followed by footsteps, followed by Takaya's greasy hair flopping down next to his face as the man leaned over to get a better look at the screen. Guy really needed to take a shower.

"Remarkable… absolutely remarkable…" A grin spread across Takaya's face. "It seems fate has deemed it time for us to take direct action." He straightened up. "Come, Jin."

Jin got up, the old desk chair giving another squeak as he stood. "Yeah, I'm comin'. Let's go already."