Monty Mole : Welcome everyone to the finale of 'The Mole : Festive Saboteur !' It's been three months since we last saw our three finalists. They've been cut off from the world and sequestered all this time in those three green Warp Pipes!

The curtains open and reveal three green warp pipes. The fallen players are appalled.

Mario : Wait, you mean to tell me that they've been inside for three whole months?! Are you freakin' kidding me?

Monty Mole : Errr... No. Why is that?

Mario : What kind of sick show is this!?

Monty Mole, clearing his throat : ANYWAY! Bootler, Noki and Toad are all waiting patiently in their warp pipe, anxious to know who won, who lost and who was the Mole!

Toad, from inside his pipe : Hmm... I'm not really excited to be honest.

Jojora : Shut up Toad, nobody asked you!

Monty Mole : Thanks Jojora. But why do I have a feeling of déjà vu...? Well, not important. As you might have noticed, unless you were blind as a mole, I have with me the seven executed players. Let's introduce them, starting with Kooper! My dear friend! (forces a smile)

Kooper : Hey Monty! Why does your smile seem so fake?

Monty Mole : Oh no reason, it has absolutely nothing to do with how I rigged your execution because I thought it was unfair you got to be a player and not me.

Kooper, completely oblivious : I'm glad there's no hard feeling!

Monty Mole : Next is our second executed player, Donkey Kong! Donkey, how does it feel to be the second executed player?

Donkey : Well, I don't particularly understand why it was me who was executed because I voted for Toad and everyone here knows he's the Mole... But I don't care, I'm finally in a relationship.

Monty Mole : Well, that was random. But fear not, you weren't executed because you had disrespected me! (once again, Monty Mole shows a big grin to the camera) And... Who's the unlucky girl? Candy? Dixie? Wrinkly? Pauline?

Pauline : HELL NO!

Donkey : Who said it was a girl?

Donkey and Mario are seen wiggling their eyebrows as they stare at each other flirtatiously.

Birdo : I need to use the puke bucket. (runs away)

Jojora : Just like in that one story.

Kooper, grinning : Oh yeah, I remember in that challenge when she- (Jojora punches him)

Jojora : Nobody wants to hear your yapping.

Monty Mole : Then, please welcome our third executed player, Flurrie Cumulia, the greatest actress the world has ever known!

Silence as Flurrie isn't on screen.

Monty Mole : Where the hell did that stupid broad go?

Mario : My guess is that she's fashionably late.

Pauline : Old habits die hard.

Jojora : So true. Once a whore, always a whore.

Pauline : That's exactly what I mean!

Jojora : Also, dyeing your hair because you're a blonde won't change the fact that you're stupid.

Pauline, grinning broadly : That too! I swear, you totally understand me!

(The contestants all smack their forehead as they notice Pauline's stupidity)

Noki, from the warp pipe : Could you please hurry up? I'm tired of eating soil, it's already been three months.

Bootler, from the warp pipe : I concur. For a moment I thought you had forgotten about us.

Monty Mole : I would never do that, Bootler, you know me.

Bootler, from inside the warp pipe : Well, I have my doubts.

Monty Mole : Next, Pauline, the worst dumbass Jojora has ever known!

Jojora : Stop quoting me!

Monty Mole : Sheesh, stop bitching first! Anyway, next we have Mario, the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Mario : Actually I'm not anymore, ever since Peach found out about me and Donkey-kins I've been fired from my job as a national hero.

Monty Mole, gasping : Oh my god! Whatever shall we do?

? : Welcome the beautiful Flurrie? (Flurrie floats toward the host, pushes him with her prominent bottom and starts posing, revealing parts of her anatomy)

Everyone : EWWWWW!

Mario, screaming madly : Begone, monstrosity! It's my introduction, so get lost! You're scaring little children with your gigantic boobs! I don't need them anymore!

Flurrie, huffing : Well, you never needed them!

Mario : Excuse me?

Flurrie : Everyone knows that Peach is as flat as an ironing board!

Birdo : Le Gasp!

Jojora : Such an attention whore.

Birdo : I know, right?

Jojora : I was talking about you. Stop blabbering nonsense!

Birdo : But I want to have a few lines to show that I exist!

Monty Mole : Oh, well, that's great Birdo, because it's your turn to speak!

Birdo : I-I don't know what to say...

Donkey, shaking his head, crossing his arms and legs and pouting in a stereotypical way : Thank you for wasting our time. (Donkey tosses his head)

Monty Mole : . . . MOVING ON! Jojora, you were the greatest player of this season, why do you feel you were executed.

Jojora : Because I knew too much. Obviously the producers rigged my results because everyone else saw me as the bad guy and wanted me gone. Also, I'm under the impression that they've been playing favorite the whole time which is probably true since the Mole isn't even-

Birdo : I'm a great kisser.

Monty Mole, sweating : Thank you Birdo, you were useful for once.

Kooper : I'm bored.

Jojora punches Kooper hard in the nose.

Monty Mole : So, players, who do you think the Mole is?

Pauline : Birdo has a big mole on her face, that must be a clue!

Flurrie : We're talking about the traitor of the game, darling.

Pauline : Oh then it's Toad, he called me fat the first day we arrived.

Birdo : I've bandwagonned the whole time I was on the show since I have no personality, so I say Toad too!

Kooper : Well, I have no clue and I couldn't care less!

The others : Same here.

Monty Mole : Well, time to reveal who won the game! Players, if you would please step forward!

The executed players all move toward Monty Mole.

Monty Mole : Not you, dimwits! Now, I will drop a trampoline in your warp pipes, when someone gives you the go, please use it and jump out.

Players : Okay!

Monty Mole : Here I go!

Noki : OOWWWWW! Why did you drop an anvil on my head?!

Monty Mole : Whoops, my bad! You're not even the winner, I apologize.

Noki begins to cry. She cries so much that she fills up her warp pipe and floats to the surface before Bootler actually has time to jump out of his pipe.

Noki : I won!

Monty Mole : No you didn-Oh, who cares! Noki, you're the official winner of this game! Congratulations! (Monty Mole gives an enormous trophy to Noki who takes it happily)

Noki : Oh thank you everyone! It really means so-BLUB BLUB BLUB

Monty Mole : I guess the trophy is too heavy for her.

Mario : She's drowning! Aren't you going to save her?

Monty Mole : No way! Do you see this suit? It cost me ten thousand coins! I'm not going to risk my outfit just for a random player. Why don't you do it?

Mario : Because it's against my beliefs, I don't like girls anymore.

Donkey : I have an idea!

Donkey picks up Flurrie and throws her into Noki's pipe, flooding the room and saving the blue-shelled girl.

Kooper : Nice job, Donkey, you saved her life!

Donkey : Oooh... I actually wanted her to drown so that we'd split the winnings between all of us.

Birdo : Remember kids, brush your teeth three times a day.

Bootler, coming out from his pipe : Yahoo! I won!

Monty Mole : Sorry, it took you way too long so we decided to crown Noki as the winner.

Bootler : But... It is so UNFAIR! It took me a good five minutes to understand how a trampoline worked... Curse my old age!

Jojora : Shut up, gramps.

Monty Mole : And so it's finally time to reveal who the Mole is...

Flurrie, hogging the camera : But we all know Toad is the Mole.

Monty Mole : Oh hush! May the Mole please jump out of their warp pipe?

Five minutes later...

Birdo : My Little Mole : Deceiving is Magic!

Noki : Do we really need to deal with this idiot?

Kooper : I thought she was your friend?

Noki : Of course she was my friend in the game, she gave me all her exemptions, plus ones, information, suspicions and whatnot. She was doing everything I told her to do.

Jojora : What a devious mastermind! You're even worse than me!

Bootler : Ah, kids nowadays, they are full of life...

Monty Mole : Bootler, quit being delusional. Noki, how did you know Birdo would be so naïve?

Noki : I told her to go naked to the police station and she did so. (The others are stunned)

Pauline : What are we waiting for, exactly?

Monty Mole : The final player needs to show up for this reunion show to be complete.

Toad? : Oh, you wanted me to join you? Why didn't you say so earlier?

Monty Mole : I did.

Toad? : No, you told the Mole to join you.

Jojora : And he isn't the Mole.

The others : What?

Toad? : I'm Toad's twin brother, my brother has been arrested on the first day of this game show because he was the godfather of Toadtown's mafia, so the producers asked me to replace him.

Mario : Unbelievable!

Birdo, singing : I believe I can fly!

Bootler : This is an outrage!

Monty Mole, sweating : You really think so?

Bootler : I meant Birdo's singing. (Monty Mole sighs in relief)

Monty Mole : Now that we know who won, who lost, and who wasn't supposed to be in the game, let's see how everything played out!

Episode 1

When the game first started, Toad was selected as the Mole because he threatened to blow out the producers' head.

Flashback Toad : I'm not joking around. (Toad shoots Kooper's father and laughs maniacally)

Unfortunately, the mushroom did not realize that the show would be broadcast and that authorities would find him soon.

(Flashback of bombs being thrown inside the hotel, windows braking, people screaming, Toad firing at people and sirens blaring while Birdo is sleeping soundly)

(Flashback of Birdo being bitch-slapped because the others heard her snoring that night)

Because Toad got caught, the producers were forced to kindly ask his brother to play the game in his place.

Flashback Toad's Brother, beaten up : Okay, I'll play! Don't hurt me anymore, please!

Unfortunately, the producers forgot to inform him that he needed to sabotage so basically there was no Mole the entire time. Pauline scored the highest score that night, with a sixteen.

Monty Mole : What the hell? There were only ten questions?!

And Kooper was executed in a metaphorical way, unlike his father, because Monty Mole was jealous of the fact he had not been chosen to be part of the game.

(Flashback of Monty Mole putting a minus ten in an envelope and giving it to Kooper)

Episode 2

The players struggled during the most complicated challenge in Mole history. They all suffered a break down during the Split Homework challenge.

(Flashback of Monty Mole asking what one plus one is)


Pressured by the intellectual aspect of this game, the players fell apart and all scored a zero on the quiz.

Flashback Bootler : Say, how am I supposed to operate a computer? (Bootler disconnects a cable and is unable to take his quiz, much like everyone else who had to take it after him)

However, that was in Monty Mole's favor. Thanks to the mediocrity of the players, he was able to eliminate the one he liked the least : Donkey Kong.

Flashback Donkey : Oh puh-lease, your boots are so NOT in.

Flashback Monty Mole : You shouldn't have messed with my fashion sense.

Episode 3

With the two persons he liked the least out of the game, Monty Mole began to have another target : Flurrie. Indeed, he knew her boobs were harmful for the ratings, and since he did not want his pay to get lowered, he had to execute her without anyone's knowing.

(Flashback of Flurrie directing the camera toward her exposed chest)

(Flashback of numerous lawsuits against the director of the show)

Motivated by pure greed, Monty Mole did his best to get the actress out of the game.

Flashback Monty Mole : Pauline, Flurrie said that you are fat.

Flashback Pauline : That's it, she's going DOWN.

Flashback Monty Mole : Jojora, I give you five thousand coins if you make Flurrie's life hell in this game.

Flashback Jojora : Deal.

But what secured his pay was that he told Flurrie that she would get more screen time if she were to leave the game.

Flashback Flurrie : I can't wait to see myself on the screen!

Episode 4

At the beginning of this episode, Mario realized he had feelings for Donkey Kong, feelings that had been hidden deeply into his subconscious the whole time. Angry with himself, he decided to take his rage out on someone he believed was responsible for making him feel nothing toward Donkey.

Flashback Mario : It's all her fault! She's going to pay...

The plumber went to talk to Pauline, but the discussion quickly escalated.

Flashback Mario : You're fat.

Flashback Pauline : You did not say that!

Flashback Mario : Yes I did!

Pauline : Mario said I was fat, he is the Mole!

And Pauline was gone, just like that.

Episode 5

Now satisfied with his revenge, Mario decided it was time for him to rejoin the love of his life.

Mario : I can't take it anymore!

However, the game began to be incredibly rigged as Mario was offered three exemptions in a row.

(Flashback of Monty Mole chuckling as he sees Mario's bewildered face)

In the exemption roulette, Mario did his best not to be eligible to win an exemption.

Flashback Mario : I don't want to win an exemption.

Flashback Jojora : I want you to win an exemption.

Flashback Toad's brother : She's right, you're an asset to this team!

Flashback Bootler : I must admit, thanks to Mario we were able to add three thousand coins to our team pot...

Flashback Noki : And it's the only time we were able to add money to the pot, too...

Flashback Birdo : I am titanium!

Flashback everyone but Birdo : SHUT UP!

In the end, everyone but Mario wanted to give Mario an exemption, so he had to sabotage. Then, during the Mansion Nightmare challenge, Mario began to suspect that he was victim of a curse.


And finally, during the last challenge, he lost the game on purpose, saying that he was the thief of Holly Koopa's jewel.

Flashback Mario : It's me!

But Monty Mole knew the ratings would drop if Mario were to leave the game, so he had a plan...

Flashback Monty Mole : I will falsify his results.

Unfortunately for the host, an inspector was there the night Mario was eliminated, and Monty Mole's plans were thwarted. Funnily enough, Mario was not the lowest scorer that night.

Episode 6

With half of the players gone, the remaining ones were sure that they had correctly identified the Mole.

Flashback Toad's brother : What's a Mole?

Flashback Jojora : I still don't know who the Mole is, but I try my best to act like the Mole.

Flashback Noki : The Mole? I'd say Monty is a mole.

Flashback Bootler : I daresay my alarm clock is acting Mole-ish at present. Why, it decided not to wake me up today, so Monty Mole gave a penalty to our team.

Flashback Birdo : Sex bomb, sex bomb, you're my sex bomb! The Mole? They're not here anymore, they were replaced by their brother.

Anyway... In Mario's Rainbow Castle, there was a room which contained a single container inside of which was a surprise. The audacious Birdo took the risk and won lyrics of numerous songs that she immediately began to sing.

Flashback Birdo : 'Cause they're calling, calling, calling me home!Calling, calling, calling home!

Unfortunately, the producers were sued due to copyright infringement and had no choice but to send Birdo home.

Episode 7

During this episode, Jojora was a total bitch. As always.

Flashback Jojora : Shut up!

Flashback Jojora : You're so pitiful you make me feel like totally barfing!

Flashback Jojora : (CENSORED)

But it was not because of her bitchiness that she was executed. Monty Mole decided to execute her because she was actually smart, compared to the rest of the players, and had managed to single-handedly add fifteen thousand coins to the team pot during the game 'Distant Memories'.

(Flashback of Monty Mole raging as the players celebrate their first victory)

Flashback Monty Mole : Off with her, she's going to ruin us!

And Jojora met her demise that night.

Episode 8

For this episode, the Mole decided not to sabotage as they have this weird habit of not sabotaging during the last episode.

Monty Mole : Except the Mole never sabotaged at all.

Showing both smartness and flexibility, Noki and Bootler managed to reach the final round of the game.

Flashback Bootler : I hate sunny days! Why can't I go back to Forever Forest?

Flashback Noki : One point five hour obviously translates to one hour and fifty minutes. It's common sense!

In the end, they tied with a score of zero, but Bootler was the fastest and won the game.

Flashback Bootler : I say, why does this computer refuse to let me go to the next question? (Bootler repeatedly pushes the enter button when suddenly his computer stops lagging and tells him he is finished) Well... I was never good with technology anyway.

Bootler : Well, that was mighty interesting.

Jojora : No, that was (CENSORED) stupid! What the hell, I was executed because I actually WON a challenge?!

Monty Mole : Well, you must understand, with the economical crisis and everything... We couldn't afford losing so many coins...

Pauline : I can't believe you Mario! How dare you get me eliminated in such a way?

Mario : I was tired of your slutty ways.

Pauline : Oh yeah? Prove it!

Flashback Pauline, looking at Mario flirtatiously : Come on Mario! It will be just like the old days!

Pauline : Fair enough.

Birdo : The cake is a lie.

Flurrie : My wonderful self has a question. If Toad's brother didn't know he was the Mole, how did he sabotage? And since he wasn't technically the Mole, how were we supposed to actually get some points on quizzes?

Monty Mole : Oh, easy one. Answering Toad on the quiz would most likely grant you a point since Toad's brother isn't called Toad.

Donkey : I think Kooper passed out.

Monty Mole : Oh? Well, at least he didn't passed away like his father!

Noki : You're so insensitive!

Monty Mole : So?

Noki : . . . I like that...

Donkey : Ooooookay... So, are we going to have a list of sabotages or what?

Monty Mole : Alright, alright! Gosh, you guys are so needy!


Mixed-Up Possessions :

In the first mission of the game, Toad did not want to draw too much attention toward himself.

Toad : They'll probably suspect me if I get more than six items... And I don't want that, do I?

Toad went into the challenge, trying to get half of the items correctly labeled. However, he sucked so much that in the end, he only managed to get his own item. Thankfully, the others were as lame as him, if not worse.

Flashback Monty Mole : Birdo, you suck so much that you didn't even get your own item. How stupid can you get?

Flashback Birdo : Over nine thousand!

Treasure Hunters :

Please note that Toad had been arrested at that moment and that his twin brother had replaced him.

Toad's brother : Let's do our best!

And their best they did, apparently. None of them were able to get past the first round, so none of them could look for the treasure.

Twenty Thousand Bucks Under the Sheep :

Toad's brother did not get the challenge, he thought the goal of the challenge was to count the number of sheep there were in the pen.

Flashback Donkey : Let's herd them this way!

Flashback Jojora : Me and Toad will be counting.

Flashback Flurrie : We found out that there were twenty thousand seven hundred and fifty one sheep.

Flashback Monty Mole, flabbergasted : What the heck? First, there were only twenty six sheep and second, I didn't tell you to count how many sheep there were!

Split Homework :

The way Toad's brother sabotaged the challenge was subtle. Indeed, ever since Toad had been sent to jail, his brother had taken the role of the Mole and had told the players his personal information. However, the challenges had been conceived with Toad's information...

Flashback Monty Mole : Okay, the first question is... When was Toad born?

(Flashback of everyone answering July 16)

However, Toad was born on June 1, so the challenge ended seconds after it had started.


Noki : Wait a moment, how is that even possible?! If it's Toad's twin brother, then he should have the same birth date as Toad!

Monty Mole, sweating profusely : Don't ask me!

Clue Hunt :

Everyone got lost even though Pipetown is only composed of three building, so the team lost eighty thousand coins. But since they had nothing in their pot, Monty Mole decided not to penalize them.

Feet Versus Wheels :

Once again, the team lost the challenge but it was not Toad's brother's fault.

(Flashback of Flurrie crashing the car against a shop)

(Flashback of Monty Mole, the players and the crew fleeing as they are assaulted by bystanders)

Family Problems :

Toad's brother had to beat Luigi in a kart race. What the viewers did not know was that Toad's brother hated Luigi, so he took the race as an opportunity to get rid of him.

(Flashback of Toad's brother ramming against Luigi's car as Luigi screams like a sissy)

However, Toad's brother did not have his driver license, so he crashed the car and lost his part of the challenge.

Under the Spotlight :

The team was being incompetent and relied on Mario's strengths throughout the challenge.

(Flashback of Toad's brother, Jojora, Pauline, Birdo, Noki and Bootler drinking tea while Mario did everything)

Mario was able to win three thousand coins by himself and was seen as a hero.

Exemption Roulette :

As we all saw earlier, Mario did not want to win an exemption, but the others thought otherwise.

Flashback Birdo : Mario, Mario, Mario, Mario.

Flashback Bootler : Mario, Mario, Mario, Mario.

Flashback Jojora : Mario, Mario, Mario, Mario.

Flashback Noki : Mario, Mario, Mario, Mario.

Flashback Toad's brother : Mario, Mario, Mario, Mario.

So Mario had to sabotage.

Flashback Mario : Birdo, Toad, Jojora and Noki.

Mansion Nightmare :

The team decided to stay close so that nobody would be able to sabotage. Unfortunately, they all went in the dark room and were squashed against the wall at the same time, so they lost yet another challenge.

Bootler : Huh...? But I thought Mario had managed to reach the end of the mansion and chose money instead of an exemption...?

Birdo : Shitty retroactive continuity.

Monty Mole glares at Birdo.

Jewelry Robbery :

Toad's brother could not sabotage the challenge as Mario did it himself.

Flashback Mario : I'm the culprit!

Flashback Monty Mole : No you're not, it's one of those five!

Flashback Mario : I tell you I did it!

Flashback Monty Mole : Ugh, FINE!

Lost Castle ; Lost Digits :

Toad's brother completely sabotaged the challenge, unbeknownst to everyone, himself included.

Flashback Jojora : Do you think we have a challenge?

Flashback Toad's brother : Of course not! I suggest we just stay here until further notice.

(Flashback of everyone staying in place except Birdo)

Flashback Monty Mole : Your goal was to reach the top of the castle, bunch of morons.

Another Memory :

None of the players wanted to give someone else their journals for the simple reason that they had written valuable information inside. But that was a lie, let's see what was inside the journals...


Well, let's not.

Instrumental Search :

The players wasted fifty minutes arguing about who was going to take which clue.

(Flashback of a huge fistfight which takes place in the room where are located the computers)

And when the players finally settled, they realized they had destroyed the only computer which could have helped them win the game.

Arts Versus Craps :

Toad's brother poor artistic sense helped him lose the game, although the truth was that Jojora was way better than everyone else.

Flashback Noki : Oh my god, our work of art is so beautiful!

Flashback Toad's brother : It's so pretty I want to cry.

Flashback Mason Coles Hallyboo : I also want to cry, but not for the same reasons.

Their workpiece was a poorly designed dog, which looked like a hybrid of a shark and an ostrich.

Distant Memories :

The team won this challenge thanks to Jojora, which is why she was later eliminated by Monty Mole.

Flashback Monty Mole : She's going down.

Mystic Relics :

Toad's brother did nothing during the challenge, as someone from the production crew forgot to give him a walkie-talkie. Do not worry, we took care of this person.

(Flashback of Monty Mole throwing the stupid fool inside a volcano)

Three Questions Game :

The players were all trying to play mind games with each other, and they ultimately failed to add money to the pot.

Flashback Monty Mole : For Toad, who's more likely to wear a dress? Noki or Bootler?

Flashback Bootler : I believe it is obvious that I am the dress-wearing person here. So we will go with Bootler.

Flashback Monty Mole : Toad, what was your choice?

Flashback Toad's brother : I said Noki because she was wearing a dress this morning. (Noki slaps Toad's brother)

Flashback Noki : Voyeur!

Final Temptation :

The players all broke down during this challenge, as it involved books and a library. And everyone knows that books are evil.

Flashback Toad's brother : Oh my god! There are so many books! I'm suffocating!

Flashback Noki, hyperventilating : Do we have to read them all?

Flashback Bootler, passed out : …

Last Journey :

The players did not know how to drive a car and they crashed it in the Moonlight Hotel. They never reached Monty Mole and the producers actually had to hire rescue workers as the finalists were trapped inside a cavern as a result of a cave in.

(Flashback of Monty Mole grumbling to himself)

Toad's brother : I sabotaged a lot even though I didn't know I was the Mole.

Kooper : …

Jojora : You didn't sabotage, you sucked! That's all there is to it!

Monty Mole : Oh, shut up Jojora, you were not really good yourself.

Jojora : You executed me because I won a challenge, dumbass!

Monty Mole : Noki, when you entered the game, how did you feel?

Birdo : First I was afraid, I was petrified!

Everyone punches Birdo.

Noki : I thought I would win easily.

Monty Mole : And now, how does it feel to be the sole winner of sixteen thousand coins?

Noki : I feel enraged because I could have won eighteen thousand coins if it had not been for Bootler's penalties!

Bootler : I apologize!

Pauline : Bootler scored two goals?!


Mario : Now you understand why I don't want to date her anymore?

Donkey : It'd be hard not to. Up next, the clues?

Monty Mole : Indeed, Donkey!

Donkey blushes and giggles girlishly as Mario glares at Monty Mole.

The Hidden Clues

Episode 1 : When Toad first came out of his helicopter, he was wearing a T-shirt on which was a mole. Furthermore, on the T-shirt were also the words 'I am the Mole'.

Episode 2 : In the hotel, there was a clue which said : 'THE MOLE IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU'. Toad is called 'RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU' in the Mafia world.

Episode 3 : The clue leading to yet another clue, during Clue Hunt, clued you. 'Hello, here's the Mole! I'll only say one thing : the clue is already in the palm of my hand!' Most of the time, people have five fingers, which gave you a first number, five. And there was another number in the clue, one. Toad is born on May 1.


Monty Mole : Shush, it's not over yet.

Episode 3 : But Toad was not born on May 1, he was born on June. Had you known that fact you would have understood that the clue was deceiving you, just like Toad.

Flurrie : I'm speechless.

Episode 4 : The music that was played at the end of the episode was polka. Everyone knows that polka is Monty Mole's favorite genre, linking the music to the Mole. Unfortunately, Toad does not like polka at all, so it was a little useless.

Episode 5 : During the mission Mansion Nightmare, there were four cheerleaders mole who gracefully spelled Toad's name for approximately half a second.

Episode 6 : In the pool full of ping pong balls, four particular balls had an inscription on them. On one of them was a 'T', on another was a 'O', there was one with a 'A' and the last one had a 'D'. The ping pong balls would spell Toad, the name of the Mole.

Episode 7 : In the Mystery Mansion, there was a Monty Mole holding a mushroom. This was a clue leading to the identity of the Mole.

Episode 8 : When Lays meets Toad's brother, he said : 'How are you, my fellow Mole?' But Lays himself was fooled for Toad's brother was not the Mole, it was Toad. Nonetheless, it still counts as a clue.

Donkey : The clues were stupid.

Noki : How were we supposed to know that Toad was part of the Mafia? And even if we knew, he would have never told us his Mafia codename...

Monty Mole : Not my problem!

Mario : You're a really terrible host, you know that?

Jojora : No wonder I bitched so much.

Flurrie : It's in your nature, dear.

Pauline : Thank goodness this reunion show's finally over! I needed to comb my hair.

Kooper : …

Bootler : I want to say that this game was a wonderful experience and that I will never ever forget about it.

Monty Mole : Hypocrite.

Toad's brother : Ah, this is the end... Too bad I never really understood what people wanted me to do.

Monty Mole : All is well that ends well.

Kooper kills himself, spilling blood and guts everywhere.

The others : You said it!

Birdo : Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend, somewhere along in the bitterness... And I would have stayed up with you all night, had I know how to save a life!

This is the end!

Thank you everyone for reading and leaving reviews, and I hope this final chapter will make you smile a little!

It's always kind of weird when you finish a story like this, because you kind of feel attached to the universe and the characters, and you wish you could continue writing it but you can't.

I really want to thank you all because I was able to improve my English thanks to you guys. ^^