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Chapter 9

The alarm clock sounded causing Dustin to wake from his peaceful slumber.

Sophia barged into Dustin's room and cheered, ''Rise and shine! Shine and rise! The cows need milkin' so open you eyes.''

Dustin opened one eye and hoped for his sister to leave. Nope. She stood beside his bed with her hands on her hips smiling happily at him. ''Good morning!'' she threw her arms out wide ans laughed.

Dustin couldn't help but chuckle. ''What do you want?'' his voice muffled from his pillow.

''I knew you were going to ask that.'' Sophia went to the window and opened the curtains. ''Guess what today is.''

''Monday... so?'' Dustin got off his bed and stood next to Sophia in front of the window.

Sophia laughed. ''Yeah, today is Monday.'' she looked over at him. ''But today is the beginning of Summer break!''

Summer break? Dustin had forgotten all about it. He smiled and ran down downstairs. Sophia turned to Dustin's door and yelled, ''Your welcome.''

Everyone had a seat at the dining table. Alvin and Brittany at each end, Aaron and Brandan on one side leaving two chairs for Sophia and Dustin.

''Mom!'' Dustin ran down the stairs and hopped onto one of the empty seats. ''Dad!'' He grabbed his fork and started cramming bites of pancakes in his mouth. He started talking with his mouth full and only mumbles came out.

Alvin shook his head and laughed. ''Calm down, kiddo. What's got you all hiped up?'' He took a bite of his pancake.

Dustin swallowed his mouth full of food. ''It's Summer break! What else?''

''Oh yeah.'' Alvin leaned back in his chair.

''So, what do you have planned for us?'' Dustin asked. Sophia came into the dining room and took a seat.

Alvin laughed again. ''Well...''

''Wooh-hooh!'' Aaron yelled as he put his suitcase on one of the seats on the bus. The Chipmunk bus of course.

When Aaron moved away, Brittany walked in front of them and turned around.

The kids lined up in front of Brittany. Brandan, Sophia, Dustin, and Aaron... then came Alvin.

''Okay, if we're going on this trip,'' Brittany glared at Alvin and Aaron, ''you must behave properly and use your manners in the bus.''

Aaron smirked remembering what had happened last time. 'It took half an hour for the bus to air out after I farted.'

''No arguing, complaining, or anything of that kind.'' She looked from Brandan to Sophia.

''And no urging the kids to do anything you would have done when you were younger.'' She looked at Alvin when he and the kids laughed. They shut up immediately.

''Deal?'' Aaron started to speak but Brittany cut in. ''Alrighty then. Let's go!''

They climbed onto the bus and found a seat. Alvin and Brittany sat near the front as their driver started up the bus. His name was Rodney and he wasn't the skinniest man in the world, yet he wasn't very big either. He wore a brown shirt and blue jeans.

''Everybody ready?'' he asked.

The kids were scattered about on the bus. Aaron in a seat alone near the back on the right side. He pulled out his IPod and turned it on. Brandan sat opposite to Aaron on the left. He hat a book in his hand. Sophia sat two seat in front of Aaron and hat out what looked like her diary. Dustin sat opposite to Sophia and leaned back in his seat. His gaze locked out the window.

''Yeah!'' they cheered causing the adults to laugh.

Brittany whispered in Alvin's ear causing him to chuckle. ''This is gonna be a long trip.''

The bus pulled up to a large hotel.

''Guys, wake up.'' Alvin nudged Brittany's side. ''We're here.''

The hotel lobby was huge. Big chandeliers hung from the ceiling and the walls were painted white. The carpet was a light blue and painting hung on the walls.

''Woah!'' Sophia cooed.

''Pretty cool, huh?'' Brittany laughed at the kids reaction.

After Alvin checked them in, they went to their rooms. The kids shared a room of course while Alvin and Brittany had a room one door over.

''Let's see here... 101... 102... 103! Here it is!'' Aaron unlocked the door and walked in. The room was amazing. It was one of the pricier one's that basically looked like a house. The walls were white and the carpet was light blue, of course. There were two large beds in a bedroom when you went through one of the doors. A small kitchen- a refrigerator, counter, sink, and microwave- in one corner and a living room- couch, recliner, and Plasma-screen TV- in the other.

Sophia dove onto the couch and sighed a=once she got into a comfortable position. Brandan ran to the recliner and started making it lean back then come back up over and over. Aaron ran tot he bedroom and began jumping up and down on one of the beds. Dustin, on the other hand, remained standing.

Brittany came in. ''Guys, it's late. You need to get to bed. We can do all the fun stuff tomorrow.''

Aaron and Brandan got on one bed while Dustin and Sophia got on the other. They climbed under the blankets and Brittany cut of the light.

''Good night, kids.'' she half whispered and went to her own room shutting the kids door on the way.

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