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The Decepticons on the Nemesis slept quietly through the night and it seems there was no trouble, until a small cry started to come from a certain seeker as the cry just keep going.

"Not again," cried Spike out, he couldn't help himself he felt horrible at the moment not to mention quite warm for his liking, his tiny fans trying to cool down his chest work best it could.

"Ricochet?" asked Thundercracker suddenly as he awoke from his slumber and looked down at his sparkling.

"It's okay, I'm here," he tried and reached down to hold the poor sparkling on his arms and slowly swing the crying sparkling, but the sudden heat surprised the seeker.

"You shouldn't be that warm," said Thundercracker at a worried tone to Ricochet who could do nothing but cling on to the seeker to cool down from the cold metal, calling Hook immediately.

"Pick up, pick up" stressed Thundercracker and continued to calm down Spike who just kept crying and a few tears showed up with broke the seekers spark to see spike like this.

It seemed to take far too long for Hook to pick up but however long it was, he did eventually answer.

"Hook here, is it the Sparkling?"

"Yes!" cried Thundercracker as Ricochet shook and whimpered. "He's burning up, what should I do!?"

He heard a curse and then Hook said. "You'd better bring him here, fast."

"I'll be right there," the Seeker replied, wasting no time to rushing out of his room and along the corridor. It was early in the morning and no one was about but he could detect a few muffled protests from behind doors. He didn't care and hurried on even as his little one kept crying pitifully. Finally, he burst into the Med Bay where a tired Hook was waiting for him.

"You weren't kidding," the medic muttered as soon as he felt Ricochet's body. "This is a harsher attack than before."

"What can we do?" was all Thundercracker wanted to know.

"Cool him down but slowly," Hook stated firmly. "If we plunge him under cold water, it'll send his systems into complete shock."

As Thundercracker gave him a worried look, he said. "I think the best thing to do is bathe his body with damp cloths. It'll take time but I think that's the best thing to do. You get him comfortable and I'll set it up."

"Make it stop," pleaded Spike and tried to move other side of Thundercrackers arms with where more cooler then the spot he was at the moment.

"I know, I know Ricochet, just wait a little more," tried Thundercracker, it was hard to keep spike calm while he cried.

Hook wasted no time no time, he took a bunch of damp cloths and ran to the other side of his med-bay where he took a bucket and filled it with water. And then carefully he walked back to Thundercracker and placed the bucket down and put the cloths inside the bucket.

"Take one at the time and follow my lead," Ordered Hook as he grabbed one of the wet cloths and opened it, then put it on spikes forehead.

Thundercracker and took a cloth himself and placed it on Spike's back. "I'm not leaving Ricochet today he clearly needs me."

Spike whimpered, but at least the cooling cloth felt nice, it somewhat was helping and soon he was covered with the cloth from his feet and up to his head.

"He is calming down," stated Thundercacker reliving to see that this is working, even as they been at it for a bit and replaced one of the old cloth with a new fresh one.

"Yes, but this is far from over, we need to keep at it a bit longer," said Hook and continued to replace the warm cloth with new ones. "I think it would be best to have him here today."

"You are worried this might happen again during the day?" asked the seeker worried.

"It's possible, I would like to keep a optic on him and since this was a harsher attack we never know what will happen next," stated Hook, he had not expected this and perhaps recharging a few data-pad on sparkling would be a good idea.

Thundercracker grimaced before asking earnestly. "He's not in danger, is he? This isn't life threatening?"

"I don't think so," Hook said, his mouth twisted in slight frustration. "But I need to read up on this, I haven't needed to treat sparklings in so long, I could be wrong."

"Alright," Thundercracker murmured, staying here was a much better idea. "Poor thing, I wonder how he picked this up?"

"Could have been anything," shrugged Hook. "Any of us or an Autobot might have had this virus but dormant in their systems as it couldn't affect them. Sparklings can be vulnerable to viruses that don't affect anyone else."

"I see," the Seeker said, at least Ricochet wasn't so burning hot anymore but he was still warmer than normal. And now his face was starting to twist in discomfort again and he made a few whimpering noises.

"Uh oh, I know what that is," Hook said knowing and it took Thundercracker a moment to realise what he was talking about.

"Oh dear, he needs to get rid of his waste fuel," he murmured, he knew Ricochet hated that.

"Yep," Hook nodded. "We'll use some lukewarm water to do with that, don't want him catching a chill."

"Noo," chirped Spike, he would crawl away if he didn't feel so drained from his illness. "I don't want that."

ThunderCracked carefully started to do his work and luckily it wouldn't take that much of time as he worked quickly to make this as less uncomfortable for Ricochet.

"There I'm done, you can calm down now Ricochet," Tried Thundercracker but Spike still felt rather sad and his face could easily tell that.

"Are you hungry?" asked his guardian, but Spike didn't respond to that, all he wanted to do get this day over with.

"He would need to refuel at least soon, let him drink freely not sure how much he wants at the moment," Said Hook and looked at his bookshelf for any data-pads of sparkling, sure was a lot of dust there to.

"We could ask Soundwave for information," suggested Thundercracker, Soundwave did have four creations of his own, he surely had some information or could find some on the data-banks of this ship.

"Good idea," Hook agreed, he'd almost forgotten about the Telepath. "He's certainly got more recent experience than I do."

"He's probably already awake," Thundercracker murmured ruefully to himself.

"Eh," Hook shrugged, not bothered who had been woken up. He had to get up at odd times, the other Mechs could suck it up.

Lifting Ricochet against his shoulder, Thundercracker commed the Decepticon Third in Command.

:Soundwave, can I speak to you?:

:Affirmative: was the response.

:I need some advice about Ricochet: the Seeker explained. :He's ill and probably going to have a bad day:

There was a pause before Soundwave said. :Question, are you in Med Bay?:

:Yeah, we are: Thundercracker confirmed, rubbing his charge's back.

:Very well, I will be along shortly: Soundwave told him then disconnected.

"He is on his way here," said Thundercracker to the Medic.

"Really? Didn't think he would come, third in command with load of work on his hands," replayed Hook and looked through his data-pad which had information about how sparkling screaming at day or night because of a virus in their audio-receptors hurting, the solution to that Hook find right under with was a recipe of a medicine.

"At least he can show us some tips for Ricochest condition," murmured Hook and put down the data-pad it was a useful one and went to the next one.

"I hope he does," Thundercracker keep massage Spike's back to keep him relaxed.

The door of the med-bay then opened and a blue mech stepped inside.

"Soundwave, thanks for coming," thanked the seeker and continued "We know you're busy, but you have more experience with sparlkings and younglings than either of us here have"

"As a Medic myself I'm ashamed to admit it, but it's true," admitted Hook, he did his best with Ricochet but how far would his knowledge or his luck take him?

Soundwave merely inclined his head before coming over to examine Ricochet. The sparkling gave him a mournful chirp of greeting.

"Query, what have you done with him so far?"

Hook quickly went over what they had been doing and Soundwave nodded in approval.

"Suggestion: Keep him in dimly lit room, bright light will bother him," he stated.

"Makes sense," Hook murmured, that did seem like a good idea.

"Seeker Thundercracker, will take the day off to take care of sparkling Ricochet," Soundwave added.

"Of course, wouldn't want to leave Ricochet today when he need me the most," nodded the seeker, his quarters would do nicely to keep Ricochet there for the day and it would be easy to look after him there to.

"May I suggest that we keep him at my quarters, I can easily change my lights to calmer level for him" Suggested Thundercracker.

"I suppose there is no harm in that all though I would preferred to keep an eye on him here," Talked Hook, but so far Thundercracker have proven to be a caring and capable Guardian for Ricochet.

Spike looked over at the Adults that talked about him, wondering what they were discussing and chirped. "It's about me isn't it?"

"To bad I can't tell them I would like a nap," chip Spike, sure at times it was great that they didn't understand him.

But right now when he wasn't feeling good, it would be nice to tell them exactly what was going on with him. The best he could do was chirp and squeak at them.

"Hmm, he seems more alert," Hook said approvingly, the little one had not been good earlier.

"Yeah, he does," Thundercracker agreed, smiling down at him. "Feeling better Ricochet?"

"Uh huh but I want a nap," Spike declared, this would have been embarrassing previously but right now he didn't care. But how could he tell them?

"Aww, he's tired," Thundercracker chuckled as a yawn suddenly overtook Spike. "I better take him along soon."

"Suggestion; Soundwave has recipe for fuel that doesn't upset sparkling tanks," the masked blue Mech offered. "He needs fuel but may not tolerate normal sparkling energon."

"If you wouldn't mind, I would appreciate it," replayed Thundercracker.

Soundwave nodded and started to make the fuel, luckily the med-bay had everything he needed and Thundercracker took notes on how to make this Energon, in the end Soundwave finished it by warming it up and handed over the cube to the seeker.

"Statement: Sparkling accept energon from Guardian," said the blue radio mech, it did make sense the sparkling would rather take the food from a protector then a stranger most the times.

"Thank you," nodded the seeker and walked over to Spike with the cube "Ricochet, are you hungry? I have a cube of energon just made for you."

"What's this?" asked Spike and looked at the light blue coloured energon.

He was feeling a bit hungry and so took a small gulp of the cube, the taste was not bad and begin warm made it more appealing and so drinking it was no problem and his Guardian looked pleased at this.

"Now once he is done, we just need to put him for a nap," watched Hook at Spike, it was a good thing he was eating, most sparklings would avoid the energon for not feeling too hungry to eat.

"It shouldn't be that hard, especially since he is already tired" stated Thundercracker.

"Affirmative, perhaps play some gentle music to lull him to sleep?" Soundwave suggested and Thundercracker agreed, some nice ambient music would be perfect for Ricochet.

"Alright, well I'll visit later to make sure everything's fine with him," Hook stated, deciding that he might have a little nap since he'd been woken up early. He could take care of his chores later on in the day.

"Come on little one, time for your nap," Thundercracker said softly, taking Ricochet and the cube of special fuel back to his quarters. Soon enough, he had dimmed the lights, settled the sleepy sparkling into his cot and selected some very gentle music with the volume turned down. Spike yawned very widely as he slipped off into recharge, feeling a lot better than he had earlier.

Thundercracker smiled contentedly at the sight, his poor little sparkling deserved a good rest. He sighed, he was feeling rather tired himself especially with this dim light.

Back at the Autobot's on the Ark

"How are we supposed to get back Spike?" asked Bumblebee.

"We could sneak on board their ship at night and just take him back," suggested Jazz, it was a good plan and a safe one.

"Or we could make a trade?" advised Prowl and continued. "We could offer them Energon for Spikes release."

Sparkplug was there with Optimus listening on these ideas, after all he was Spikes father and he had every fight to be in to the plan.

"I'm not quite sure they would accept the Energon" said Optimus thoughtful, yes they were after it all the time.

"What makes you think that?" asked Sparkplug,as he wondered why wouldn't they want to accept that trade?

"Spike is a person and Thundercracker seems from our last video call to care for him," replied Optimus and continued. "They may be Decepticon but they to care for sparklings and since we haven't seen one in how many years, Spike in other words are seem as their future Decepticon."

"You're probably right about that," Ironhide said with a scowl.

"So they'll keep him no matter what's offered?" Sparkplug questioned, feeling his insides go cold. The idea of any Decepticon raising his son was just too much to think about.

"There is a strong possibility that is the case," Optimus said gently, knowing this was hard for the man.

"That's why we should try to go in and rescue him," Jazz argued. "You distract Megatron by offering some Energon and we'll go right in."

"How would that work?" Prowl questioned.

"Well, if old buckethead refuses, it might put his mind on fuel," Jazz explained. "Maybe he'll organise a raid, that would be the perfect time to get Spike back, they can't take him with them."

"Perhaps," Optimus said thoughtfully before saying. "It might be an idea to check up on Spike anyway, ask if we can see him. Of course, they know we will attempt to get him back."

"Go for it, just bring my boy back to me" said Sparkplug, it's been quite a long time now when Spike last got kidnapped and as a loving father, he was lonely without his son.

"Sparkplug, we will do everything we can to get him back, but we have to be careful about this," stated Optimus, even the video call he could tell the con's were watching his Autobots thoughtfully, looking at their moves and words.

"When were you planning to strike, Jazz?" asked the Prime.

"If anything happens tonight, we could go midnight when they all are asleep and Mirage could recover Spike," explained Jazz.

"If you going tonight then it's best not to offer them the energon just yet," said Ironhide thoughtfully. "We wouldn't want them to think we are coming if we offered the Energon they would know that we would be coming."

"Keep the element of surprise, hitting them without them knowing and awoken after their recharge, they would still struggle to get to us," Prowl said thinking of how this would go.

"Exactly, it's a perfect chance to get him home," stated Ironhide and looked at Optimus and Sparkplug "Well at least I think so."

Sparkplug nodded at the old solider, he trusted his judgement. He knew what loving care Ironhide had bestowed upon his son in his present sparkling form and knew he'd do the same again.

"Very well, we will begin planning," Optimus stated firmly. "I don't think I need to say that this will be a very delicate mission. A sparkling's life is in the balance, we cannot afford mistakes."

"Don't worry, Mirage won't let anything happen to him," assured Jazz. "Prowl can help me plan this out, we need to think of not only getting little Spike out but also a speedy getaway."

Sparkplug felt better now that a plan was underway but he still felt a tight knot in his stomach. He wouldn't feel fully relaxed until his boy was back with him once more. He wished he could go along on this mission but he would only get in the way. Such was the disadvantage of being a human, he thought rather ruefully.

When nightfall came the Autobot gone through their plan how to rescue spike and how to get inside and out without siting off the alarms.

"Everyone knows what to do?" asked Jazz to make sure everyone know their part of the mission.

"Yes, I go invisible and disable their cameras and security systems and let you all in," said Mirage and then looked over to Prowl.

"Once that is done I will cover out exit, you and Jazz will go ahead to Thundercrackers quarters with you mirage will keep a look out for any Decepticons and Jazz will recover Spike," explain Prowl as they all nodded. "Good now let's going, we have a Sparkling to rescue."

They all drive all the way to the Nemesis ship, it took an hour but it would be worth it and driving underwater wasn't an easy thing, they could see the ship ahead and there were no lights to the Autobots delight.

Mirage used his ability to become invisible and swim over to the security panel to make sure his friends could come on board, with a little tinkering.

"There it's done, we can enter now," stated the blue car.

"Good," Jazz said as he and Prowl were now able to enter. It was very dark inside, the lights were low and it was eerily silent. The three Mechs nodded at each other before Jazz and Mirage moved ahead, leaving Prowl behind.

They carefully made their way through the base, occasionally pausing to listen out for any Decepticons that might have insomnia and decided to take a walk. It certainly happened with the bots on occasion. But no one appeared, no doors suddenly opened, no alarms blared, there was just the sound of their footsteps and the natural creaks of the base.

They didn't speak, there was no need to unless something came up. Eventually, they arrived at the quarters of the higher Decepticons and stopped at the one they knew to be Thundercrackers. Now came the tricky part, spiriting Spike away from his guardian who after so many nights, was probably sensitive to his charge waking up. They paused for a moment, making sure everything was calm before Mirage turned invisible and prepared to watch for Cons and intervene if something went wrong.

Jazz was better known to Spike, they hoped the sight of him would keep the sparkling calm so he would not cry out when taken. Being lifted by someone invisible could easily panic him.

Slowly walking inside the room he spotted the cot where he found a sleeping Sparkling, smiling at the adorable sight and made his way over to Spike who slept peacefully.

Carefully Jazz kindly grabbed Spike and started to lift him up, Spike optics came online as he blink a few time to see who was holding him and much to his delight and confusion it was Jazz.

"Jazz? How you here? Am I dreaming?" questioned Spike as he started to chirp.

"Shush little one," whispered Jazz being quiet as possible as he could, but Spike still didn't grasp what's going on.

"Hmm Ricochet?" Mumbled the Seeker, stirring.

Jazz almost felt panic, the seeker was waking up in with he walked out of the room fast and Commlink with Prowl and Mirage.

:I have the sparkling but we'd better get out fast, I think Thundercracker just woke up: stated Jazz already running as then in the background; a panicked scream was heard.

"Ricochet! Where are you?!" Yelled Thundercracker and probably after them looking for his charge "Who took Ricochet?! Where is he?!"

But that yell woke up everyone at the higher up quarters who started walking out from their rooms, wondering what the seeker was yelling about but only saw him rush ahead looking for Spike himself.

"Oh scrap, this isn't good," Mirage said and was wondering if they could get out just in time, as the alarm was triggered and saw the seeker at their way and commlink with :Jazz he is coming and looking pretty mad!:

:I know, I know: Jazz snapped back, unable to stop himself from feeling afraid. He was deep in Decepticon territory and currently being chased by a Seeker guardian, not a good combination by any stretch of the imagination.

He clung little Spike protectively to him as the sparkling gave alarm squeaks at what was happening. Unfortunately, the sound only seemed to focus his purser.

"Autobot!" Thundercracker roared furiously when he saw him. "Give him back!"

"Not on your life," Jazz retorted, dodging around a corner. "Mirage, I need help!"

Mirage sent an answering ping for confirmation and Jazz continued to run. He wished he could transform but it just wasn't going to happen, at least the pursuing Seeker could not fly after him. He knew there would soon be other pursuit but for the moment, they were fairly far behind him and Thundercracker.

Suddenly, there was a shot and Spike made a sound of alarm as Thundercracker was struck. But while he collided with a wall, he simply pushed off and kept coming. Mirage fired some more shots, trying to bring the Seeker down or at least slow him down a bit but Thundercracker was surging so powerfully forward that he smashed into the invisible spy and knocked him aside.

Jazz's optics widened in alarm, several shots had hit the Seeker but he was still going strong.

:Prowl, you might wanna get ready, I'm running as fast I have in years: said Jazz taking a right turn to prowls location.

:I hear you, but we might have a situation here!: yelled Prowl and shot another Decepticon. :The con's have found me out and I been change my weapon to stun in order to keep them down:

:You don't say, I'll be there shortly: reply Jazz and then fell down as he felt someone grab his leg and looked around to see Thundercracker who looked quite triggered.

The seeker went for a punch and Jazz quickly rolled away awhile with Spike in his arms who was surprised to see his Guardian this protective over him, but there was no rest for Jazz as the blue seeker was at him again, trying to claw his head.

:Prowl, Mirage! We need to leave!: stated Jazz, he tried his best to avoid the seekers attacks, but he was quite fast and where hitting him at his weak spots.

"YOU'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE AUTOBOT!" Thundercracker yelled and hit Jazz on his knee, forcing a cry out from the Autobot who hit the wall for support. "GIVE HIM BACK!"

"What should I do?" asked Spike to himself, he did want to see his dad again along with the rest of the Autobots, but it seems that they weren't making it as Jazz has hoped.

"I'm sorry Jazz, but if this will save your life," chirped Spike and tried to get out from the Autobots arms. "Maybe next time we get lucky."

Thundrcracker hit him again at the shoulder pretty hard and Spike took that to his advantage and somewhat jumped, his guardian catching him in time to and holding him close.

:Prowl, I'm on my way had to shoot down a few grounders and seekers on my way: reported Mirage as he made his way to see him alone there "Where is Jazz?"

Prowl looked confused to at this, maybe Mirage took another way back to him and he question "You didn't see him on your way?"

"No I didn't and thought he was here with you," stated Mirage and looked back at the corridor "We should go back for him."

"I...," Prowl started to say but several shots hit the wall next to him and he grabbed Mirage to pull him back. :Jazz, where are you:

:Just go!: Jazz responded as Thudnercracker purred and cradled Spike close. :I'll catch up if I can:

He tried to get up to his feet and flee, Thundercracker was suitably distracted and he doubted he could take Spike from him. He would only be attacked again and Spike could be in danger. But as he stumbled forward, there was a Crack! and Skywarp appeared.

"Hey!" the Seeker exclaimed in outrage, before lunging at Jazz. The saboteur grunted as he fell to the floor, he'd been too injured to throw himself out of the way, Thundercracker had not held back in his assault.

"You ain't taking Ricochet away," the purple Seeker snarled, digging claws into Jazz's armour as they wrestled on the ground.

"Let go," growled Jazz, now his mission was to escape except it was going downhill quickly.

"Jazz!" Spike chirped in alarm, he didn't want him hurt. His guardian however, misinterpreted his exclamation and turned to Jazz furiously.

"How dare you come here!" he yelled, lashing out with his claws and creating a gash on Jazz's arm.

Spike squeaked in horror seeing Jazz injured and barely holding in his pain. He needed to do something, anything to get their attention in with led him to trying to push a bit at Thundercrackers face.

"Leave me alone! Get your attention to me, I'm safe now aren't I?" Chirped Spike loud and clear, he felt so sorry for Jazz who had both his arms behind his back with Skywarp holding him down to the ground.

"What is it Ricochet? I'm here for you," cooed Thundercracker as he felt the tiny hands on his face plate and hugging him close. "No one will harm you again."

"Harm? This was a rescue mission" Stated Jazz barely in a whisper.

"Quiet Autobot scum," warned the purple seeker and put some pressure to Jazz's injured side.

"I want an explanation and I want it now! Starscream!" a demanding voice was heard close by them.

"Scrap, hope Prowl and Mirage got away in time," thought the Autobot , his own luck have now gone down for the worst.

"I'm trying to find out what's happening," came Starscream's impatient sounding voice.

"We caught this Autobot trying to snatch Ricochet," Skywarp said loudly, tightening his grip on Jazz who winced. Primus, he ached all over now.

Megatron and Starscream now came on the scene, the grey Mech glaring angrily.

"Are there any more of them?" he demanded to know.

"No, it appears the others got away," Starscream grimaced, having just received a comm from the troops that had engaged Mirage and Prowl. "It's just this one."

"I see," Megatron said, giving Jazz a dark look. "So, you thought you could sneak onto this ship and spirit that sparkling away?"

"Pretty much," Jazz muttered before grunting as he received a sharp dig for his trouble.

"I suppose that brat was delighted," Starscream said acidly, folding his arms.

"No, he jumped out of the Autobots arms to me," Thundercracker said defensively, holding Spike close.

"Hmm," Megatron said, giving Spike a thoughtful look before declaring. "Starscream, help Skywarp cuff the Autobot."

"What me?! Clearly he has it under control" said Starscream, it didn't look like the Autobot would run away anytime soon.

"You're to help him and that's final!" Ordered Megatron before walking back to his quarters.

"Wow Screamer, would it really kill ya to help me?" Skywarp sourly groused to his Trine leader.

"Oh be quiet, I haven't have a decent recharge in days all thanks to that brat!" Yelled Starscream pointing at Spike who looked at him innocent.

"We all have suffered yes, but tonight it wasn't Ricochets fault," stated Thundercracker, this was ridiculous how long his Trine leader could hate this poor Sparkling.

"Of course, blame the Autobot for it," growled Starscream and put the cuff on Jazz and grumbled under his breath, Jazz couldn't but help to find this conversation a bit amusing, but now was probably lead to the brig.

"You should probably visit Hook for repairs," Said Skywarp to his wing brother. "Those wounds look painful."

"Huu?" question Thundercracker then noticed the few blaster marks at his amour with a bit life force dripping from them "I will do that"

Spike's optics widened and he made a whimpering sound, he didn't like seeing Thundercracker hurt like that. The Seeker noticed and smiled at him.

"It's okay sweetspark, I'm alright," he cooed, lifting Spike up for a nuzzle and noting that he did have some smears of life force on him. He'd need a clean-up at Hook's.

Jazz sighed, Thundercracker really did care about Spike. And it was going to be even harder to retrieve the former human. Although he had a bad feeling that even if this mission had succeeded, Thundercracker would have tried to kidnap Spike right back.

"Take him to the brig," Starscream said with a glare to Jazz. "Hook can see him in the morning...if I'm feeling generous."

"That's mean," Spike complained, giving Starscream a reproachful look.

Back at the Autobot base, Prowl and Mirage made it safely and join in with the others to give their report.

"We had him, Jazz had Spike but Thundercracker wouldn't give him up without a fright," Stated Mirage as he recalled it. "I shot him a couple of times and he refused to back down, after that I lost both of them."

Prowl nodded. "That when he joined up with me when Jazz told us to leave, But now he is captured... We failed our mission."

Optimus listened to this and they were so close to, but it looked like Thundercracker isn't going to give up Spike as easily as they thought.

"You both did your best, we will think of another way to get back young Spike," said Optimus, they both looked pretty said that they failed their mission "For now get some recharge we will discuss more about this in the morning."

The next day Optimus did set up a meeting again about Spike's situation and Sparkplug was there to.

"Last night Prowl, Mirage and Jazz tried a rescue mission which almost succeeded," began Optimus and continued as he had everyone's attention "But they met with a difficulty, Thundercracker is too fond of spike and refuse to give him up it appears."

"Then offering the Energon won't do any good," Stated Ironhide, feeling quite disappointed, he hoped dearly to see Spike again by now.

Sparkplug to felt quite hurt about this information, his own son gone from his reach, he was Spikes father he had every right to have his boy back which gave him an idea.

The accident with Wheeljack invention it did change him into one of them and if the Decepticons where so curious to find Spikes father then maybe he had a chance to get him back by rules being his sire.

"We now have the added difficulty of Jazz being a prisoner," Optimus continued grimly. "Megatron's position is now far stronger and he knows it."

"Slag it," Ratchet cursed. "And they'll be making sure we can't rescue both of them."

"Indeed," Optimus nodded. "I will have to contact Megatron, it's possible he will swap Jazz for some Energon."

"But not for my boy," Sparkplug said grimly.

"No, not for him," Optimus confirmed regretfully. "And it is beginning to look like that even if Megatron was willing to negotiate, Thundercracker is not."

Sparkplug's fists clenched but he somehow managed to keep himself composed.

"Because Spike is all alone, right?"

"That probably is part of the motivation," Ratchet interjected. "Seekers have a thing for sparklings."

"Right," the human said wryly. "So what would he do if Spike's father showed up?"

They at Sparkplug a bit shocked, how would a human persuade the Decepticons of being Spikes father.

"With all due respect Sparkplug, it would not be that simple in your state," Said Optimus but got cut off by him.

"I may be human but we to have rules here about children and guardians, And I don't approve of the seeker!" Sparkplug almost yelled, enough was enough.

"They aren't going to believe a human sired a Sparkling, never mind give him back" Said Prowl and thought about rule system instead.

"What where Wheeljack comes in," Sparkplug mention and everyone went silent which he noticed. "I know, I know, but hear me out."

"A visit him a few days ago and there was this accident, but he did fix is since I'm fine as you can see," the human explained "What am trying to say is that he turned me by accident into one of you."

Everyone got sun by the surprise on those knows and gaspe, Optimus could see where Sparkplug was going with this and thought about it before asking the human "Sparkplug are you sure you want to do that?"

"I want my child back, what choice do I have?" Stated Sparkplug and continued "They won't give him up and if we managed to get him back that seeker would just keep trying until Spike is in his hands again."

"Sparkplugs suggestion isn't a bad one, yes risky and perhaps crazy but it could work," Prowl said thoughtfully, The rules back on Cybertron where clear and Sparkplug didn't do anything wrong and disapproved of Thundercracker. "We could use him to our advantage, as the sire he could have a better chance of getting Spike back."

"But it wouldn't be that easy would it? I mean a switch from human to Cybertronian is two different species," questioned Jazz, not sure if it would be that simple.

"I didn't think of that," said Sparkplug honestly, but he can't give up now "But I guess we will find out."

"You're absolutely sure about this?" asked Optimus, he didn't want Sparkplug to be harmed in any way.

"I am and I be fine, beside you guys will help me out with this as jazz stated it might get complicated," he said not sure what to expect of the transformation.

"I'm not proposing transforming and running straight for the Nemesis," he added seriously. "If it works, I need to take the time to get used to the body and learn how to take care of a sparkling."

There was silence for a moment as the larger bots around him digested his words. Finally Prowl said.

"Your plan has merit, Thundercracker will not give Spike up for a random Autobot but if he sees Spike's loving Sire, I believe he might relent."

"Thanks," Sparkplug said as Optimus asked. "I will have to speak to Wheeljack about this, he has not mentioned finding a way to transform Spike back."

"No, it happened so fast," Sparkplug acknowledged. "It seemed to be some sort of glitch that only temporarily transformed me. It'll probably be different if he deliberately turns it on me."

"That means there is a risk that it could be a long time before we can change you both back, if ever," Optimus reminded him gently, his optics showing his concern.

"I know" Sparkplug said quietly. "But I'd rather be stuck a transformer with Spike than remain a human while he stays a bot. He needs me and that's all there is to it."

"I'll give you any help you need," Ironhide declared fiercely. "You're already a Sire, you just need to learn a bit of sparkling care, that's all."

"Thanks Ironhide," Sparkplug nodded, it meant a lot that the old warrior would say that. "I'd appreciate any help."

"You got it," the red Mech grinned. "Be good to have the little tyke back, he really brightened everyone's day."

"Kids sure do that," chuckled the human, thinking wistfully of when Spike was a baby. Well, it looked like he was going to get to experience that all over again.

Author's note. How does Sparkplug's preparations go? What about the aftermath of Spike's failed rescue? Find out next time, until then.