Pairing: Kendall and James

Disclaimer: I don't own the boys or the show

This is dedicated to The Savage Soul

When it came to dominance Kendall Knight was the most dominant member of Big Time Rush, followed shortly by James then Logan then Carlos. However when it was just Kendall and James he lost all dominance he had. Kendall and James were a couple as were Logan and Carlos. However in this relationship, James deemed himself the dominant one because he was a few inches taller than Kendall where as Carlos was the dominant one when it came to him and Logan.

It all started with a movie night. Mama Knight and Katie were out having a girly day leaving the four boys to their own devices with the warning that if they broke anything they would pay. All four boys had picked out their top ten favourite movies and placed them in a high pile on the coffee table. Carlos was bouncing about in the kitchen grabbing as many sugary and fatty foods as possible, coming back into the living room arms full, with Logan following behind shaking his head at the actions of his cute boyfriend.

The two couples settled down, Carlos with his head in Logan's lap and Kendall's head in James' lap as the pretty boy would never let anyone touch his hair. As soon as the advert for Toy Story 3 started to play, all four boys knew this was a film chosen by Carlos. As Up started to play, the room fell silent except for when Carlos decided to quote a line or chuckle at the actions of Russell. Kendall felt James' hands in his hair, stroking through then going down to stroke the back of his neck. This made him shiver and James repeatedly did this knowing that one of Kendall's most sensitive spots was his neck.

After several films, Kendall felt James' hands loosen from his hair and he took this as an indication that his boyfriend was tired or already asleep. Turning his eyes to Logan, Kendall nodded his head towards James as an indication of his question. Logan smiled and mouthed a silent yes to the blonde. Shifting upwards the blonde dislodged himself from his sleeping boyfriend who began to stir due to the disturbance. "Wakey wakey." Kendall said smiling at his sleepy boyfriend. "I'm going to bed, you coming." James said getting up and heading towards the bedroom they shared. This was yet another sign of dominance on James' part. Standing up, Kendall said goodnight to Logan and Carlos before following his boyfriend into their room, a plan formulating in his mind.

As James shut the door behind them, Kendall slammed James into the door attaching his lips to the taller boys'. A muffled yelp left the brown haired boy as Kendall licked his bottom lip. Opening his mouth James moaned as Kendall's tongue swooped forward and started to map out the contours of the taller boys' mouth. Trying to regain control of the kiss, James brought his tongue forward but Kendall pulled away completely, leaving the taller boy pinned against the door lips swollen and pouting. He whined, causing the blonde boy to smirk as he leaned in and assaulted his boyfriend's lips again.

Pulling James towards the bed, Kendall stripped the taller boy of his shirt, revelling in the sight of the tan washboard abs which were hidden behind the material. Pushing James back onto the bed, Kendall climbed on top of the taller boy leaning down and attacking his neck with a force that made James hard immediately. "Uh Kendall, more please." James moaned as Kendall moved his hands to the brunette's nipples, where he started to tweak and twist them until the nubs were hard and pink. Leaving the taller boy's neck, Kendall licked his way down James' toned chest until he reached his erect nipples. Sucking one into his mouth, the blonde boy brought his hand up to twist and tweak the neglected nipple, causing James to arch up into his touch. Switching nipples, Kendall let out a moan as he felt both of their clothed erections brush against each other.

Popping the button on James' jeans Kendall pulled both jeans and boxers down and threw them behind him leaving James laid on the bed naked. Stepping back Kendall began to pull his shirt over his head, slowly revealing his tanned skin. Seeing James reach towards his hard member, Kendall stopped what he was doing to glare at his boyfriend. "If you wanna be like that then, I'll just go and watch movies with Carlos and Logan." He turned around heading towards the door when he heard a choked "Kendall wait please." The last part came out as a plea, letting Kendall know how badly James wanted it. A small smirk played on Kendall's lips as he began to lift his shirt up and over his head, allowing his boyfriend to watch as the blonde boys' muscles tense as the cold air hit them.

Sliding his jeans and boxers down his legs, Kendall stepped out of them, walking towards the taller boy, the smirk on his face never dropping. Running a slender finger down James' abdomen, Kendall loved how James abs tensed as his finger ran lower. Kendall wrapped his hand around James' member and began to jack him off slowly. "Ngh, Kendall more please." James begged and Kendall obliged pumping faster and faster until James saw stars and came over both his stomach and Kendall's hand.

Kendall wiped his hand on James' discarded shirt, before pressing a kiss to the tall boys' forehead. Pressing his fingers into James' mouth, Kendall allowed him to cover them in saliva for a few moments before taking them out and pressing them against James' entrance. Sliding his index finger into the tight heat, Kendall felt the brunette shiver beneath him. Pulling out and adding another finger when pushed back in, the blonde began to scissor his fingers, preparing James as best he could. When he felt the tall boy thrust down onto the invading digits, the blonde boy pulled his fingers out, making James whine.

Lining his cock up with James' entrance Kendall pushed in, in one swift movement, making James shout out. "You okay?" Kendall asked bringing up a hand to brush back James' sweaty hair. "Y...Y...Yeah, just move." James grunted. Pulling out until only his head was left inside, Kendall thrusted in with such force that James' back came off the bed. The blonde boy was worried that he had hurt his boyfriend but the moan James let out was all he needed to know, before pulling back and thrusting in again.

Picking up his pace, Kendall soon found himself slamming into his boyfriend who was repeatedly arching his back off the bed and clawing at the blonde boys' arms. Reaching down and grabbing James' neglected cock, Kendall started to jerk him off in time with his thrusts. Feeling the familiar heat pool in the bottom of his stomach, Kendall increased both the pace of his thrusts and the speed of his hand pumping James' cock. James came first covering both his stomach and Kendall's hand in cum for the second time that night. Feeling James' walls tighten around his length, the blonde pulled back and thrust in once more filling the brunette to the brim with cum.

Pulling out, Kendall rolled over so that he was spooning James before placing a kiss on the brunettes head and fell into a deep sleep.

The next day

As Kendall made his way to the kitchen for breakfast, he felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist and yank him back into the room he shared with James. As the door shut, Kendall found himself being pushed against the door. He looked up from under his bangs to see James smirking down at him. "It's my turn now." He said before swooping down and claiming the blonde's lips.