It's always Japan. Why can't it be Jamaica or Paris? I hear Paris has warm rainfall this time of year but no, I'm stuck going to Japan. I'm on my way to a birthday at the cemetery in my favorite dress, no doubt, and poof then here I am outside a hotel in the rain. It felt strange paying for a room with the ever changing money I kept in my purse and the fact that men's eye kept eyeing my cleavage. Without even having to read the minds of the men walking by I could tell that they thought I was hooter material, and that thought urged me to zip up my jacket. As I started to walk up the stairs and down the wall as the words from the front desk worker mumbled as I paid for a smoke-free room. "Well, the only smoke-free room that's left is just down the hall outside the hotel lobby, but the last customer in there left reporting strange noises next door." Slam! "Ow,"

My head's throbbing, my hands are scratched and my purse's contents are spilled all over the wet ground. "Oh dear," a monotone voice says, but I can't see where the voice is coming from. "I apologize for opening the door that hit you, are you alright?" I look up expecting someone to be standing over me, but the person is kneeling, a male no older than I, perched on his knees nursing a sucker between his index finger and his thumb. He was…he was….stunning. As he offered a sticky hand to me I took it and began to collect the contents that lay scattered on the ground. As I placed every individual thing inside my bag, I felt the man's sugar-sweet breath flow through my hair, but it made me jump and fall backwards against the guardrail. As flash of lightening lit the sky and frightened me more and I fell forward into the man's warm chest. His white thermal's detergent smell was almost intoxicating, but I quickly pulled away, muttering clips and phrases of apologies.

"That's quite a bump you have on your head," the man chirped, pulling back my bangs to reveal a developing bruise. "Why don't you come inside and I'll take care of it?" He pulled me inside as I stood dazed at how his grip was strong. He placed me on the couch, and I couldn't help but marvel at the televisions and wires that littered the ground. "Please don't mind those miss," the man came back with an icepack in one hand and a bowl of strawberries in the other. "W-what are they for?" I stammered. A disgusted look crept across the man's face but quickly disappeared. "I'm a head detective of the police. Might I ask what your name is?"

"O-oh, my name is Clover, I'm not a fan of handshakes, n-not that I don't like them, i-it's just-"I stopped, as the man paused in mid-lick of his candy. "I just don't like handshakes; let's just leave it at that." I squeaked, hugging my knees. I could see out of the corner of my eye that the man's beautiful insomniac eyes grew wide. "Your hair smells like strawberries," he said, not taking his eyes off my shrunk body on the couch. I looked at him with a questioning look, when his personality suddenly bloomed around his person. "Hm, I've never seen someone's eyes turn from a dark brown to a bright gold," I quickly looked away; he saw my dragon eyes, that's why I saw his personality. "Don't look away," he pleaded, placing a thumb under my chin to twist my face to look at him. "I like them; they're different from anything I've ever seen." The thought of this stranger talking about my eyes frightened me, so I decided to change the subject.

"I-if you're a detective, what kinds of cases are you good at?" I asked. "Why are you asking?" he growled. "U-um, I guess you could say I'm a psychic?" I cringed. The man sat very still in his precarious position on the chair, then quickly jumped off and went into the backroom. As I was about to kick myself, he returned with a large manila file. "This is a very confidential case, not just anyone can get a glimpse at it. Can I trust you to not tell anyone you've seen this?" he waved the file childishly in my face, holding it the same way as he did with his sucker. "I-I'd pinky-swear and bet my knuckles, but with the whole touching thing…" I trailed. He nodded and plopped the folder on the coffee table, revealing picture after picture, paper after paper. I have the ability to touch pictures and papers and get information about what happened that normal people would take weeks to understand. After touching every picture and every paper, I understood. "This man…he had unnatural abilities didn't he? That's how he killed his victims. "A big smile etched into the man's face, but I could have sworn that I saw a hint of jealousy. "You figured out that case in a matter of hours, it took me nearly a month, I'm very impressed."

I flashed a smile and looked at my wristwatch. It was already 6 a.m.; I noticed the man pulled put a cell phone as I chirped a goodbye to his butler, who had arrived an hour after I started to leaf through the file. "Clover!" the odd man shouted, holding the cell phone precariously in one hand. "Chief, is it alright if I have an anonymous investigator join us for the case?" He muttered into the phone, putting it on speaker phone. Faint mutters weaseled out of the phone, and then finally," Alright , if you trust them, then there's no reason for us to question you." A strong voice sighed before ending the call. I stared at the phone as my brain still worked on what happened. "Strange, I think the police need a psychic's help. So will you be of assistance? Besides," he leaned in very close, if he weren't so intriguing I would have backed away. "I'd like to learn more about your psychic abilities, and how your eyes become those like a dragon's. " He offered me a sucker from a candy bowl by the door as I thought 'sure, why not?' "Then I shall!" I shouted, throwing my arms around the strange detective that stood before me.

"Clover?" he whispered. "What do I do in a situation like this?" I giggled. "You hug the person back." Ever so slowly, his arms enclosed around me and his body relaxed. "Not bad, not bad" I taunted.

"I still don't know your name, sir," I laughed, blushing as I pulled out of the hug.

The man smiled, " I am called L, but please call me Ryuzaki,"