Well, here we are.

The end. I told you all that I would get to it inevitably. Wow.

I think I might cry...


Three years later-

Kakashi woke up alone in his bedroom and lifted his head, forcing the pillow that he'd had his head under to go tumbling off of the bed as he looked around. Something was missing from his room. He could feel it as he looked over at his wife's side of the bed and made an irritated sound.

Where the hell was Naru? He wondered before hearing a sudden loud wail come from somewhere outside of the bedroom followed by a heart beat of silence before another wail was heard. He glanced towards the door and scowled. Ah. That's where she was.

He sighed and sat up and yawned and ran his fingers through his mid back length silver hair then threw off the covers and got up and pulled on a pair of pants then made his way out of the room.

He walked down the hall to the nursery and pushed the door open a little bit and snorted when he saw Naru holding their infant son cradled in one arm, a bottle hanging limply from one hand as she let out a loud snore.

Kakashi shook his head and silently walked across the room and took his son from his wife and then plucked the bottle from her limp fingers and cradled Taki in one arm while he used his other to place the bottle against his son's lips and smiled in amusement as Naru let out another loud snore.

Kakashi kissed the top of Taki's head as he sucked down the formula in the bottle as Kakashi silently laughed before saying, "You broke your poor mother."

His son waved his little hands at him as if to say 'duh, that is what late night feedings and little to no sleep will do' then grabbed the bottle and let his eyes drift closed while his father finished the feeding that his mother had fallen asleep during.

Once Taki was done eating, Kakashi took maticulous care burping his son then changed his diaper then put him back in his crib and tucked him in before turning back to his wife. The silly woman had been taking too much on herself since the birth of their son and was so exhausted that she hadn't stirred even once when Taki had wailed earlier. Reaching out Kakashi braced his hands on either side of Naru's shoulders, against the rocking chair and leaned in and started to kiss her when she let out another snore.

Kakashi froze for a second, unsure of what to do as his lips twitched almost uncontrollably. He should...probably leave her alone and let her sleep. He gave her a quick kiss on the tip of her nose then turned and silently walked back out of the room to go fix himself some breakfast.

And maybe later after Naru had had a decent nap, he could catch her alone and cuddle with her on the couch like he used too. Yeah, that would be nice.