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Chapter 15:

Puck forced a smile when Kurt arrived at their doorstep looking really tired from the day's work but still bright-eyed. A while ago, when he accidentally discovered the medicine, he'd been battling with himself if he would try to confront Kurt about it, on why Kurt was keeping something like that. Puck knew that Kurt didn't just accidentally buy it from the local drug store along with the cough, fever and cold medicines. He didn't like what was going on in his head but he wasn't exactly slow on the uptake. Something must be really wrong about Kurt if he was keeping a medicine like that.

"Puck, you okay?" Kurt asked softly as he felt soft hand on his forehead. Kurt was now checking his temperature. "I said I ordered take out for you, do you want to eat now?"

Puck gently removed Kurt's hand from his forehead and leaned down to give Kurt a soft kiss on the lips. 'Well, he looks healthy though.' He thought as he pulled away. "Maybe later, too early for dinner." He replied as he glanced at the wall clock over Kurt. It was only four in the afternoon.

"Quinn was looking for you." Kurt said as he opened the fridge and shoved in the take out then he turned around again to face him. "She said you're not answering her calls and replying to her texts."

Puck grunted as he remembered his girlfriend. He was really planning to speak to her about their situation. Puck felt that they were suddenly drifting apart. Quinn was rather busy with her school work now and he, on the other hand, developed feelings for Kurt all of a sudden. It was like his relationship with Quinn suddenly became child's play compared to what he felt about Kurt now. His feelings were messed up but he was sure of one thing, he really cared about Kurt right now and for him, that was all that matter. Crap, he was starting to be a sappy guy. Damn Kurt and his innocence, his apple scented hair and his soft lips which tasted like vanilla, intoxicating him.

"She'll live." Puck finally said. "Anyway, how was your day?" He asked as he brushed a stray strand of hair off Kurt's face. Kurt blushed from the gesture.

Kurt talked about some of his classes and complained about some strict professors who were giving them a hard time. Puck nodded occasionally and smiled while Kurt narrated about his day but his mind was somewhere else. Should he ask Kurt about the medicine? Puck contemplated for a while but upon seeing Kurt's bright smile while he told a particularly funny story about the lunch lady, Puck's question evaporated immediately. He didn't want Kurt to feel awkward about answering his question. With a defeated sigh, which Kurt thankfully missed, Puck let go of the question.

"And Cameron is enrolling for a short film course by the way." Kurt said as he popped a potato chip in his mouth.

"That's right, Cameron." Puck said a little too overwhelmed which cause Kurt's face to scrunch in question. Cameron could definitely answer his question. "I mean yeah. Good for him." He added and he was relieved when Kurt's face relaxed to a smile.

"I need to do some stuff then. Call me when you need me, kay?" Kurt said as he grabbed his book bag once again and proceeded to go upstairs.

Puck nodded but he already had something in mind. As soon as Kurt was upstairs, he grabbed the post-it-note from the kitchen counter and rummaged in his bag for a pen.


Going to Finn's. Need to get somethin. Be back later.

He quickly tore the note from the pad and posted it on the fridge where Kurt could see it then he rummaged again in his bag for his car keys. He couldn't wait for another day without his question unanswered. Cameron would have to answer them. Or he would make him if he didn't want to.


"You gotta calm the heck down Puck." Cameron said as he tried to restrain him from punching again the wall. His right knuckle felt numb but he didn't feel the pain. He just wanted to punch the wall again and again as if the wall caused all his problems.

Puck sneered at Cameron as he pulled away from his grasp. "You expect me to calm down? To calm down?" Puck said through gritted teeth as he stared hard at Cameron. "I just learned that Kurt has this deadly blood disorder and you want me to calm down?"

Cameron pinched the bridge of his nose in exasperation. "This is the reason why I don't want to answer your question in the first place." Cameron said rather calmly. Puck glared at him. Truth, Cameron was surprised when he found him standing at his doorstep and was even more surprised when he asked the question. Initially, Cameron was hesitant to answer but when Puck told him that he was entertaining some ideas about the medicine, Cameron gave in and explained. Puck felt his world just shuttered into tiny pieces and even if he would pick them up, it would never be the same again.

"Fuck dude. I'd been an asshole to him in the beginning. I never knew he's sick." Puck said as he slumped weakly on Cameron's couch. He then told Cameron about his grandma's battle with the disorder and as his story progressed, Cameron's face darkened in what seemed to be sadness or despair, Puck couldn't tell. He knew Cameron was in love with Kurt and it also pained him knowing that Kurt would probably leave them soon. Puck's throat constricted at the thought. No, Kurt would not leave them. He would never allow it.

"Kurt is strong. He can fight it." Cameron said but there was doubt in his voice. Puck wanted so badly to scream just to release the tightening feeling in his chest.

"How long have you known he's sick?"

"The first time I saw him since I left Lima. That was at the gas station." Cameron answered and he felt another pang in his chest. It was the night he forgotten to fetch Kurt. Puck was starting to hate himself. "His nose bled and he said he couldn't feel his hands. I thought it was just normal but when Mercedes accidentally told me that it was because of Kurt's blood disorder, I started thinking that what Kurt has is something really serious."

"Do you think he can make it?" Puck asked in a small voice. He didn't want to hear the answer but he had to be brave. Funny how a badass like him was scared to know the truth.

Cameron breathed deeply before answering. "I hope. I will give anything to see him live longer and see his dreams come true."

"Do you know that I'm starting to fall in love with him?" Puck revealed and Cameron stared at him with wide questioning eyes. "I want to tell him but I don't think that's a good idea right now."

"Fuck you then." Cameron spat out and Puck was so shocked to reply. "Can't you see that he's in love with you? Or you're just a calloused bastard I always thought you were?"

"I..I don't..-"

"Or you're just too chicken scared he will die soon and you'll be left alone."

"Don/t fucking say that. Kurt's not gonna die." Puck said as he tried to breathe rhythmically.

Cameron laughed bitterly then he turned serious. 'That's the reality Puck and just as much as I don't want it to happen, it will."

"How can you say that like it was just a normal thing?"

"There's no use denying it." Cameron answered. "What you should do is to make Kurt happy in any way you can."

"You really love him do you?" Puck asked and he knew it was a stupid question since Cameron already showed it since day one. Hell, that was the reason why he wanted to smash Cameron's pretty face whenever he saw him looking at Kurt with longing.

"With all my heart and soul." Cameron replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "But Kurt is stupid coz he falls for you. Dammit." He added and Puck chuckled a bit.

From there, Puck knew that Kurt would be happier with someone who would not hurt him and make him feel he was worthless. Puck had epically done both things in the past and he knew he didn't deserve Kurt's love and affection.

"You can have Kurt." Puck finally said and he was thrown off the couch when Cameron landed a punch on the side of his jaw. "What the hell!" He exclaimed as he rubbed the sore spot on his jaw.

"Kurt is not some cheap toy you will throw once you're finished with it." Cameron said gravely.

Puck squeezed his eyes shut. Cameron got him wrong. "I didn't mean it that way. I know you're the one who can make him truly happy not me."

Cameron snorted but didn't say anything.

"I know you're thinking that I'm scared and shit but I'm not. I just know that I will just continue to hurt Kurt and he doesn't deserve it." Puck continued but deep inside, he wanted to stay with Kurt all the way but he was scared, not of Kurt leaving him, but with the thought of hurting Kurt while in the process of loving him. Kurt deserved happiness in any way he can.

"You do realize that once I have Kurt, I wouldn't give him up?" Cameron asked all of a sudden.

Puck, slowly and painfully, nodded. It was the risk he was willing to take.

To be continued…

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