Five years.

It had been five long years since the Fourth hokage had perished in the nine tail's attack on the village. Five years long and painful years since the Fourth Hokage's own child, the one that he had sealed the demon inside of, had been snatched from her crib in the middle of the night.

Hurizen Sarutobi had thought that the child was dead when the search parties dispatched to find the child, had turned up empty. And now, staring down at the small naked figure laying on the cold damp floor of the cell in front of him, he finally understood why he had turned up nothing in his searches.

The child was curled up on her side facing away from him, there was dried blood on her little fingers, on her shoulder, some spattered on the side of her angelic little face. But this was'nt the most disturbing thing. No. This was'nt even the tip of the ice burg that he could sense. No, it was the possession markings that bothered him.

The soft white furry little ears and the bushy little tail that seemed to be growing out of the small of her back, several inches above where the curve of her butt was. The soft furry appendagewas firmly tucked between her legs, sheilding her lower body.

She had'nt looked like this before. That fact caused him to panic a little bit.

She looked like the beautiful little one that he had once held in his arms and carried around and sang too. But at the same time she didn't look like that same child.

It was the ears and tail.

Or perhaps it was the disturbing behaivor that the Anbu group that had found her, had reported to him. She had been found outside of the village, about half a mile from the gate, standing over the ravaged body of a rougue nin, eating a piece of flesh from the dead man's corpse.

He understood that she had spent a majority of her young life running around the forests and hunting. He understood that out there there was only one rule. Survival of the fittest. And it was a well known factt hat what could'nt defend itself, was often fated to become food.

He also knew that she had'nt had any human contact at all or she probably would'nt have done such a horrible thing.

She could'nt speak. Didn't understand words when they were spoken to her. She was as wild and feral as any animal, which was why several of his Anbu were currently laying in hospital beds. All she knew was that she saw them as prey. Creatures to be stalked, and slain so that she could survive.

It was horrible. Truly it was.

But he could'nt find it in his heart to hate her. Or fault her for her it since they were the ones that had abandoned her and left her to survival instinct must have been triggered by the Kyubbi, causing her to take on the characteristics most likely to help her survive.

He heard footsteps as someone came up behind him and turned to look at the person there. It was Wolf. The feircest and most ruthless and cunning of his Anbu. He had sent for the man earlier thinking that he might be able to help with the child. It was a well known fact that the males of Wolf's clan were much darker in mind and spirit than the females. They were more animal than human, they respected little except for their clans men and their pack.

Anything outside of their blood, and their pack was considered to be fair game.

"My lord." The man said respectfully as he knelt down beside the elderly man.

Sarutobi reached out and carefully removed the porciline mask and sucked in a breath as Wolf ducked his head. Trying to avoid being stared at no doubt.

At eighteen, Wolf was one of the youngest, but most awe inspiring figures in the village. His body count during the great shinobi war had been more than a little staggering. Not that that was the only reason that the young man was such an inspiring person.

Standing six foot five, the young man was almost as tall as his former student Jiraiya. His body and build was lean but muscular. And his face and eyes...

Looked like gifts from the gods. Such beauty and perfection was envied.

They added to his appeal as a preditor. After all it was much easier to catch your prey if you looked appealing to them. "I asked you here to see if you could help me." He said after a second or so. Wolf lifted his head a bit and stared unblinking at the elder. The leader of his pack.

"I live only to serve." The man said gently. If his leader needed his help then he would do what he could. Sarutobi smiled wanely at the man and shook his head.

"Do you see the little one in the cell?" Sarutobi asked, though for the life of him he was'nt really sure why he asked such a stupid question since the man's eyes had already flickered to the child.

Wolf lifted his face a little more and sniffed at the air before speaking again. "Female. A hybrid of some kind. Young. Healthy. Who's blood clings to her skin?" Wolf asked after a second or so. He found it just a bit puzzling that the child, hybrid or not would be left in the cell if she might be wounded. He had never known his leader to leave a wounded youngling without care before.

"The blood isn't hers, Wolf. So you can wipe that strange look off of your face-" Sarutobi said with a weary smile. Wolf did as he was told too, carefully masking his expression so that it went blank again. He had'nt meant to offend. He'd have to go kill a nice fat sparrow or rabbit and lay it at his leader's feet to apoligise for his careless insult to the man's honor. "She was found standing over the dead body of a rougue nin that she had killed. The blood belongs to him."

Wolf said nothing as the gears in his head turned. Ah. Now it made sense to him.

"I need you to act as her companion for a while. Hunt with her. Show her affection. Teach her the ways of the pack. She will need to know these things later on in life." Sarutobi said as the young man looked at him again, this time he cocked his head to the side and stared at the elder with those eeiry unblinking eyes.

He wanted him to what?

He understood some of his leader's order. Show affection, yeah sure. Cause younglings needed affection to grow strong. Hunt with her? Okay he could do that. He could'nt garetee that they would'nt bring down some humans, but whatever. Act as her compainion...

That could be a mite tricky considering that she smelled like a fox. She even had the ears and tail of a little fox kit. And to his knowledge wolves ate foxes because they were smaller and weaker. What if he got close to her and decided to take an experimental bite? He doubted that his leader would be very happy with him.

He doubted an entire mountain of sparrows and rabbits could properly convegh his feelings on the matter should it happen.

His mis matched eyes flickered to the youngling again. "How do you want me to do as you ask?" He asked curiously. The elder smiled at him and he felt the need to squirm.

"I need you to shift to wolf form and stay with her while I try to figure out a way to educate her and teach her the things that she needs to know."

Wolf stared at him for a second as he thought over what the elder had just said. How exactly was that supposed to help his job any? His instincts had a lot more pull when he was in his wolf form. If he got the notion to rip out her throat, he might not be able to stop himself. His leader knew that, so why would he-

"Wolf. Before you do anything I want you to look at the child. Look at her closely-" Wolf did as he was asked. His eyes flickering to the youngling and he studied her. What exactly was he looking for? Or more to the point, what was he looking at? He glanced back to the elder. Sarutobi sighed. He had hoped that Wolf would recognise the child since she was the only person left that was linked to his dead family. "I can see that you don't recognise her."

Wolf gave him a questioning, 'Should I' look. "Do you really not recognise the child that you pulled from Minato's corpses arms?"

Wolf blinked and suddenly moved forward, pulling the cell door open and dropping to his knees next to the sleeping child, startling her awake. She made a bizzare chirping sound as she glanced at him over her shoulder, before realising that he was too close to her. She growled and bit him, sinking her sharp little teeth into his wrist before scrambling across the room growling and snarling. The fur on her tail standing on end, her ruby colored eyes glaring at him in anger and rage.

He blinked and started to reach out to touch her but stopped himself the second that he saw blood running down his hand, his eyes flickering back to the small pale skinned child, her back pressed against the wall as she growled warningly, her lips peeled back from her teeth and his blood staining her lips.

He slowly slipped out of the cell and silently chidded himself for being so rash. She could have really hurt him if she had bitten somewhere higher. But he had been so curious and excited that the youngling in the cell might be Minato's offspring, that he had'nt been able to hold himself back. He looked at him leader for a second tehn studied the bite wound on his wrist. Her fangs were rather sharp for one so young.

"I'll do it." He said as he walked by the elder. His hands going to his armor, unfatening the chest piece and dropping it ot the floor before grabbing the hem odf his shirt and tugging it up over his head as he heard his leader mutter something about 'damn brats. stripping in front of me...' and walked off to allow Wolf the privacy that he needed to get ready to change forms.


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