Fanfic by: NeverEnough15

03-11-10 (DD-MM-YY)

In a tower far in the Ghost Zone, a purple figure silently watched the time streams. He carefully looked at every single detail, trying not to miss anything. The soft sound of the working clocks around him made him feel comfortable. Still, his mind seemed to be stuck on one question.

Should he interfere?

That one question made him feel powerless, normally he knew everything. He knew what turns and twists the future might or might not take and how choices could change everything. But this time, he didn't know what that single choice would do. It could turn out alright, like it never had happened, or it would be a disaster.

He raised his staff and allowed to let the time stream change from scenario. He began watching over and over again at the possible futures. His eyebrows curved into a frown, he really didn't know what to do.

And he hated it.

"Mr. Fenton!" Lancer exclaimed, "Why are you so late?"

The blue eyed boy had just walked in. Now he was standing there, not knowing what to say.

"Uhh, I… I overslept?" He nervously rubbed his neck.

"Fine Mr. Fenton. Take a seat. You have detention after school."

The boy, Danny Fenton, let out a small groan and mumbled something about 'stupid ghosts.' He walked to his usual school desk and sat down next to Tucker Foley, his best friend. In the seat before him sat his female friend Sam Manson.

"Was it a ghost?" Tucker asked, whispering so their classmates and Mr. Lancer could not hear them.

"Yeah, the box ghost. He brought his bubble wrap of death again," Danny answered. Sam tried not to laugh, covering her mouth. She really didn't wanted to get another detention from Mr. Lancer. Tucker noticed Danny's dark circles under his eyes due the lack of sleep. He was pale, well, paler then usual. "Dude, you okay?" Danny looked up, "I'm fine," he answered, looking back to his notes.

Suddenly a blue wisp came out Danny's mouth. "Can't they leave me alone for one moment?" He muttered to himself. He raised his hand, "Mr. Lancer, can I go to the nurse? I don't really feel well." The overweight teacher looked up from his desk. "Mr. Fenton, you're already late, then you ask if you can go to the nurse while you look healthy." Lancer couldn't see Danny's dark circles from that distant. "Besides, it's just the first period. If you didn't feel well you should have known that at home."

"But I-"

"No buts, back to work."

Danny sighed and looked at his notes. This was bad. He needed to think how to get out of here and fast! He decided to try again, he raised his hand once more, but was cut off by a blue wisp escaping his mouth for the third time that day. He lowered his hand slowly. 'More than one? Great,' he thought sarcastically.

Tucker turned around towards Danny. "Dude, what's wrong?"

"Ghosts," he mumbled. His eyes flickered around the room.

Right on cue, a large ghost phased through the wall. A white aura surrounded him and millions of little stars covered his body. His crimson red eyes were filled with anger, someone, or something clearly pissed him off. His face was a mix of white and gray and he had a vertical scar on his left eye.


Everyone screamed at the same time when Nocturne invaded the classroom, if the class wasn't in this situation, it would have been a hilarious sight. "Ghost!" someone screamed.

That one little word made everyone scream even louder, a reaction that happened on a daily basis.

"Sleepwalkers! Form!" Nocturne's deep voice commanded. The green sleepwalkers, as he liked to call the weaker ghosts that helped him, appeared and grabbed the students and teacher, putting their arms behind their backs. "Ugh! Let me go!" Sam struggled to get free, but didn't succeed.

Danny also struggled, but without the help of his ghost powers he didn't got far by struggling. Nocturne made his way to Danny, "Ghost Boy," Danny flinched at the name, receiving strange looks from his classmates and teacher. "You will pay for what you have done to me."

Nocturne grinned widely. "And this time, you won't escape the nightmare."

He raised his star covered arms and blue smoke rose from them. His grin got even wider, showing his small fangs. "Ghost Child. I think you'll love to meet your fears," his deep voice rasped.

"Wait, what?" Danny stuttered. The sleepwalkers grabbed him tighter due to Danny's struggling.

Nocturne gave a small laugh. "I meant, that this whole group of humans will enjoy seeing your greatest fears."

The class gasped and Danny opened his mouth to speak, but Nocturne cut him off. "Don't waste your energy, Ghost Boy. You'll need it."

The blue smoke that came from his hand palms slowly filled the room. Some students yawned.

"Too bad for you that there is no waking up from this nightmare."

The ringing of his laughter followed the students as they fell into the darkness of unconsciousness.


This was inspired by 'It's the Fear' by Within Temptation, hence the title. And the many Danny-and-his-fears fanfics that I love so much.

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