When the Going Get's Tough...

E/O Drabble Challenge, Challenge Word: Rough.

Set in "Exile on Main Street", so beware of spoilers.

Summary: As practiced as Bobby may be in lying, there's one person he never wanted to deceive...

As always my special salutations to Shan and Barbara – it's so good to have you here right by my side :x (and for everyone who likes to know our extra challenge word to check: it's "toe". Enjoy...

"Ok, thanks for the warning, Sam. See ya."

He hung up with a sigh. The moment had come.

He'd rather face a bunch of ravenous blood-suckers than the look of betrayal in this pair of eyes.

His toes upon the old desktop wiggled thoughtfully.

The incredible joy of being able to stand up, to climb the stairs or feel the warm earth under his bare feet did never fail to comfort him.

This would get rough. Not as if he wouldn't deserve it.

But deep inside he was glad to finally share this enigma with Dean.

The mystery named Sam.