Giving the big bowl of fruit punch a stir, Tian Mo Xing could not help but sighed and complained, "MIT...MIT...You're such a pity...Now, we only have this Atrium Hall for our low-key celebration..."

Approaching her, 747 added to give some cheer, "Come on Tian Mo Xing, just look at the extravagant display of paintings all about you, not missing a single corner...And everyone, nearly all students and staff of the Sheng Ying in this hall, each one holding a glass of champagne-like fruit punch...and chatting away...This is already classy enough..."

Tian Mo Xing only offered a less-than-contented look at him, which escaped the eye-shot dreamy 747. He then nudged her, "Hey Tian Mo Xing, hopefully you have not forgotten about some pieces of your brother's paintings promised to be reserved for me..."

Tian Mo Xing only pretended to cover her ears, "Okay, have been nagging me all morning...They will be delivered right to your doorstep after this function..."

747 admitted defeat, "Alright, I will stop..." From a sideglance, he noticed a pair of couple from afar and eagerly turned Tian Mo Xing around to show her, "Oh...sweethearts...I now kinda find that 187 has changed his old playboy character quite alot...Seeing him and Yuan Lan Qing being all smiles and enjoying all their sweet talk..."

Tian Mo Xing moaned, "I got your point..." She glanced around, hoping to spot the person she longed for most at the moment.

747 checked his watch, "Hmmm...should be here any minute...Talk to you later, Tian Mo Xing...I gotta look for Genie..." He quickly left her.

Tian Mo Xing got herself a glass of drink before hurrying on away to look for 007.

After making her way through the crowd, she finally got an eye-catching view of him from a distance. She was about to head over to his side when suddenly, her phone received a text message.

She read, "Let us meet up at the school's rear garden after the celebration." Tian Mo Xing instantly squealed with delight for this is one of the rare occasions when 007 took the initiative to arrange for their date before she does.

"Yes, thanks for letting me know...I'll be ready any minute...Bye..." The voice of Teacher Cherry nearby easily caught Tian Mo Xing's attention. She turned about to catch up with her, "Sis, they'll be here soon, right?"

Teacher Cherry put away her phone and nodded, "Yes...should be arriving at the entrance any time now...Why don't we head over there and wait?"

"For sure!" Tian Mo Xing beamed with excitement.

They paced hastily towards the main door. Then, it was as if the moment was just right when they were about to reach the corner. Principal Tao, Teacher Angel and Lu Ke Ying showed up to meet the two.

Teacher Cherry and Tian Mo Xing immediately rushed over to give them all three a big hug. Shortly afterwards, 747, 187 and 007 also joined them.

"Dad, you look tired...was the flight too long?" Tian Mo Xing asked with concern.

Before Principal Tao could reply, Teacher Angel answered instead, "How can he be? He slept through the whole flight!"

"Oh dear...Dad," Teacher Cherry added. "Did you exercise enough? You look as though you've gained some weight..."

"Please," Principal Tao clarified. "The weather in the States has been colder than normal...unlike Taiwan...From today onwards, I will take heed of your advice to work on my physical fitness, okay precious daughter?"

"I'll take that as a promise," Teacher Cherry returned.

Tian Mo Xing then noticed, "Eh, brother...your smile's especially bright today..."

He only nodded shyly in response. Teacher Cherry continued, "That's right...Our brother's smile can definitely melt the hearts of any girl in the world..." She was about to ramble on with more praises when she remembered yet another important news to share, "Oh yes, guess what? Because of bomb explosion at the auditorium, everyone has decided on the failure of the school's counselling department to deal with problems our Pi Li MIT is going to be revived once more..."

Everyone cheered aloud upon hearing so.

After chatting for a bit, Principal Tao was the first to be aware of the time, "Hey, isn't the auction gonna start any second...Xiao Tao, aren't we all supposed to be onstage?"

Teacher Cherry realised only then and urged them all to go up the stage. She then commenced Pi Li MIT's 2nd anniversary celebration with the auction of a number of Lu Ke Ying's paintings. Halfway through, they also put up a video message by Uncle Remus for him resuming the role of the chairperson to lead Sheng Ying's board of directors.

Principal Tao then carried on with hosting the auction of a spectacular piece of portrait featuring Teacher Cherry and the MIT gang.

The painting appeared to be very popular with the celebration attendees as most bidders even offered to pay thousands of dollars for it.

After many times, Principal Tao finally announced, "$9000 for once...twice..."

"$1 million!" A certain person called as he slowly stepped forward from amongst the audience.

All eyes were on him upon hearing the amount he was willing to bid for. For the gang and the rest back on stage, they were even more startled.

"Dad?" 007 found it hard to believe. His mind then raced to the thought of the anonymous source whom Xiao Jie had mentioned - 'J.M.S'.

Tian Mo Xing turned to him, "Dr James?" 187 and 747 also repeated after her in unison.

Principal Tao adjusted his glasses, "Really him?" Beside him, Teacher Angel tried to recap for how long she hasn't seen this world-renowned author. Lu Ke Ying also doubted restlessly if his humble artwork was really worth a million dollars.

Aside from them, Teacher Cherry was also momentarily filled with awe, "Such well-respected figure...He's finally here with us..."

The man advanced a few more steps up to the front and then stopped before taking off his velvet cap to give a formal nod to acknowledge them all.


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