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"Still enjoying yourself?" Skywarp questioned, leaning against the door frame as he watched his trine mate admire the sleeping Sparkling.

"Very much so," Thundercracker agreed softly, so he wouldn't wake the little one. "He's a wonderful little Sparkling."

"He is cute," admitted the purple and black Seeker. "But are yah really gonna keep him?"

"For the time being," the blue Seeker replied as his trine mate said. "I meant longer, as in, bring him up."

"I suppose that depends," Thundercracker stated. "We still don't know the circumstances of how his Sire came to give him to the Autobots. I want to know everything before anything else happens."

"But you are thinking of keeping him if his Sire isn't any good, aren't yah?" Skywarp pressed.

"Yes," sighed Thundercracker, knowing his Trine mate wasn't going to let this go any time soon.

"He's a Grounder, TC," Skywarp stated. "Sure, he's cute and all but it'll be weird for him growing up. I'm sure you'd be a great Sire but you won't be able to teach him to fly or anything. And then if you actually have your own kids, he might feel jealous."

"Not if he's raised with love," Thundercracker argued back. "And there's no guarantee that I will find anyone to have children with. I'm not giving him up on the off chance that I'll have some Seekerlets."

"Fair enough but those Autobots ain't gonna let him go that easily," the purple Seeker now said.

"Well, perhaps if I prove to them I am a good Sire, they will relent," Thundercracker said reasonably. "I was planning with lord Megatron's permission to call them and show how well Ricochet is doing."

"He does seem happy," admitted Skywarp. "Isn't it your shift soon?"

"Yes, I need to get back to it soon," Thundercracker acknowledged. "Are you free?"

"Sure," Skywarp said before looking straight at him. "What, you want me to watch him?"

"If you could," Thundercracker said. "I won't be gone that long, I just don't want him left alone."

"I guess I could but what can I do with him?" his trine mate asked.

"For now, let him sleep and when he wakes, you could either play with him or watch a suitable movie," suggested Thundercracker, he didn't want to bombard his friend with tons of activates for him to complete with the little Sparkling.

"Alright, I guess I can handle that," Skywarp said with a shrug, coming to lounge on the berth.

"Just call me if there are any problems," advised the blue Seeker, gently stroking the Sparkling's cheek. Ricochet shifted and yawned slightly in a way that was so cute, both Seekers smiled.

"But I don't think there were be," Thundercracker continued. "Just keep him away from Starscream."

"Oh yeah," smirked Skywarp. "That was funny."

Their Trine leader was still fuming over that incident and Skywarp was enjoying teasing him about it. It meant however that Starscream could not be asked to watch over Ricochet, it would be a recipe for disaster.

So a few breems later, Skywarp was officially in charge of the Nemesis's only resident Sparkling. For a little while, he watched him sleep before becoming bored and deciding that he would rather watch some television. The humans might be worthless squishes but their entertainment was surprisingly decent. He settled on his trine mate's berth and started to watch a show called 'World's craziest crashes' with much enjoyment.

Of course, the loud noises started to rouse the sleeping Sparkling and soon, he was waking up.


"Huh?" Skywarp said, glancing down into the little homemade cot and seeing that his charge was sitting up and blinking at him.

"So, you're awake," he stated matter-of-factly.

He received a chirp in reply.

"You wanna watch this with me?" he questioned, gesturing at the screen.


"Alright," the Seeker said, bending down and lifting the little figure out and placing him on the berth.

He leaned back and continued to watch his programme while Ricochet started crawling around. So far, looking after a Sparkling was no problem at all.

"Hey, down in front," Skywarp exclaimed when the Sparkling used his feet to stand up and blocked part of the screen.

The Sparkling looked at him before staring at the screen, not moving.

"Hey, I can't see," complained the Seeker, moving from side to side in order to get a better view. "Come on, sit down!"

The Sparkling just continued to stand here so with a huff, he leaned forward and lifted the Sparkling up.

"You ain't good at following orders, are you?" he said wryly as Ricochet hung from his hands.

For a reply, the Sparkling just giggled.

"Thought so," Skywarp said with a small smirk. "Okay, you can sit with me."

He carefully placed the Sparkling by his side and once again, started to watch his show. Ricochet climbed onto his lap, making the Seeker stare in surprise before actually smiling.

"You know, I'm starting to see why TC likes you so much," he stated. "You're cute."

The Sparkling just smiled up at him. Unable to resist it, the purple Seeker began to tickle the little one's side. This naturally caused the Sparkling to shriek with laughter and roll around. Skywarp almost wished this Sparkling did have wings, Seekerlet nubs were highly sensitive and very easy to tickle.

After a few breems, he decided the Sparkling had had enough and lifted him up against his shoulder to allow the young one to calm down.

"Well, you may not be a Seeker," he concluded. "But you know what kid? You're alright."

And he really meant that.


"Hey Wheeljack," Sparkplug greeted tiredly as he entered the inventor's lab.

"Hey Sparkplug," the Autobot engineer greeted enthusiastically. "How yah doing?"

"Alright I guess," the man replied. "Just came to ask how you're progressing."

"Not too bad," Wheeljack said cautiously, fully comprehending what this meant to the father before him. "I've been considering testing it to see if it works how it was originally meant to."

"By turning a bot into a sparkling?" questioned Sparkplug and he received a nod in reply.

"Yeah and the thing is, if it works, I don't want to lose this," the inventor explained. "I think this could be a really valuable invention."

"I understand," Sparkplug stated. "So, are you looking for a test subject?"

"Eventually," Wheeljack admitted. "But as you can imagine I need to make sure that not only its safe but that I can turn the bot back to normal. And in Spike's case, that's doubly important."

"Hmm," Sparkplug mumbled as his eyes fell upon a very suspicious looking object. "Is that it?"

Glancing at it, Wheeljack nodded. "Yeah, that's it."

He picked it up carefully and looked it over.

"When it knocked to the floor, it activated," he told himself slowly. He was always checking the machine over, trying to fully understand all its capabilities. Detecting a frayed wire, he tutted and grabbed a couple of tools to fix that.

With nothing better to do, Sparkplug watched him, taking a seat in an old box. It was interesting to see Wheeljack tinker away and it helped take his mind off things a little. The Autobot unscrewed a small section on the machine, carefully placed the covering on the table and started to repair the damaged wire.

"Almost got you," muttered Wheeljack, inserting what looked like tweezers and yanking something.

There was a strange crackling noise and suddenly a beam of light shot out of it. Sparkplug barely had time to yelp before it hit him, sending him tumbling backwards off the box and landing heavily on his back. A strange warmth seemed to overtake his body and his vision went black but he was still just conscious.

He could hear a distant sound, it sounded a bit like yelling. Trying to lift himself up, he opened his eyes and could see Wheeljack above him. But why did the Autobot seem both closer and smaller? He didn't understand it, and why did his body feel so strange.

A moment later however, there was another flash and a strange sensation took over his body, followed by more blackness. His head was swimming and when he managed to rouse himself, discovered he was being cradled in Wheeljack's hands.

"Oh thank Primus," the inventor gasped in relief. "You're alright!"

"What…..what happened?" groaned Sparkplug, putting a hand to his head. He did not feel good.

"You….well you….," the Autobot said hesitantly, his fins flashing.

"That bad?" he chuckled grimly, he really felt like….well, slag. Handy Autobot expression for a situation like this.

"I'm not sure," Wheeljack said honestly. "Sparkplug, the thing is….for a few moments, you were…..transformed?"

This made him sit up, or rather lift up his head to stare at Wheeljack in shock.

"You mean I turned into a Sparkling?" he exclaimed.

"Actually no, you turned into….an adult transformer," Wheeljack corrected. "I was so shocked, I almost dropped my invention. But I did tweak it by accident and that changed you back."

"I was a Transformer?" the man said in wonder. "How….how did I look?"

"Pretty good," Wheeljack admitted. "Grounder mode obviously, similar build to Ironhide."

"Huh," Sparkplug said, he didn't know what else to say. For a few moments or minutes, he didn't know which, he had been a transformer. Just like his son was currently.

"Incredible," muttered the inventor, staring at the machine he placed back on the table. "Maybe I'm wrong but it seems to have recognised you as an adult…."

"Urgh," groaned Sparkplug as a wave of nausea and dizziness overtook him.

"Oh dear," the Autobot sighed. "I'd better get you to Ratchet, he's sure going to be furious with me."

"It's fine….I'll be fine," Sparkplug said with a gesture but stopped as he detected the screech of tyres.

Feeling a little stronger, he lifted himself up and stared in the direction of the approaching sound. An Autobot was racing their way but he couldn't think why. No alarms had blared so surely the Decepticons weren't attacking. He had his answer a few moments later when Bumblebee appeared and transformed at the sight of them.

"Sparkplug," Bumblebee gasped, coming to a stop. "I've been searching all over for you, Megatron's going to allow us to see Spike."

"He is?" the worried father exclaimed.

"Yeah, the Nemesis will be contacting us with video call in five breems," the yellow Autobot said breathlessly. "Optimus thought you'd want to see him."

"Of course I do, lead on," Sparkplug couldn't help but command. Obligingly, Bumblebee transformed, opening a door so Sparkplug could dive in and then they roared off. Wheeljack was left pondering that latest little 'accident' with his invention could mean.

"Thundercracker, bring that Sparkling forward," commanded Megatron and the Seeker obeyed.

Sparkplug let out a sigh of relief, his son looked okay and was even looking at them with great interest. He dearly wished he could say something but it wasn't worth it to risk his son. Who knows how those Decepticons would react at the knowledge that the Sparkling with them was actually a human teenager.

"As you can see, he is well taken care of," Megatron pronounced smugly, his pleasure at denying the Autobots something they dearly wanted evident. "And you can tell his Sire….if he ever shows up."

Sparkplug's face darkened but thankfully, all the Decepticons were looking at the Autobots for their reactions. The only human present briefly thought of the feeling of being….larger, stronger that he'd experienced earlier. He was starting to wish the effects hadn't been temporary.

"Yes, he does appear well," Optimus admitted, examining Spike carefully. "Has there been any incidents?"

"Yes, that wretched Sparking framed me for something!" Starscream instantly said, gesturing furiously at Spike who looked over at him with a curious chirp.

"Not that again," sighed Thundercracker. "Starscream, there's no proof…"

"Well, who else was it then?" the Seeker interrupted. "It obviously wasn't me and that brat had paint all over his hands."

"Hey, not cool," Jazz exclaimed, frowning at the angry looking Decepticon SIC. "Orphelius is just a sweet little guy, he wouldn't do something like that."

Sparkplug noted how the blue Seeker frowned a little at the name Ironhide had given the little Sparkling.

"We do not know for sure who painted lord Megatron's canon," Thundercracker stated, making Megatron scowl and some of the Autobots snicker. "But I spoke with Ricochet and told him not to be naughty."

"As if that stupid Sparkling can understand anything," Starscream stated derisively.

"Starscream," Thundercracker scolded, giving his Trine leader a look as Spike looked at the Autobots or more specially Sparkplug. He offered a smile to his son, wondering if he knew who he was.

"Da!" Spike suddenly exclaimed, still looking at Sparkplug whose eyes widened. Could it be…?

There were gasps from both sides of the screen.

"What did you say?" Thundercracker exclaimed, lifting Spike up to look right at him.

Spike looked away from the screen to stare at his caretaker and then declared.


Sparkplug's legs almost turned to jelly and his heart felt like it was going to explode out of his chest at the sight of Thundercracker's face. The sheer pride and love that was evident there made him want to weep. That was his son, his baby, how dare that Con presume to take him.

"His first word," Ironhide said in wonder as Spike now turned to look at him and say. "Da!"

"Pft," Starscream said in contempt. "He clearly has no idea what he is saying, he's just calling everything da."

"Aw, shaddup," Ironhide snapped. "Y'all just a stick in the mud, screamer."

"Skee," Spike chirped, causing another round of gasps.

"Aww, ain't that sweet," Skywarp cooed mockingly at his trine leader. "You're his second word, Screamer."

"Be quiet," Starscream snarled.

"Well, I think it's wonderful," Optimus stated, gazing with pride at Spike who was turning his head this way and that, looking very happy at all the attention he was getting.

"You would," Megatron muttered, watching as Thundercracker nuzzled the chirping Sparkling.

"Good boy," the blue Seeker was complimenting. "You're so clever."

He kissed the chirping Sparkling and Sparkplug felt like he might vomit. Megatron sent Optimus a smirk and said. "What a shame his Sire couldn't be here to see this."

"That's what you think," Sparkplug thought darkly.

"Are you sure you cannot tell us anything about his origin?" the grey warlord said casually.

"Very sure Megatron," Optimus stated dryly. "But what I would like to know is if you're going to allow him outside."

"Why, so you can snatch him away?" Megatron demanded with contempt. "You think we will honestly allow that?"

"It is not fair to keep him cooped up all the time," Optimus argued right back. "If you are actually serious about taking care of him, then you will not deny him just to spite us."

"I will do as I please, Prime," Megatron growled. "Your precious Sparkling is in my power."

"Speaking of which," Starscream interrupted. "How do we know that one of you isn't the brat's Sire?"

"None of the Autobots on this base Sired him," Optimus stated firmly, looking right at Megatron and Starscream. "Believe what you wish but that is the truth."

"And we're gonna get him back," Ironhide declared fiercely.

"You can try," sneered Skywarp on his Trine mate's benefit.

"Da da," Spike declared again, looking once more at Sparkplug who stared resolutely back.

"Please consider what I said," Optimus said earnestly to Thundercracker before the connection was caught.

Sparkplug was left staring at a blank screen. He felt a weight against his back and looked up to see Optimus looking down at him sympathetically.

"How are you?" he questioned.

"That Seeker seems to be looking after him," Sparkplug replied pensively. "A bit too much though."

Optimus nodded his understanding.

"Seekers can be very attached to Sparklings," he acknowledged. "But we will not give up on him and Wheeljack continues to work on a solution."

"I saw," Sparkplug said ruefully. "You know, something interesting happened while I was with him….."

"Hey, got your nose," Skywarp teased, lightly grabbing the Sparkling's nose, making him squeal.

"Warp," chuckled Thundercracker as they walked along the corridor.

"What, he likes it," protested the grinning Seeker. "Don't cha?"

Ricochet just giggled.

"Okay," Thundercracker acknowledged. "Maybe he does. I think he needs a little wash, he'll probably need a flushing soon."

"Well, I'll leave you too it," declared Skywarp, quickly making his exit.

"Hmm, sure," Thundercracker said, not surprised that his Trine mate didn't want to be involved in any Sparkling excess.

He continued on his way, he had no problem taking care of all Ricochet's needs. As he walked, the Sparkling leaned against him and he noted that he felt rather warm.

"Mm," he said thoughtfully, placing a hand against him. "You're running a little hot, I hope you're not coming down with something."

If Ricochet was a little poorly, he was sure he would have no problem in taking care of it.

Author's note. Spike is starting to feel unwell but is it serious? Find out next time, until then.