Sadz: I am so~ tired~!

Levi: What happened…?

Sadz: I've been having freaky weird nightmares all the time nowadays for some reason!

Cana: Sadz, we have to break something down to you right now so we all are in an agreement on this…

Sadz: What…?

Gazille: We don't care about you! We only care about what you write!

Sadz: *Sitting in the depressed corner* …

Natsu: O-K… it wasn't probably a good idea to tell her about that…

Laxus: Sadz owns nothing besides the story and ideas… can I go home now…?

Sadz: NO! YOU SHALL SUFFER AS MUCH AS I DO! *Evil laughing*

Bisca: … I think she cracked…

Gray: Sadz! You can't crack! You still have to write and finish your stories! *Even though he's saying this, he's standing a safe distance away from Sadz*

Sadz: you guys SUCK!

Natsu: Answer: Dragon.



"Other end of a phone call conversation"


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Story Untold

Chapter 10: Fairy Festival

"Lucy-San?" Juvia asked in shock as everyone looked at each other in panic.

"Lu-Chan!" Levi shouted out, bewildered by the sight of the blonde.

"Lucy?" Gray asked uncertainly with panic evident in his tone.

"Bunny girl?" Gazille asked nonchalantly.

"Uh…?" Cana didn't know what to say in this situation, especially in her half-drunken state.

"Oh shit!" Vincent whispered and then disappeared into thin air.

"Abandoner…" Bisca whispered under her breath.

"I'm sorry I'm so late coming back guys, but everything just got so hectic! But I'm just glad to be back!" Lucy said with a sigh. She cocked her head to the side in confusion as she saw the horror stricken expressions on the guild members faces. "Is something wrong guys?"

"Nothing!" Jet said a bit too quickly as Droy elbowed him.

"Oh, well that's ok! I'm so tired! Mira-San, I can really use a-…! What is that…?" Lucy asked, spotting the object in Evergreen's hands that was plainly visible. Evergreen quickly threw it at Erza and then looked dully at Lucy.

"What is what?" Evergreen asked in her high and mighty tone as Lucy directed her attention to Erza.

"Seriously, what is that?" Lucy asked, as Erza threw the folder at Gray, and then looked back nonchalantly at Lucy.

"I haven't the slightest idea what you are asking about Lucy…" Erza replied. Gray threw the folder at Bisca, who passed it to Alzak, who threw it to Jet, who passed it to Droy, who threw it across the room to Laxus, who randomly threw it aside which it conveniently landed on Gazille's lap, who then tossed it aside to Levi. Levi looked around in a panicked frenzy and then, seeing Natsu sitting near her, stuffed the folder into his mouth.

"I swear to Kami, if you burn or swallow or do anything to that folder, you're going to wish you never found it in the first place…" Levi threatened as Natsu looked wide eyed at her and just nodded his head slowly in understanding. Natsu resisted the urge to swallow the folder or burn it, so he just let it stay in his mouth.

"Natsu, what's in your mouth…?" Lucy asked as Natsume shook his head, inaudibly saying 'nothing'. "Natsu, come on!" Again, Natsu just shook his head. "Please~?" Natsu was hesitant, and was about to spit it out for Lucy, until Gray jumped into the picture.

"Lucy! You look great! I'm sure your mission went great since Natsu the ass wasn't with you to destroy everything like usual, and I'm guessing you made lots of money as well! Right?" Gray said, making conversation, while leading Lucy away from the rest of the guild members as she quirked a brow at him.

"Well, it's still not enough for my rent-," Lucy started as Gray started forcefully laughing at her joke that she didn't even say.

"Really? Well, then you better get out there and get some money! I would love to come and accompany you, but I'm already busy with my own shit going on!" Gray blabbered. As they made it to the mission board, Gray took a completely random mission and handed it to her. "Well, you better go now and get your rent money! I'll be sure to help you out with the next one, but like I said, I'm a busy bee right now! Busy, busy, busy! Bye!" he said while pushing her out as she was just reading the mission Gray handed her.

"Hey, this is a mission requesting a mage to help out around a library for a book fair that is going to happen in a few days and will go on for about a week! Also, it's enough money to pay the rest of my rent and for the next month as well! This is so cool! Don't worry; I won't need help for something like this! Thanks Gray, you're the best! Bye guys!" Lucy said while waving as Gray slammed the door shut and then panted for breath.

"That… was close…" Gerard breathed out as Levi smacked Natsu's back hard enough for him to spit back out the folder. The folder flew out of his mouth and landed on the wooden table, half drenched in his saliva and half smoked from his smoky breath. Everyone glared at Natsu as Natsu glared back at them. (You all thought she would find out, didn't you? Not yet! More to the story before she finds out! XD)

"What do you want me to do, not produce spit?" Natsu asked hysterically as they all sighed at his point. Then he directed his glare at Gray. "'Thanks Gray, you're the best'…?" Natsu asked menacingly, mimicking Lucy's tone slightly as Gray shrugged with a smirk.

"Can't handle the truth mate?" Gray said in a British accent impersonation. Everyone quirked a brow at him as he sighed in annoyance. "Never mind, guess that doesn't really fit my image…"

"Gray is wonderful by just being Gray!" Juvia remarked as Gray blushed by her bold outburst.

"Ok…? Who's turn to read now?" Bisca asked, eyeing the poorly conditioned folder. Natsu warmed the folder a bit at a safe distance to dry it of the saliva and Levi helped in recovering it to its normal original state. Laxus then sighed in annoyance as everyone quirked a brow at him.

"I'll give it a try, so hand it over here…" Laxus exclaimed as everyone went wide eyed at him.

"What's wrong Laxus? Decided to actually care about something for a change?" Natsu asked, wiggling his eyebrows as a vein popped out of Laxus's temple.

"Do you want me to read this or not?" he asked angrily as they all nodded and he sighed. "Let's see here-!"

"Is she gone?" Vincent asked, popping back into the room next to Alzak while in the process scaring the guy shitless that he fell off his chair.

"Yeah, we're about to start reading now…" Cana said nonchalantly, like Alzak didn't exist and wasn't on the floor rubbing his sour bum, taking a swing of her large glass cup full of fizzling bubbling beer.

"Ok, let's begin…" Laxus began, sitting on a big chair instead of on top of the table, clearing his throat before he begins.

"Chapter 10: Fairy Festival

"The Fairy Festival? What's that?" Lucille asked with big curious eyes as her new friends giggled at her naivety. [Natsu: It's a festival… Vincent: No shit Sherlock. Natsu: … who's Sherlock…?]

"It's a festival that Fairy Tail hosts every year. Everyone from everywhere comes to experience it! It's wonderful, like a magical and beautiful night you could never forget in your life!" Lily explained cheerfully with an excited squeal.

"It sounds exciting!" Lucille replied excitedly as she was practically bouncing in her chair. [Vincent: No shit Sherlock. Gray: Are you going to keep doing that? Vincent: *Stare* No shit Sherlock… *Smirk* Droy: Someone stop him!]

"It is, that was when Gerald first proposed to me a few years ago…" Elizabeth exclaimed as everyone's eyes sparkled at her. [Everyone: *Staring at Gerard* Cana: Really Gerard? Was that when you sneakily popped the question without us knowing…? Gerard: I haven't the slightest idea of what you are asking about…]

"Really? You never told us that!" Beth exclaimed. "How did it happen? Tell us!" [Cana: Oh yes! Please tell us Erza, we're simply dying~ to know! *Smug Smirk*]

"Well-!" Elizabeth was about to begin her story when suddenly the guys appeared into the café.

"Kami, my ears hurt!" Grey shouted, rubbing his poor still ringing ears. [Gray: *Unconsciously touches his ears*]

"Just because of this incident, I'm never defying the Mayor so I won't have to hear another one of his mouthful ear chewing life consuming lectures…" Gerald commented as he stretched out his aching limbs. [Bisca: You couldn't find any way to shorten that statement? Cana: Must you make everything sound complicating? Gerard: … *Shrug* Yeah…]

"… Nah, I'll still do stupid things..." Dragon stated with a broad smile as Gabriel smirked at him. [Gray: That is so like you. Natsu: It's true isn't it? Juvia: This is what you call a bromance moment… Gazille and Natsu: *Looks at each other in a disgusted way* Ew! F you! Screw off! (They're saying this to each other, not Juvia, just to let you know so you don't get confused) Vincent: Twins… Gazille and Natsu: We are most definitely not related! Vincent: Oh no, of course not. You just both happen to pop out from dragons and have the same mindset and thinking pattern…]

"Ditto!" Gabriel said with a spine chilling smirk. [Vincent: Again with the laugh! Gazille: *Smirk* No shit… Levi: I swear, you guys… Gazille and Natsu: Huh?]

"Hey guys! How was the lecture?" Miranda asked cheerily as they just groaned and pulled out some chairs, taking their places at the table. [Macao: You just have to find ways to piss us off, don't you, Mira-Chan? Mirajane: It's a gift!]

"Where did AshHeart go…?" Arthur asked with an annoyed twitch in his eye, remembering the course of events that lead to the long lecture as Lucille smiled, remembering what happened. [Vincent: Alzak, you suck! Our friendship is over! Alzak: Wait, what? When were we friends? Vincent: You don't even remember! Geez! You dumbass! Alzak: Uh-Uh-Uh- I'm sorry? Vincent: You don't even care or consider my feelings! Your sorry-s don't even mean anything! Bisca: What are you guys, a couple breaking up all of a sudden? Vincent: How could you tell…? Alzak: No way!]


"You're leaving?" Lucille asked in disbelief as the two guys laughed at her horror stricken expression.

"This idiot caused enough trouble…" Luke exclaimed as Vincent glared at him. [Vincent: Yes I did… Erza: And you're proud of it? Vincent: Yes I am… Macao: Are you thinking about changing your ways? Vincent: No I am not… Natsu: Will you stop talking like that? Gazille: It's getting freaking annoying. Vincent: No I will not…]

"Hey, this idiot made everything here in your boring shit filled life more interesting and entertaining for a change! Tell me you didn't find this whole event interesting and entertaining at all?" Vincent asked as Luke shrugged. [Vincent: True, true… Natsu: You almost killed all of us… Juvia: Um… he only almost killed you guys… Levi: Even though he wasn't actually going to kill you guys… Vincent: True, true…]

"Well… yeah…" Luke admitted as the two men smirked at each other in bromanctic understanding. [Juvia: Bromance is filling the air. Vincent: … No, I don't smell it. Only Macao's cigarettes and Cana's beers… Cana and Macao: True, true…]

"What am I going to do without you guys?" Lucille asked as they shrugged at her. "What the hell? I'm really going to miss you guys you know, and you don't even care!"

"Do you still have my key?" Luke asked as Lucille looked a bit offended.

"Of course I do, what do you take me for?"

"Then I'll always be there to save you, all you have to do is summon me and then I'll sweep you off your feet…" Luke said with a wink as Lucille giggled. [Natsu: Playboy… Gray: Shut up! Gazille: Defensive much? Juvia: He's really close friends with Luke-San, please don't patronize him… Gazille: Humph, whatever…]

"Here…" Vincent said, putting an object in her hand. Lucille looked at it curiously to see that it was a necklace with a large oval black and red jewel attached to it. It looked like a red ruby jewel with black darkness swimming through a sea of blood. Lucille looked at Vincent with questioning eyes as he explained it. "This is a little something I picked up on my life journey, that's all I'm going to say about its history. Use this whenever you need me, all you have to do is call for me and I'll be there to save you, whenever and wherever you are…"

"Alright…" Lucille said as tears rolled down her eyes.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don't cry, that's going to make me not want to leave! I know that you'll be safe and happy here, and I trust your life in their hands. So don't disappoint me Lucille…" Vincent said, wiping her tears away with his thumbs as she nodded. "Now, smile so I can leave with a light heart!"

"I'm going to miss you guys!" Lucille said, hugging them both before waving them off with a smile. Luke winked and made a peace sign, while Vincent saluted her with a smile before swishing his trench coat, only leaving her the sight of their retreating backs. She sighed seeing them walking away from here, and knew that they might be separating, but they'll always be together…

End of Flashback

[Vincent: … That was one awesomely epic goodbye… Natsu: Sappy… Gray: Cliché… Cana: You're going to come back? Gazille: He has to come back so that I could kick his ass! Vincent: …] Lucille came back to Earth as everyone looked expectantly at her. She just smiled broadly at them, fingering the necklace around her neck, before answering them.

"He said he wished he could stay, but there were other worlds out there that needed his attention…" Lucille stated, cracking a somewhat sad smile as the guys sighed in relief. [Guys: Let's party~! Vincent: … I'm right here, you know…? Natsu: … damn, he's good!]

"Thank Kami he's gone!" Grey shouted out with a sigh of relief as Lucille punched his arm. {Vincent: You guys are mean~! Alzak: Did you not see what you did to us? Vincent: How could you accuse me of something so heinous? Alzak: But you did do it! Vincent: … Oh we are so over… Alzak: When did we begin? Vincent: I'm sorry; I can't be with a man who doesn't even remember when we began… Alzak: What the hell! Bisca: … you know, you're kind of cute together… Vincent: Thank you! Alzak: Bisca! Levi: What is this, yaoi? Alzak: Most definitely no- Vincent: How'd you guess? Natsu: … I still don't get it… Vincent: Alzak is a very fun target to annoy...]

"So, Fairy Festival tonight… Who else is excited?" Catherine asked as the guys went wide eyed. [Vincent: Don't tell me you guys forgot? Natsu: Not! Levi: they so forgot…]

"Oh shit, I completely forgot about that!" Gabriel shouted out in delayed realization. [Vincent and Levi: Yup, they forgot… Natsu: It's your entire fault! Erza: So you admit you forgot… Vincent: How the hell is it my fault? Natsu: It… just is!]

"Damn it, no wonder Mayor Michael was acting madder than usual…" Marcus breathed out, lighting a cigarette.

"Aren't you guys going to go and help with the preparations…?" Emma asked, obviously hinting that she wasn't going to do it herself since she was a 'delicate fairy' and that the men should be doing the work. [Evergreen: Go do what you were made to do men. Elfman: That's not manly… Evergreen: Who said I was trying to be manly? *Smacks Elfman*]

"Maybe…" Elfman challenged, and then like on cue a floating pearl orb appeared. It hovered over the table and then a projection appeared, displaying Mayor Michael glaring at the boys, making them back up a bit in fear of getting another lecture. [Vincent: *Smirking and pointing at the guys in a taunting manner* He-he, you're scared of a short guy! Makarov: What did you call me…? Vincent: *Stares at Makarov for a few seconds before smirking at the guys and pointing at them tauntingly again* He-he, you're scared of a short guy!]

"Aren't you boys supposed to be helping with the preparations for the Fairy Festival tonight…?" he asked sweetly as they just nodded at him. "Then get to it!" he roared out. Like the speed of light, the boys dashed out of the café and disappeared from sight. Michael looked back at the women and just smiled at them. "Have a nice day…" he said before the projection disappeared and the pearl flew away with the wind toward FTCH. [Gerard: That is very sexist. Elfman: That is not manly Master! Makarov: Well… you know… he-he…]

"Alright… as I was saying, the way Gerald proposed to me," Elizabeth began nonchalantly, grabbing the girls' attentions as she started her story. "Gerald and I started off as childhood friends, and we had always been together. I had a crush on him ever since we were young, and later on when we joined Fairy Tail together, we started dating. [Gerard: *Blush* we did…? Cana: A~pparently! Erza: None of this was in my knowledge… Gerard: Whoa, wait, Erza! I never asked for us to date! Erza: So you do not like me romantically, is that what you're implying? Gerard: What? No, wait! I meant yet! I didn't ask you yet! Erza: So you are planning to ask me? Gerard: Yes! Erza: What's taking so long then? Gerard: What? Everyone: *Laughing and pointing at the pair*] During the Fairy Festival, he asked to escort me for the night and I accepted. We walked through stalls, chatted, laughed and were having a good night. It was all so… magical… I can't explain it in words, really… So then he took me up on a hill, with a beautiful view of the whole festival with the multi-colors of the festival, the music, the soft whisper of the chattering people down below, the soft breeze of the night wind, the rustle of the trees… and then he went down on his knee and proposed…" [Cana: Smooth… Bisca: Gerard was really romantic, who knew? Levi: Just like a fairytale romance! Aw~! Guys: *Glares at Gerard* Gerard: What?]

"Holy fish paste…" Jessica whispered under her breath. [Gray: Holy fish paste? Juvia: *Shrugs* Happy: Fish~!]

"That's so cute, magical and wonderful all at the same time!" Lily exclaimed as she stared off dreamily into space. "I can just picture it beautifully…" [Gazille: Picture book. Levi: Metal door. Gazille: Dictionary. Levi: Door hinge. Gazille: Library. Levi: Metal trunk. Gazille: Nerd. Levi: Idiot.]

"Wow… that was… something alright…" Beth stated with wide eyes. [Bisca: I'm speechless. Erza: Please stay that way. Bisca: So I don't find a way to tease you guys even more. Erza: Exactly. Bisca: I'm going to think of one right now!]

"What a way to pop the question…" Catherine commented as she high-fived Beth. [Cana: *High-Fived Bisca*]

"That was awesome; I wish a guy could do that to me! I'd feel like the luckiest girl in the world!" Lucille stated dreamily as the girls smirked at her. [Gray: Never going to happen… Natsu: Damn straight no guy is going to ask her! Gray: I was talking about you…]

"Not just 'a guy', but more specifically 'Dragon', right?" Jessica asked with a sly grin as Lucille blushed." … What the hell am I reading?" Laxus roared out in disgust.

"So this is called 'girl talk'…? Interesting…" Gray asked himself as the girls glared at Laxus.

"Just get on with the story already…" Erza ordered with a glare as Laxus smirked.

"Whatever you say, Mrs. Fernandes…" Laxus commented, and everyone giggled around the lovingly embarrassed couple but stopped short by Erza's glare, as Laxus continued on with the story.

""Hold your water there girl; it's not like that with us-!" Lucille tried to explain. [Gray: Juvia, you're pregnant? O_O Juvia: Of course not, Gray! Levi: Lucy meant her magic ability, not… something like that… Cana: Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. What is our next generation coming to…?]

"Save the denial speech, we've heard it all before…" Emma stated dully as Lucille shut her trap.

"Well, let's not waste time here and get the festival ready," Elizabeth finalized in her excited yet demanding tone as the other girls nodded and then got up. [Gray: Erza has an excited tone? Erza: What of it? Gray: Nothing! Just asking!] As the girls went one direction, Lucille said that she wanted to go home and get some rest before the festival. She promised them that she'd call them later for the details on where they meet and what they were going to do, but for now, she just wanted a nice warm bubble bath.

She walked on the edge of the canal, humming to herself and then finally arrived at her apartment. It was a nice cheap apartment, and the best she could find in such short time. As she unlocked the door, she walked in to find Dragon sitting on her living room couch. [Erza: Like always… Natsu: Like you don't do it as well. Erza: Did you just talk back to me? Natsu: Erza, you are the most powerful mage ever, you're strong, powerful, I heard someone use independent somewhere sometime before even though I don't know what that means and I'm hoping on my life that it isn't an insult, and you deserve your title as Titania and Gerard, save me~! Gerard: … eh…]

"Holy fudge sticks, what are you doing in my house?" Lucille yelled in a frightened tone, clutching on the door handle to balance herself from the shock. [Gazille: Bunny girl got scared. Levi: Wouldn't you if you see someone intrude in your house all of a sudden? Gazille: Nah, I'd just punch them… Elfman: That's what it means to be a man! Levi: Men…]

"I needed to talk to you…" Dragon stated matter-of-factly.

"How did you get in here?" Lucille asked as he opened his mouth, but then shut it again, then repeated the process that he looked like a fish at that moment. [Gray: The secret way. Natsu: yeah, the secret way. Erza: where else besides the secret way. Happy: I love the secret way! Cana: Good times with the secret way! Macao: What secret way? Happy: It's a secret~!]

"… How did I get in here…?" Dragon asked himself aloud as Lucille looked at him in disbelief. [Cana: Are you stupid…? Natsu: Uh- Cana: Wait, don't answer that.]

"Well, whatever! Just leave!"

"Wait, I wanted to ask you something!"

"What then?"

"You want to hang out, at the Fairy Festival. Meaning… you and me… together…" Dragon trailed off, scratching the back of his head in nervousness and thought as he tried to sound casual, but wasn't being successful in it. [Juvia: Did you finally realize you're in love with Lucille? Natsu: Uh-um… I guess… Erza: You guess? Levi: What kind of a stupid answer is that? Natsu: It's an answer!]

"You want to spend your time at the Fairy Festival… with me?" Lucille asked, pointing to herself to emphasis her point as Dragon nodded. "Ok, let me get this straight. Just because all the other guys are going to be hanging out with a girl instead of you, you decided to ask me so you wouldn't feel left out…? Am I correct…?" [Bisca: Are you serious? Levi: Gosh! This is turning annoying! Erza: I feel like punching someone. Gray: *Puts Natsu in between him and Erza* He's all yours… Natsu: Traitor!]

"How did you-?"

"I'm just that good…" Lucille stated superiorly as Dragon gaped at her.

"Yeah ok, you're my friend Lucille and I'm going to hang out with you during the Fairy Festival because I want to, not because I have to!" Dragon clarified as Lucille smiled at him. [Gray: Idiot… Natsu: What did I say that was wrong now? Levi: Everything! Gosh Natsu, everything you said was just plain wrong! Natsu: … I'm sorry…?]

"Sure, I'll keep you company…" Lucille agreed, ruffling his hair as Dragon flashed his trademark broad smile at her. [Levi: Gosh, look how she has to act like toward you because of what you say! Natsu: uh… uh… uh… Vincent: Don't overwhelm the lad, he'll explode with all the excessive thinking you're making him do…]

"Then I'll pick you up at seven!" he said, before jumping out the window and landing on his feet- not gracefully like a cat would have. Lucille watched him run off like a mad-man and giggled to herself.

'It might not be a date, but it's better than nothing…' Lucille thought, and with that, walked into the bathroom to get ready.

A couple of hours later, Lucille was finishing up the last touches to her dress and make-up when the doorbell rang.

"Lucille!" Dragon's voice shouted out from behind the door as Lucille quirked a brow at the door.

'At least he didn't sneak in this time and is actually knocking on the door…' Lucille thought with a giggle. She was about to open the door when suddenly it was kicked down. [Cana: You idiot. *Face-palms self* Natsu: She was taking too long! Erza: Excuses, excuses…]

"Oh, there you are Lucille. You were taking too long, so I came in myself!" he said with a cheery smile as her eye twitched. [Natsu: See! Levi: You're so nonchalant about breaking her door down! Natsu: Huh? Vincent: It's a thing to be nonchalant about… Gray: How many doors have you broken down? Vincent: thirty-four, but who's counting… Gray: O_O]

"You broke my door down…" she stated as Dragon cocked his head to the side in confusion. [Vincent: No shit Sherlock. Gray: This again? Vincent: Well, she's pointing out the freaking obvious! Bisca: Then let her! Vincent: So let me make a comment as I like then!]

"Yeah, I did…" [Levi: Nonchalant~ Natsu: Still don't know what that word means~]

"Who's going to take responsibility in fixing it?" she tried again, but the questioning look didn't falter from his expression. [Natsu: Not me. Erza: Why not? Natsu: It's not my fault the door is weak. Vincent: I second that.]

"It's your door."

"You broke it down."

"It's your apartment."

"Your foot broke it down."

"You've touched it more times than I did."

"That's because your too busy using my window and other trap doors to even bother using the door."

"Doors are boring."

"How would you like it if I broke down your door?"

"I'd like to see you try."

"I'll summon Taurus right now just to do it."

"I'll fight him off and win."

"Oh, just like how you fought off Vincent and how you won?" Lucille asked sarcastically and Dragon in return growled at her. Before he could counter her though, someone came in and interrupted them. [Gray: Oh burn~! Gerard: Touché. Gazille: *Laughs uncontrollably at Natsu and then falls off his chair* Macao: she got you there, brat! Elfman: Unmanly~! Natsu: You guys got your asses served by him as well! Guys: *Quiet* Vincent: … true that…]

"Thank Kami I came, otherwise you both would have eaten each other's heads off…" Grey said with an annoyed scowl directed at them, but looked a bit smug and all-knowing at the same time. [Gray: I make the coolest entries in this story. *Smug smirk* Natsu: Like when? Gray: Now, the log cabin, when Gazille and you were in a bush… shall I point out more? Gazille: *Arm turns into a chainsaw* Natsu: *Flames Hand* Continue, I dare you…]

"What the flaming stick are you doing here, Grey?" Dragon asked angrily.

"I wanted to come and bring Lucille to the Festival with me, but I guess she already has someone escorting her…" Jessica said a bit shyly as Lucille smiled affectionately at her. Lucille approached Jessica, hooked their arms together and then started walking off.

"Then let's go!" Lucille said excitedly as Jessica giggled at her.

"What about us?" Grey and Dragon asked at the same time, and then glared at each other. [Gray: Don't copy me! Natsu: Who'd want to copy you, copy-cat! Happy: Aye! Gray: Who the hell is copying who? Natsu: Oh, so you're deaf now, huh? Gray: You want to get it on now? Natsu: I'm begging for it! Erza: *Bonks both of their heads*]

As Lucille approached the Festival, she was amazed at what she saw. Rows of stalls at both sides, lanterns and streamers hanging from strings, trees decorated with multi-colored lights, the aroma of food in the air, children and adults running around while laughing and having a good time, rides and games around to play at, and everyone was there to enjoy and have a good time without a worry in the world.

"Wow…" was all Lucille could comment about her surroundings. She looked to the side to see Jessica and Grey had already disappeared, and Dragon was left admiring the work. "Well… shall we…?" Lucille asked, holding her hand out for him. He stared at her for a few seconds before breaking out into a grin and then took her hand, leading the way. "By the way, where is Harry?"

"With Carla," Dragon replied easily, looking around to see what he wanted to do first.

"Who's Carla?"

"His girlfriend…"

"His what?" [Happy: *Looks at Charle and smiles innocently at her* Charle: Humph! *Looks away*]

They went from stall to stall, ride to ride, game to game, prize to prize, food to food, person to person, and then fight to fight. [Levi: Fight to fight huh, how romantic… Gray: I can just imagine how that went down…] They laughed and had fun, played around and let loose.

Lucille couldn't even remember a time she had as much fun as she had that day, she couldn't even remember if she had any fun memories in her life before she met Dragon and joined Fairy Tail. All her pent up stress, her loneliness, her melancholy attitude to her life, her planned out future, everything she felt in her past washed away the moment she ran away from that luxurious mansion and entered this messed up adventurous life. As she recalled all her memories from her past and the new memories she made in Fairy Tail with all the new people she became friends with and could be proud to call her nakama, she could better imagine herself fitting into this life than that of a Princess's. [Erza: Quite admirable, her choice of words… Bisca and Cana: Lucy is the shiz~! Juvia: I feel the same way as Lucy-San does… Gray: Well… Fairy Tail is the best after all… Natsu: I did bring her here after all… Levi: Aw~! Lu-Chan! I'm sad and happy at the same time! Gazille: You're weird… Levi: Have you looked in the mirror recently? Bisca: Oh shit, burn~! Gazille: well… you're short… Levi: Seriously? You're going there? Vincent: Calm down, I'm trying to listen to the story, not your lovers' quarrel… Levi and Gazille: Am not!]

She looked at Dragon next to her as he blew out a ring of fire from his mouth, and all the little kids around him started to clap and laugh excitedly. Then he blew out a square shape, making the kids even more excited. Dragon turned his head to Lucille and then blew out a ring of fire in the shape of a heart. He smirked as all the kids went 'oh~!'. Lucille giggled at his smirking face and then hugged him.

"Nakama till the end…?" Dragon asked, oblivious to his own question, holding a hand out for her. [Everyone: What the F? Natsu: … *sinks into his seat*] Lucille sighed, knowing there was nothing ever going to happen between them, as she smiled sadly up at him.

"Nakama till the end," she replied, grabbing his hand and then started to drag him for another game for them to play. [Natsu: I feel like the bad guy in here… Levi: In a sense, you kind of are… Natsu: Am not!]

"I won again!" Dragon shouted out triumphantly, doing a little victory dance, as Lucille rolled her eyes at him. [Gray: You won from a girl, how impressive… Girls: What did you say? Gray: Dude, you won from a girl? That's epic! *Forcefully laughing*]

"I still won more times then you…" Lucille pointed out as Dragon smirked at her.

"I just let you win at those times, because I was feeling bad for you, since I was winning all the other times…" Dragon explained waving her off. [Erza: Excuses, excuses…]

"Whatever you say, Captain Dumbbell…" Lucille remarked, but Dragon just smiled at her, clearly not getting the insult. All of a sudden, Dragon's expression changed in a dramatic one-eighty, like he had just realized something. [Vincent: *Laughing uncontrollably* you idiot! Natsu: Am not! Vincent: Are too! Natsu: Am not! Vincent: Are too! Natsu: Am not! Vincent: Am not! Natsu: Are too! Vincent: *Laughing uncontrollably* Natsu: … Wait… What…? No!]

"Oh! Damn! I almost forgot! Come on Lucille, I want to show you something!" Dragon said, grabbing her hand and then started dragging her hastily toward somewhere. [Levi: How more can you break her heart? Natsu: We don't even know what I'm going to show her, how would you know if it's going to break her heart? Gray: It's you, it's so predictable… Natsu: What?]

"Where are we going? Dragon!" [Bisca: Yeah Dragon, where are you taking her? Natsu: Beats me, I'm just listening here…]

"You'll see…" [Alzak: What an awesome answer. 'You'll see'. *Sarcasm* Natsu: What would you have said? Alzak: I don't know, 'trust me' or something… Natsu: …] After a few minutes of being dragged, Lucille realized that they were walking further and further away from the festival. Lucille was about to point it out, but when she saw the earnest look on his face, she stayed silent. She trusted Dragon, even to the extent with her life, so she'd go through with whatever it was he wanted to show her so urgently. [Everyone: *Glare at Natsu* Natsu: … We're nakama, we trust each other! Gray: Idiot…] Finally he stopped and Lucille bent down to catch her breath. [Bisca: You still go on your own pace, eh Natsu? Natsu: How was I supposed to know something like running tired her out so quickly! Levi: Any normal person would. Gazille, Erza, Gerard, Natsu and Gray: Really? Levi: You guys aren't normal…]

"So what… was so urgently… fascinating… that you wanted… to show me…?" Lucille panted out as she finally stood up straight. She gasped as she saw the sight before her.

"So then he took me up on a hill, with a beautiful view of the whole festival with the multi-colors of the festival, the music, the soft whisper of the chattering people down below, the soft breeze of the night wind, the rustle of the trees…" Lucille suddenly remembered Elizabeth's words as she was experiencing them firsthand at the moment. He took her to the top of a hill with the most magnificent view of the festival down below her. She inhaled the fresh woody scent of the air around her and then exhaled out in more of a sigh, closing her eyes to relax and fully grasp the moment perfectly. [Gray: Holy- Levi: Macaroni… Bisca: Oh- Cana: Lord… Evergreen: Oh- Erza: My- Elfman: Manliness… Natsu: *Smug Smirk* Gerard: … well this can't be right… Alzak: That was what I was thinking… Gazille: He's Natsu, he couldn't have thought of this!]

"Who told you about this place…?" Lucille asked, her eyes still closed, as she could feel Dragon stumble from the startle.

"How did you-?" Dragon was about to say, but then saw the obvious look she was giving him, and just sighed in defeat. "Gerald…" [Gerard: *Smug Smirk* Levi: I knew this scene was wrong. Cana: *Sigh in relief* Well that's a relief; I thought I was going to have a heart attack anytime soon… Natsu: Hey!]

"That fits…" she whispered with a sigh and then turned to Dragon. She saw the lights on the festival playing across his smiling face and his hair dancing with the soft breeze. Then the Fairy Festival fireworks show began. "Oh!"

"This is the best seat in the house…" Dragon said smugly as Lucille looked toward the sky, at the exploding lights in wonder and amazement. They looked like they told a story; they shone to light up the world, to show off their brilliance. She just suddenly felt like all her troubles lifted at that moment, and she gained all this courage that she didn't even know she possessed. "Remember when you asked me 'nakama till the end' and I said yes?" she suddenly asked as he turned to face her, confusion evidently etched on his face. [Gray: Something is going to happen… Erza: Indeed. Natsu: What's going to happen? Levi: Is it 'that'? Juvia: Please let it be 'that'! Natsu: What's 'that'?]

"Yeah…" he replied with an easy smile then.

"I take it back!" she blurted out suddenly in a rush. [Gray: Something is most definitely going to happen! Erza: Quite. Natsu: What? Levi and Juvia: Please, please, please let it be 'that'! Natsu: What's 'that'?]

"What? But I thought-!"

"I want to be… more than nakama… to you, Dragon…" she admitted. [Gray: It's happening! Juvia and Levi: It's happening! Gazille: *Faking girlie voice* Oh~ its happening! Tsk… Elfman: Not manly… Natsu: What's happening?] Dragon looked down at her with her shining big brown eyes. He understood what she was getting at, but also tried to deny it. He's been through this kind of thing before, and he told himself that he didn't want to go through it again. He fell in love before and then lost her, then to find her magically reappear once again out of the blue and she wanted to act like everything was all roses and candies with him. He wanted to reject Lucille, to walk away, to tell her that nakama was all that they'll ever be; however, even just the simple thought of it tightened a knot in his stomach. As he looked down at her, the light of the fireworks working their magic, he just suddenly felt light hearted. Lucille was like no one he had ever met and he knew deep down in his heart that he had feelings for her as well no matter how much he tried to deny it, so being the kind of person he was, he went with the flow. He leaned down and captured her lips with his and then let faith have its way with whatever was in store for them in the future. [Gray: that… is what's happening… Natsu: … O_O Gazille: :O]

Somewhere a few towns away

"I can't believe we missed the Fairy Festival~!" Louise pouted as the man clad in armor just shrugged. [Bisca: Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh~! It's finally her, she's finally here, it's finally Louise!]

"It's not a big deal anyways," the armor clad man replied as his little toy minions agreed with his. [Gerard: Bixlow. Fried: Definitely Bixlow. Evergreen: Most definitely Bixlow. Bixlow: Yo~! *Sticking his tongue out and smiling*]

"Of course it is! I wanted to have fun and be with everyone and play games and go on rides and watch the fireworks~!" [Cana: *Cough* Whiner. *Cough*]

"Now you're just whining like a baby," he pointed out and then stuck his tongue out at her, displaying his Fairy Tail tattoo. [Gray: wait… what I don't get is why Bixlow is on a mission with this 'Louise'? Bixlow: Beats me, I just appeared out of nowhere…]

"Am not!" she shouted and then stomped her foot in a final and immature way. When she realized what she did, the tone she used and the all-knowing look the armor man was giving her, she sighed. "Your right Byron… I'm sorry…" [Erza: Byron? Gray: Byron? Gerard: *Concentrating on Bixlow's face* Evergreen: *Staring* … nope, just don't see it… Bixlow: O-k, whatever…]

"There's always next year…" he pointed out as his toys agreed and nodded their heads. [Levi: That's helpful…]

"I just miss Dragon so~ much!" she said in a dreamy way as Byron snorted. [Natsu and Gray: *Shivers* Juvia: Why did you shiver, Gray? Gray: 'Cuz the way he said it was creepy and weird… Erza: That's Laxus for you…]

"I bet he doesn't miss you…" she whispered out, only to be rewarded with a pillow thrown at him. [Gazille: Burn~! Everyone: *Quiet* Gazille: What? So everyone else can do it but not me?]

"Shut up! He loves me as much as I love him, and we're going to get married and live happily ever after, just like we planned when we were kids!" she explained and then stuck her tongue out at him childishly, only for him to stick his tongue out at her as well." … What the hell did I waste my life reading…?" Laxus asked, horrified at the word filled pages that lay before him. "Why the hell do I get the crappy lovey-dovey barf worthy romantically shitty chapter to read?" Laxus threw the folder aside only for Erza to grab it easily. The guys just smirked at him as the girls looked around dreamily.

"That was so cute…" Levi sighed out.

"What I wouldn't give to have a romantic experience like that with the one I love…" Juvia said dreamily, and then blushed crimson red just thinking about it.

"Wait, look! The folder is finished! We've got to find the next folder!" Alzak pointed out as Natsu ran out the room as quickly as possible, leaving everyone stunned.

"What crawled in his Aladdin pants…?" Vincent questioned as some people shrugged.

"Maybe he was eager to see what happens next, since it looks like the story is getting more complicating and interesting…?" Wendy tried as Mirajane patted her head with a seemingly innocent smile, but her smile had a double meaning behind it.

"Poor naïve child… you'll understand when you get older…" Mirajane said with a smile as Wendy blushed. "Well, let's just wait and see how everything plays out, for the better or worse…"

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