Warning: This is rated T, you know. In this chapter you'll see why. c:

The rest followed one by one. Sam, Tucker and Lancer were the last to go. Lancer stood in front of the portal. He turned around to face Tucker and Sam. "I just hope you three know what you are doing," he spoke softly. Expecting no answer, he turned and stepped in the portal.

Sam took a deep breath. "I hope so too," she said before walking to the portal. She jumped in, not waiting for Tucker.

"Hey! Wait for me!" he yelled as he ran to the portal. He automatically closed his eyes by entering.

His surroundings were not what he expected when he reopened them.

Vlad's lab


"Wha- where are we?"

"...Is this the Ghost Zone?"

"Different from what I imagined it to be..." Mikey mused to himself while looking at a strange looking machine. It lied on the ground, with messy wires connecting it to a bigger machine. He looked up and saw the rest of his classmates also looking around, but Danny seemed extremely nervous. He decided to walk to him and ask what's wrong.

Danny jolted slightly at his sudden question, Mikey wasn't the kind of person to just ask people what's wrong. Tucker and Sam knew that, and started eyeing him suspiciously.

"I, eh, I'm fine. Just a little shocked that we aren't in the Ghost Zone," Danny answered Mikey.

"Fenton!" Dash yelled, causing everyone to look up in surprise. "Explain. Now. Why aren't we flying in the Ghost Zone?" He narrowed his eyes to give the extra warning that Fenton better answer him correctly.

"I-I- don't know, Dash!"

Dash let out a growl of anger and grabbed the smaller boy's shirt. Danny yelped in surprise. Mr. Lancer came quickly in between.

"Mr. Fenton! Mr. Baxter! Would you please act for once like you don't hate each other! We are in God knows where and this situation is only getting worse. If we all want to get out of here, then start behaving mature!"

Many students gaped with open mouths at the sudden outburst of the overweight teacher. Dash let Danny go and Danny glared at the jock.

"I'll get you next time, Fentonail," he whispered in Danny's ear and walked to his a-list friends. Danny sighed. "Great. Still his favorite."

"Alright, class. Since we are obviously not in the Ghost Zone, let's try your cellphones. Maybe we can contact someone or the police."

The most students nodded and quickly grabbed their cellphones, wondering why they didn't think of it sooner.

Paulina touched some numbers on her iPhone and held the device close to her ear. She sighed annoyed when the dial tone was way too slow for her liking.

A woman answered, "Hello. The number you tried to contact is not available. Please try again later, or-" But before the automatic message could end Paulina ended the call.

"It's not working," she said to Lancer. Several other students who also tried to call said the same. Lancer took a deep breath. "Okay, let's not panic. We should search for an exit and please do not touch anything. Who knows what all this is." And once again, the class was divided in smaller groups.

The trio made sure that no one could hear them and went to a corner of the lab. They carefully tried not to accidentally touch anything, and made it to the corner.

"Why did we end up here?" Sam decided to start the conversation.

Tucker sighed. "I really have no idea. It's already strange enough that the exit was gone in Danny's parents' lab. And now we end up in Vlad's lab? Maybe we are in another dimension or something."

Danny looked up from the machines he was staring at. "You know what, you're right. Nocturne did this, right? What if we are in some kind of nightmare world. Even worse, what if this is another fea-"

"Holy shit, guys, it's Danny Phantom!" someone exclaimed from the other side of the room.

Danny immediately looked up. Who was where?

"Wow, you're right, Kwan!" Dash said in awe as he looked at Phantom who appeared to be lying in some sort of small chamber. His eyes were closed and it looked like he was sleeping. Dash didn't notice the chest slowly going up and down, but Valerie did.

Why is he breathing? Filthy ghosts don't breathe. She sighed. Why is he in here? This doesn't make any sense. If we're supposed to face Danny's fears, why is Phantom lying there?

Danny couldn't move, he stared at the machine that was quickly being surrounded by more and more teenagers. Only one question run through his mind. How? His mouth hung open until Sam placed a hand on his shoulder. He looked up at her. "C'mon. We should check it out." She gave him a warm smile, and he returned it, blushing slightly. Behind them, Tucker muttered a soft lovebirds comment.

They walked to the machine and found out that indeed, Phantom was lying in the machine. Danny frowned. He looked at his own face, his own body and quickly his head began to spin. This wasn't possible. How? Why? He gritted his teeth in confusion and looked away from the sleeping Phantom.

Tucker stepped next to him and whispered softly, "I think it's a clone. I mean, we're in Vlad's lab, right?"

Danny looked up and nodded. "I guess."

"Class. I know this is really interesting, but this is not what we're looking for. I don't even think that that is the real Phantom," Lancer spoke to the class. To himself he muttered, "I don't even think that we are still in Amity Park."

Luckily no one heard him, and he turned around to continue to search for an exit, the sleeping Phantom never leaving his thoughts.

Then suddenly a lead 'pss' sound was heard, almost like air escaping. Everyone turned to see where it came from and all looks then where directed at Dash, standing next to the machine. He laughed nervously but was cut off due to the machine beeping. Its beeping became louder and louder until the machine opened itself, the glass that was in front of Phantom opened itself like a book.

Some students shared a nervous look. What now?

Then Phantom's eyes opened. The eerie green eyes blinked a couple of times and looked around the room. His eyes stopped when they met Danny, who was breathing uncontrollably. Danny blinked a several times too, too confused to do anything. Did he just woke up? What if he's evil and going to attack me, then I'll have to transform! Crapcrapcrapcrap!

Phantom opened his mouth to say something but he couldn't. He swallowed a couple times, eyes unseeing, staring at the ceiling. His eyes started to lose their usual glow and his white aura dimmed too.

All Danny could do was to watch at himself, at his own face, his own eyes that started to melt. Bubbling ectoplasm dripped of the clone's face, ending in a sizzling puddle inside the machine. Haunted green eyes held a non spoken plea to end it all. His whole body became nothing but a liquid that started to become more and more.

Danny felt a wave of nausea coming over him, and he almost threw up at the sight of his melting clone. His head began to spin and he didn't know anymore what up or down was.

The clone exhales for the last time and he's gone. Melted into ectoplasm. Forever.

But Danny was too busy trying not to pass out to even notice.

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