After all everyone's long-deserved break in the States, the MIT gang headed back to their beloved country of abode. Missing the familiar school grounds, the close-knitted group of four cherished even more of the adventure-filled days back then when Pi Li MIT first revived under the leadership of the caring Teacher Cherry. However, contrary to everyone's wishes, Sheng Ying underwent much changes ever since her founder, Sir Remus revealed himself to the gang. Instead of tough challenges occurring one after another for MIT to handle, the school board proposed for a new counselling department to meet the non-academic needs of students and staff alike. With this in mind, it was only to be expected that all future possible tasks designated for MIT would diminish significantly. Yet, when all matters finally appeared to be in perfectly nice order, the good old days seemed to be returning, or so they thought...

It was one fine morning on a certain schoolday, when everyone gathered lazily at Miss Cherry's recently-renovated cozy principal office, each one indulging in his or her own affairs. No one appeared to be bothered by another's activity. Just when the sound of the antique clock's ticking was all that could be heard, the calm atmosphere all around was interrupted by the sudden pushing open of the heavy door, with the odd member from amongst them storming in noisily to stir up everyone's idle attention.

They all looked up immediately in startled state of mind. High-spirited Tian Mo Xing gasped for her breath, "Oh, hello everyone...sorry to have shocked all of you...I could have died from all that running..."

Teacher Cherry set down thick sheets of reports she had been reading and stood up from her seat. Walking over to Tian Mo Xing's side with deep concern, she asked, "What's the matter? Why the rush, my dearest little sister?" She then requested for 747 to pour her a glass of water.

Ever since Teacher Cherry started addressing Tian Mo Xing as her 'dearest little sister', the latter could not help getting goosebumps more often. The authoritative commanding Teacher Cherry seemed to have disappeared along with the MIT days. She winced, "I'm really okay, Miss Cherry..." Turning to 747, she told him that the glass of water is not needed anymore.

Tian Mo Xing then handed some papers she was holding to Teacher Cherry, "Here are the photocopied documents you needed, 2 pages for each..."

"Thank you, dearest little sister...that's so helpful of you," Teacher Cherry expressed with gratitude.

To 747, Tian Mo Xing placed something in his hand, "Here's 222 scanned image files of brother's paintings saved in the thumbdrive, which you asked for the day before..."

747 was amazed by Tian Mo Xing's unusually exceptional memory.

Next, she walked over to 187, "Sorry, it's been a while...but I still managed to return your $22.22 owed by me for over a month already...Thank you, Young Master Qian, for your kind patience..."

Everyone merely looked on, somewhat curious at what exactly Tian Mo Xing was up to this time. The bubbly girl was all smiles when she took out more stuff from a bag she got with her, now approaching 007, "Here you go, a pair of sweetheart mugs that I won from yesterday's for you and another, cuter one for me!" He was baffled.

747 spoke up for them all, "Tian Mo Xing, what's going on? Today's special in some way?"

She faced him, now her smile bearing a trace of determination and snapped her fingers, "Not to forget..." Digging out another big pack of item, she announced with cheer, "10 o'clock sharp...Tea time and for this time, we'll all be served a cup of fresh 2 by 2 brand cappuccino!"

"Hmmm..." Teacher Cherry stroke her chin to get her slumbering mind thinking once again.

007 quickly reached over to Tian Mo Xing's side as she proceeded to prepare the beverage, "What are you trying to hint to us?"

She simply implied, "I have provided the most obvious clue already, genius..."

He pondered, "Today's Tuesday, the second day of the week as well..."

Upon hearing, Tian Mo Xing squealed, "Ha!" She stirred the cup of coffee in her hand and pushed it straight towards 007, forcing him to gulp down the drink in response. "First prize winner of the day!" she exclaimed.

"Oh," Teacher Cherry realised. "Two...two...two..." She scratched her head.

Tian Mo Xing nodded, "Right...What's the meaning of '2' in the timeline of Sheng Ying's history?"

"Just what's the fuss?" 747 lamented. He walked over to the tea table in order to get his share of drink but was stopped by Tian Mo Xing.

"No way...keep on guessing first until you spill out the right answer!" she held fast onto the cup and so did 747.

"Come on, Tian Mo Xing...aren't these meant for all of us?" 747 pulled hard the steaming drink towards his side. On the other hand, Tian Mo Xing desperately would not let go of it.

"747, be reasonable..." she demanded. Soon, a cappuccino-themed tug of war ensued, until a whole minute later, the poor cup of coffee was dropped recklessly onto the floor with a splash.

"Ahh..." Tian Mo Xing held up her bag of items, into which a major portion of the drink went.

"Oh sorry, Tian Mo Xing," 747 apologised while helping to fish out the things inside.

"" she tried to prevent him from doing so, but without any success.

Everyone went over to gather around them, only to be greeted with the sight of various party items. 187 took out one of them and read out the wording on the banner, "Anniversary?"

Glancing over at Miss Cherry's desktop planner, 007 deduced, "It's Pi Li MIT's 2nd Anniversary this year, is that right?"

Tian Mo Xing lifted her gaze at him, unable to contain all her admiration, "007, what a guy!"