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[Natsu's thoughts as he reads the story]


Story Untold

Chapter 1: Fiery Freedom

Natsu walked around town with his hands behind his head as he sighed in a bored manner. He wanted to tease Lucy today, finding various ways to, but when he went to the guild to find her, Mirajane informed him that she went on a mission to get some money before her rent was due.

He slumped his shoulders, thinking that Lucy went on a mission alone without him. He hated when she went alone and he wouldn't know about her safety, though not knowing why he was so anxious even though she was a capable mage, he just thought since they were nakama that he'd be concerned for her and shrugged the feeling aside. Yet, Mirajane informed him that it was an easy enough mission and that she would be back sometime within the week, in which he smiled brightly at and sighed in relief.

Now he was making his way to her apartment to kill time since he was bored and un-entertained without the blonde stellar mage around.

As he approached her apartment, he jumped up to the window and found it to be unlocked- which was kind of unusual of Lucy to do. As he hopped into the apartment, he looked around, content on the small cozy apartment. Even if he felt a little uneasy without the screaming blonde weirdo around, he was just going to make himself at home, just like he would usually do. However, something on Lucy's desk caught his eye as he walked up to it and found out it was a note. He picked it up and read it aloud.

"If you're reading this, this is most probably Natsu, Happy, Gray or Erza. I'm off on a mission and even if I did tell you not to stay or wreck my house, you probably still would. So all I have to say is that Happy to stay out of my kitchen, Gray to not strip all over my house and freak out my neighbors, Erza to not look through my closet and underwear draws and for Natsu to not burn down my apartment, go through my stuff, burn my books or food, leave ash loitering around everywhere in my apartment, sleep in my bed or anything for that matter. Stay out of my house!" was what was written on the note. He scrunched his nose at the enormous list of things Lucy thought he'd do - which he would but she didn't have to list them down, right? - yet still chuckled to himself at how she knew him all too well. He burned the note in his hand as he started to rummage through her stuff to find something entertaining to do with his free time.

Usually he'd just take another mission to pass his time, but he'd thought this was a good opportunity to go through her stuff. Yes, she specifically wrote for him to not go through her stuff, but when has he ever listened to Lucy. After about ten minutes of searching he went back to her desk and opened some draws. The first one he opened, there was a folder written 'Lucy's Eyes Only!' on it, which he smirked at. What's the big secret that Lucy was keeping from him? Well he was about to find out. He took out the folder, kicked the draw close, propped on the chair, and crossed his legs upon the desk as he opened the folder to see the secret contents.

He opened the folder to find a story that was titled 'Story Untold', and on the side of the folder was written 'Discard later'. Now, what was so bad about this story that she had to 'discard' it for? Why didn't she want him - or anyone for that matter - to read it? Well, he couldn't have his best friend discarding a story before anyone gets a chance to read it, now can he? Plus, he just had to do the opposite of what she says, it's his soul nature. He smiled to himself, knowing she wasn't going to be home for a while and he had all the time in the world to read it.

He walked over to the kitchen, made himself an extra hot chocolate milk with mini marshmallows inside as he took the folder, slumped on the couch for a more comfortable position and began reading the soon-to-be-not-so-secret story.

"Chapter 1: Fiery Freedom, They Meet [Who the heck meet?]

Princess Lucille was lying in bed, trying as hard as she could to not cry. [Why is she crying?] It had been another one of those days that, no matter how hard she tries to please her father, he'd just be even more angry with her. [Asshole…] All he wanted from her was to marry an old fart and get snot nosed brats as she be stripped of all her freedom. No, that is not what she wanted. She wants adventure, excitement, adrenaline, hope, faith, wonder and all of the above. [Can't blame her.]

She had been planning this for a month now, but it was time to put her plan into action. [Action! What is a princess going to do? Two seconds ago she wanted to stop crying and now its action?]

She pulled the covers over her head and, pretending to be asleep as the maid, always on time, clicked the door open to check if the princess was alright and sleeping. Content on what she saw, the maid closed the door and walked off. When Lucille was certain the maid was far enough to not be able to hear her, she jumped out of bed, grabbed her bag and jumped down from the balcony.

She scanned the area before approaching the vein covered wall, climbed it and risked a peek to check the guard's position. He was currently walking pass the wall where she stood over him. As he walked further down the wall path, she jumped down from the top of the wall, making as little sound as possible and ran into the forest to hide herself.

She sat behind a tree, heart racing with adrenaline, and tried to breathe evenly to calm her heart down. She looked back to check on the guard, and noticed that he didn't even see her. She sighed as she looked over at the mansion - which she considered more or less her home - as she took one last glance at the huge monument that stood firm before her. Lucille smiled as she quietly said goodbye to the mansion, to her wealth filled life, to her posh and luxurious belongings, to all the servants, chefs and private tutors, and was now saying hello to her now freedom filled and adventurous life style. [Nice going Princess! Hardcore!]

She walked away from the house and for the next couple of hours, walked through the forest aimlessly until her feet could go no farther and decided to crash for the night. She climbed up the nearest tree, sat on a thick branch with her back against the trunk of the tree, and then fell into a sweet dream. [… I still don't get who meets? Hey! If she sleeps like that, what if someone comes and kidnaps her? Or she falls down? That would be pretty funny though.]

The next morning she walked into a nearby town and looked around. [Guess she didn't get kidnapped… Or fall...] It was a quaint little town with a few happy people busying themselves with chores and games to play. At the sight of these bright people, Lucille couldn't help but smile at the picture perfect scene. Well, that was until her stomach started rumbling, indicating that she was hungry. [What a weirdo, just like Lucy…] She looked around to find a little bar that wasn't that big, but seem well off enough for good but cheap food.

She made her way inside and the first thing she saw were two guys fighting. The one guy that did catch her eye was a tall, muscular man with fiery pink hair, black charcoal eyes, was wearing a scarf that looks to be made of scales and a red tattoo on his upper arm. [The guy sounds handsome, strong and all around awesome *smug smirk*] She then saw the pink haired man get dragged away and then kicked out the bar. Seeing as it had nothing to do with her, she ordered a full course meal and waited patiently at a table.

She sat at the table alone, which wasn't for long, drumming her fingers over the wooden surface. The man that was previously fighting with the pink haired guy approached her and, leisurely without any warning, sat next to her, staring at her with a disgustingly intense look.

"Can I help you?" Lucille said in a stern, but low voice to not attract attention. 'I want to rip this guy's eye-balls out!' she thought to herself inwardly, suppressing a shiver of disgust and the urge to actually put her thoughts to action. [Shit, Lucille is kind of scary…]

"Your hot babe, want to go back to my place and have a little fun together?" he stated, oblivious to her thoughts, as a smirk formed over his rough features. [Bastard! Prick! Asshole!] Lucille's eye twitched in annoyance as she glared at the perverted bastard. [Oh my, how un-lady-like of you Lady Lucille, such foul language. *Laughs at his own joke*]

"Excuse me, but would you mind keeping your vulgar thoughts to yourself?"

"I'm just saying babe, come with me. I'll even buy you whatever you want, you name it," he stated with a proud smirk.

'Most probably rich perverted bastard…' Lucille thought to herself, more than sure that he was such. Before Lucille could snap back, they heard an audible knuckle crack from behind them. As Lucille turned around, she saw the handsome pink haired man from before looming over the pervert with a murderous expression. The pervert shook a bit with fear, but gulped and puffed out his chest in false bravado. 'Great, he's going to act tough now and then get his ass kicked…' [Of course he is, the awesome guy is back and ready for pay back!]

"You again? Can't you see I have company this time?" the pervert stated. The pinked haired boy looked toward Lucille and for the shortest of moment, their eyes connected as Lucille felt a spark zing within her. However, the moment was over to quick for Lucille's pleasure as the pink haired man diverted his attention from her to the pervert. [What's with 'the pink haired guy' and 'the pink haired dude'? Tell me his name already!]

"Seems to me like you're really just bothering the poor girl…" he stated, a bit of venom in his husky voice.

'He has a sexy voice…' Lucille thought and then slapped herself inwardly. 'Stupid Lucille, you shouldn't think of people you hardly even know like that!' […]

"No way! How dare you say that to me? Was I bothering you babe? Tell him!"

"You were," Lucille deadpanned, taking a sip of her drink as the pervert started panicking even more when the pink haired man's intense anger increased tenfold, but why? Lucille couldn't put her finger on it. He probably had a hero complex, or a man's obligation, or maybe even pride? Lucille shrugged it aside as she was thankful the pink haired man dragged away the pervert who begged him to spare him his life. [I like this guy!]

A few minutes later, the pink haired man re-entered the bar with a satisfied goofy grin, as Lucille had already finished her meal and was about to leave.

"You ok?" he asked her suddenly, startling her a bit. She turned around abruptly and was now face-to-face with him.

"Um… yes, thank you very much. That was very nice of you to do," she said with a polite smile and a small bow. As she stood straight, she saw he had a confused expression on.

"It was nothing really; I already had some beef with the guy. No need to be so formal…" At this, Lucille blushed a bit from embarrassment. He was scratching the back of his head, but then extended his hand out to her with a smile. "Hey! I'm Dragon, what's your name?" he asked her as she hesitantly grab his hand in return and shook it once.

"Lucille Heart, it's nice to meet you Dragon," she replied with a warm and genuine smile that she couldn't even remember the last time had formed on her lips, but somehow being with Dragon made her want to smile.

"So… you don't seem like you're from around here. You new?" he asked with a cock of the brow.

"Uh, yeah. I'm travelling alone."

"Why is that?"

"Well… to put it simply… I want adventure…" Lucille admitted with a twinkle in her eye. Dragon noticed this and smiled a bit to himself.

"Really? I have so much adventure in my life that I can't even sit down for a minute without something happening to me," Dragon explained with a cocky grin.

"You're sitting down now…" Lucille pointed out.

"No I'm not."

"Yes, you are…"

"Watch!" Lucille looked at him questionably, which was until he picked up her empty glass and flung it at a random direction. All of a sudden, a loud band was heard and she looked behind him to see an injured chubby man clutching his shoulder, hissing with pain. She was about to ask him why he had done that until the injured man shouted out.

"Who threw that?"

"When I say run, you run…" Dragon said with a smirk as she was completely lost now. [This Dragon guy is awesome!] Before she could register his words, the angry injured man looked toward Dragon with blood lust evident in his eyes.

"You! You did it, didn't you! You freaking bastard! I'm going to kill you!"

"Run!" Dragon said, a bit playfully, but before she could register his actions, he grabbed her hand and ran out the bar with her. As they ran out, she looked back to see the chubby man chasing them and felt like she had just committed a crime. [Hey, that was a complete accident! It's not a crime if the guy didn't mean to hit the fat ass!]

However, when she looked at the grinning and laughing Dragon, she felt like her heart was about to explode in her chest, not knowing if it was because of him or the fact that they were running with the rush of adrenaline cloaking over her. After a while, the chubby man gave up and Dragon finally stopped to catch his breath a minute later as Lucille held a nearby tree to support her tired legs from collapsing.

She glanced up at him to see him taking a leaf out of his hair and Lucille couldn't help but laugh at his childish act. After everything he did, he still acted like a little kid and it had a refreshing, nice and exciting feeling rolling around in her stomach. [Hey, he isn't a kid! He's a man and he just saved you!] Dragon looked at her with a quizzical look, clearly not getting her sudden outburst of laughter.

"What?" he asked.

"You're so screwed up!" she stated with a new wave of laughter.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I meant it in a good way."

"How can that be said in a good way?"

"You're a unique person," Lucille said with a playful grin as he just smiled innocently at her. [What the hell? I think she's just mocking him!]

"Um… thanks… I think…" At his wide grin - that covered almost most of his face - Lucille blushed at it. Unfortunately for her, Dragon caught it.

"What's wrong Lucille? You're all flushed. Don't tell me, you're thinking inappropriate things about me?" Dragon asked with an evil grin, cocking a brow as Lucille's blush grew.

'I thought this guy was the stupid dense type! What the hell?' Lucille thought as she tried to deny it. [Yeah, the guy's smart. Don't underestimate him.] "O-of course not!"

"Lucille…" at the sound of her name escape his lips in his husky manly voice, Lucille's blush increased tenfold. "You're all red, what's wrong?"


"You're thinking I'm hot, aren't you?"


"Yes you are!" he started teasing her playfully.

"No I don't!"

"Yes you do!"

"No I don't!" Then Dragon cupped her face in one of his large, rough yet soft hands. He came close to Lucille and, having no experience in this type of field, closed her eyes to brace for whatever new adventures came her way. She felt his hot - extremely hot for that matter - breath on her ear as he whispered into her ear.

"Lucille… you're still thinking dirty thoughts…" When he said this, he let go and saw her face was crimson red and a confused expression adorned her face, in which he couldn't help but to burst out laughing at.

"You… you… Idiot!" Lucille yelled as she punched his arm and turned away from him stubbornly, cupping her face in her hands to calm herself down.

"… Whatever you say…" he decided with a shrug, losing his fun. "Anyways, Lucille, right?" Dragon said with uncertainty as her blood began to boil within her.

'He just said my name so many times and now he wants to confirm it with me?' she thought angrily as she tried to suppress it. [Maybe the guy is kind of an idiot, I can't believe he forgot her name already after all that… wait… didn't I forget Lucy's name before when I first brought her to the guild…? Shit!] "Yeah, my name is Lucille. What of it?"

"Since you're travelling alone with nowhere in specific to go… want to travel with me…? You'll get adventure like you wanted and plenty or it. Maybe even so much that you'll get sick of it!" he asked her sincerely as her heart felt like it skipped a beat. She eyed him suspiciously, from head to toe, and found out that he was honestly offering his company to her. She felt a twinge of happiness go through her.

"Um… sure… why not? I got nothing better to do," she said as they shared a short silent moment until he suddenly stopped smiling and had a look like he had just remembered something.

"Damn! I forgot! I left Harry behind!" Dragon yelled clutching his hair desperately as Lucille looked at him with a questioning look. [Who's Harry?] "Harry! Harry! Where are you?"

"I'm right here Dragon!" said a somewhat high and squeaky voice from the bushes. Lucille turned around and saw this 'Harry' walked out the bush. He was… a cat…? A talking blue one at that, which kind of made her think that it might have been a deformed , mutated cat or something. [Hey! He sounds like Happy! Don't say such mean things about him!]

"Harry! Thank heaven your alright!" Dragon was about to hug the blue cat until it jumped upward and landed on his head.

"I would have been better if you didn't leave me behind! Dragon! You big meanie!" Harry stated with tears welling up in his eyes.

"I'm sorry Harry! I didn't mean to leave you! I'll never do it again!" Dragon said with tears of his own flowing out. All of a sudden, they were hugging each other and crying to a sunset background.

"Are you ladies finished? Let's go!" Lucille called, startling the two 'ladies' out of their moment to glare at her. She simply smiled and started walking off.

"Ah! Wait for us! Lucille!" Dragon said in a desperate tone, as he grabbed Harry under his arm and ran off to catch up with her.

"Dragon? Who is she? Why is she coming with us?" Harry tried to ask, but Dragon wasn't paying attention to him.


Natsu stared at the first chapter of the story, thinking that he really wanted to read the next chapter, but at the same time he didn't. What should he do? He knew he wasn't all that smart, but he wasn't this dense to not realize that 'Lucille' was actually Lucy and that this 'Dragon' was actually himself.

How was he supposed to face Lucy after reading something like this? Why was his heart beating so fast all of a sudden? Why was he feeling hotter then he usually felt? He didn't know what to do…

So, doing the only thing he thought would be best, he ran out her house, the folder of the story clutched desperately in his hands.

To Be Continued