Vis-à-vis is French for Face to Face. I chose that title because Nessie has to come face to face or face her problems in Forks.

And for the first time in her life she's forced to grow up.

I hope you like it.

But, it will get better as time goes on.


"Ugh, fuck" I mutter quietly. My head throbbed. I could literally hear my head pounding. The stupid ass sun was in my eyes as well, which didn't help. I felt like I was going to burn to death. I'd rather burn to death.

I hated mornings. I hated the sun. Everyone liked the sun, but I fucking hated it. The shit was the color of alcohol induced vomit. I would know.

And yet everyone ranted and raved about it. Seriously? What the hell is it even good for? Ok other than the fact that it keeps the world and it people from freezing. And other than the fact that we can't see real good without it. What else is there?

Okay, I was being stupid. What else is new?

I was just pissed because I woke up with the worst hangover in the history of hangovers.

When I was finally ready to open my eyes and adjust to my surroundings. I saw that I was naked. Next to my boyfriend Nahuel, who was also naked. And on the other side of me was my best girl friend Kate, who was naked too.

Oh that's right, there was a party last night. My twenty-first birthday party. It was a kick ass party. Seriously one of the best, and I've been to so many.

For reals. We had it at the hottest club in NYC. Then we took the party back to my apartment.

I had a list of 21 things I wanted to do before I was twenty-one. The last thing to do was a "menage a trois" I decided to change the rules a little and have a foursome. But Kate's boyfriend Garrett, was sick. So "menage a trois" it was... And boy was it fun. We technically did it after I was twenty-one. But I never was one to stick with the rules, so it counted in my book.

"Mmmm Babe" Nahuel mumbled bringing me closer to him while nuzzling my neck.

"UGH, I'm gonna hurl!" Kate says in my ear. I hear her run to the bathroom. Then I hear a bunch of gagging and sloshing noises. I almost laugh to myself because she sounds like Chunk in "The Goonies" when he's explaining what he did to the people in the audience.

Kate was a hell of a lot of fun. But the girl could not hold her liquor. It was sad but so true.

After I ponder that thought, I realize I half to pee. So I get up dizzily with my arms out on both sides, as if the air will steady me. And I walk my naked ass over to the Bathroom, where Kate's shitfaced self is spewing.

Kate's naked form is kneeling on the floor with her face on the toilet seat with her eyes closed. I look in the toilet and sure enough. Alcohol induced vomit orange-yellow, same as the sun. There was a reason I didn't drink Sunkist or Sunny Delight. Let's just say I rather not taste the flavor of the sun. Ew...

I moved Kate's face on the cold bathroom floor. I don't think she'd noticed because she passed out again. I flushed the sun and pissed.

"Do you wanna touch?

Yeah! Do you wanna touch?

Yeah! Do you wanna touch me there?


My cell phone went off with my Joan Jett ring-tone.

I washed my hands and splashed my face with cold water. I tried to get over by my phone with out stumbling. It was difficult and I felt nauseous but I managed. My ring-tone kept playing. I looked at my caller ID.

Mom calling... Is what it read. Shit, I hated it when she called. She was always so judgmental. I preferred to talk to dad.

Praying I answered "Mom, hi" I said awkwardly.

I heard a wet chocking noise and then some sobbing. "Renesmee, theere wwass an accident." She was sobbing so hard she was slurring. I could barley understand her.

"What happened?" She was seriously worrying me. Well as much as I could worry in my hungover state.

"Charlie. Your grandfather. He got hurt. He, was shot." My mother cried as hard.

I felt dizzy or woozy, over all nauseous. I was going to be sick. My Gramps, my sweet Charlie was gone. Wait she didn't say he died, did she? Ugh, I really need to stop drinking so much. Then again I'm sure the "pot" didn't help either.

"He's not dead, is he?" The words came out slurred as I fought to keep my liquid meal in my stomach. I prayed to whatever was out there, hoping it wasn't true.

"No, no, but he's hurt real bad." She started sobbing again. I was so glad Charlie was okay. Maybe I'd send him some flowers or a card or something.

"Nessie" Oh how I loathed that name. That was "His" name for me. I don't know what the hell she was doing using it.

"Nessie, Charlie needs someone to take care of him. While he's hurt." There she goes using the same name again. I didn't understand where she was going with this. I lived in New York, while she on the other hand lived in Seattle. Which was closer to Charlie than I was. Surely she didn't expect me to take care of him.

"Yeah, and?" I asked without remorse.

"Renesmee, you know your father has that malpractice suit against him." Oh yeah, some rich dude had a heart attack and dad saved him. However the dude signed a "DNR" and now he's a vegetable. And his wife who probably wants all the dude money can't have it cause he's still alive. So now the bitch is suing. This all sounded more like "Seattle Grace Hospital" instead of "Grace Hospital in Seattle".

I don't know why dad had to be so compassionate, just like Grandpa Carlisle. If someone wants to die, let them. It's inhumane not to do so really.

"Renesmee, that man was very wealthy and had many connections. You know we have to appear at the hearing in New York in a week." Oh right they were coming to NYC. Because the dude and his gold-digging whore of a wife were from there. Crap I hope their too busy to visit.

"Why can't Sue take care of her own husband?" I asked. Didn't the vows go '"In sickness and in health?"'

"She is a sixty something year old woman. Her all by herself talking care of Charlie is dangerous and cruel. Sue has health problems too Nessie." She admonished me. I hated it when mom got all preachy on me, it was such a buzz kill. She was seriously ruining my high. I found myself missing my hangover, that she also killed.

"So you want me to do it?" I asked. I couldn't believe that this was how she wanted it. Sue had kids too, Seth and that bitch Leah. Surly one of them could do it since I know they both have no life. Anyone who stays in Fork has no life.

"Well who else do you expect me to ask? Leah who has an autistic daughter, and is still having a hard time with her divorce. Seth, who's just now having a life of his own? Billy, who may I remind you is cripple? Or Jacob, whom most of your responsibilities go to?" She asked

I cringed at the last sentence. That was just low. She would never let that go would she? I was just a child, surly she couldn't expect me to take care of one when I still was one. That's the main reason I hated talking to her, she'd never forgive me for that. Dad did more than just forgive "There's noting to forgive" is what he'd say. He understood and supported me the whole way. Why couldn't she?

"And what do you expect me to do about school? Juilliard won't wait for me, if that's what you think. I may be at the top of my class, but that won't matter once I'm gone. That school means everything to me. It always has. It's always been my dream. How dare you try to take that away from me." I told her seriously.

"I understand Renesmee. But if you think for one moment that if Charlie dies you won't feel horrible. You wrong, because you will. If you think that your career or education is more important than family. Your wrong. I know you already have a list of regrets, don't add to that list." She insisted

She was right about one thing. If I lost Charlie, I would feel immensely guilty. So I would do it. I would move to Forks and take care of Charlie. I was sick and tired of my mother thinking I'm a horrible and useless person. I wanted to prove to her that I wasn't. I wanted to prove that she was wrong. And that I was right for the decision I made. I just wanted her to love and accept me like Dad did. He at least sent me a birthday card with two grand in it, yesterday. That was at least more than what she did.

"I'll take care of Charlie." I said solemnly.

"Thank you Renesmee." She won, just like she usually did.

I would ask Juilliard to wait for me. Even though I didn't think they would. I would leave my best friend Kate. And my boyfriend Nahuel. It would be hard, but I needed to prove I was an adult. I only had two concerns, other than that I was golden.

"And, mom?"

"Yes?" she asked

"I don't have ANYregrets." It needed to be said, because I didn't.

"We'll see..." and with that she hung up.

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