Author's Note: Okay so here's my first Glee fanfiction! Just my take on how poor Kurt must have felt before his change in Larengitis (sp?). It's not much, just a little one shot. But, anywho, enjoy! :D

After his dad had told him that he would be attending a sports game with Finn, Kurt didn't feel much like going to Cheerio practive. Burt had been spending a lot of time with Finn and not a lot of time with his own son, these days. Kurt didn't think he could feel more left out. And the Hudsons hadn't even moved in yet! The sixteen-year-old wondered how much worse it would be when they shared a house; talking sports and girls at meals, watching some sports game after dinner. Even more Burt/Finn bonding. Perfect.

Kurt was thinking about all of that as he drove home in his Navigator. Once he got in the house, he couldn't hold it in any longer. Frustrated tears slipped from his eyes as he slumped onto the couch with his head in his hands, taking deep shuddering breaths. He cared so much about his dad and couldn't stand losing him to a boy who was everything he wasn't-the perfect son. After about a minute of this, Kurt became angry with himself and roughly wiped away the tears. Why did he have to be so emotional? Why did he have to be so gay? Most guys would just take it like a man, not sit here and cry. Life would be so much easier for Dad and me if I were more like Finn, he thought bitterly. Athletic, sweet, straight perfect. If it wasn't bad enough that the boy was stealing his father away from him, Finn was also the boy that Kurt was completely infatuated with. Life sucks, Kurt thought.

Then, another train of thought entered his head. Not just a thought, an idea. Maybe if he was more like his dad, then Burt would want to spend time with him more. Maybe if he made an attempt to show the same interests then he would be accepted. Kurt shook his head to rid himself of the plans blooming in his brain. Images of coveralls, plaid shirts, baseball caps, and...who was that guy that Burt had a whole collection of CDs from? Melonhead or something? Kurt shook his head again, discouraging himself. The situation wasn't critical enough for coveralls, yet. Kurt sighed and pushed the plan to the back of his mind just in case it would be in need of use.

Kurt got up off the couch, determined to do something productive besides sitting on the couch wallowing in self-pity. He tried to practice for his Glee Club assignment-a song that reflects how you see yourself-but found he couldn't concentrate, so he gave up and made himself supper. Usually, on nights that Burt was out, Kurt would take advantage of the opportunity and watch one of the chick flicks that his dad didn't let him watch. Tonight, though, he wasn't really into it, and the remake of Fame was awefull exept for that obviously gay Kevin kid. And then he tried to commit suicide. Kurt stopped the movie then and there.

He went to bed early listening to the Wicked soundtrack on his iPod until he fell asleep. "Something bad is happening in Oz..." The haunting voices of the Wizard and Elphaba echoed in his head as he fell asleep, a few stray tears escaping from his closed eyelids.

"Hey, Ladyface, didn't see you at practice yesterday!" When Sue Sylvester accidentally started a conversation with her male lead in Cheerios, she didn't know that that conversation would trigger the boy's unformed plan into action and the Kurt Hummel as people knew him would change. He always said that he wouldn't change for anyone, but Kurt Hummel would do anything for his father.

Author's Second Note: Okay I'm not sure I like that ending. And that was really short. But, please review and tell me what you think! :)

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