This was for the Non-Canon challenge!

House elves? Why is she looking at house elves? Why must she be so weird? Luna looked up from the book of House elves and at Blaise.

"Hello Blaise." She just stared at him, "Nice day isn't it?" He sighed and looked back at his homework.

He felt Luna's Presence move closer, "House Elves are amazing, aren't they?"

"No, their gross!" Why can't she go away?

"I think their lovely!" He rolled his eyes.

"Why are you telling me this?"

"You're the only one around!" Blaise looked around the empty library. Darn it!

"Listen I don't care if I was the last person on the earth, I still don't want you talking to me!" God, I could be the meanest to this girl and she will still act the same! "Could you stop starring at me?"

"I wonder if Santa uses these elves?" She tilted her head at Blaise, "Does he?"

"Santa's not real loony!" Blaise got up and grabbed his books.

"Blaise, are you angry?"

"YE-" He stopped and noticed something. Her eyes? Their beautiful.

"Yes Blaise?"

"I like your eyes." Why did I just say that?