A/N: I hope you enjoy this story.

She had green eyes.

That was the first thing I noticed when they brought her to my holding cell.

The next thing I noticed was that her long hair was pulled back in a practical braid though a few shorter strands of caramel had escaped to frame her porcelain, doll-like face.

At first glance, she could have passed off as something delicate and fragile, but I could recognize that confidence and self-assurance that only came with experience. Despite the pretty face, that girl possessed a tongue that would have made the most veteran spacers turn red with shame.

The guard ignored all the wonderful names she bestowed upon him as he shoved her inside and punched the panel in the wall. Laser beams crisscrossed across the exit, barring the only exit to my cell. The girl swung back on her feet with the grace of a gymnast even though her hands were restrained behind her back in Cerellium handcuffs.

"I'll kill you, you fucking bastards!" she snarled at the sneering guard, "let me out and I'll show you exactly how soft I am."

"Say hello to your new roommate, Wolf," he looked past the girl to smirk at me, even though she kept screaming obscenities at him.

"Didn't think you'd be considerate enough to bring me company," I drawled, lounging back in my stiff bunk. It was uncomfortable as hell but like Miss Pretty-face, I was ignoring my discomfort. I had slept under worse conditions after all.

"Don't get ahead of yourself, she's quite a handful," he smirked, his face distorting like the image of a holovision as the detaining force-field activated. Leering at my new roommate, the guard blew her a kiss before turning to walk away with his gun-wielding buddy.

"Get back here damn it!" she screeched, green eyes flashing in rage as she ran towards the force-field just they vanished around a corner.

"Easy now—" I started to warn her but her foot had already collided with the field. I felt the energy converge at the point of contact before surging into her body, throwing her away with enough force to knock the air out of my lungs as she barreled into me.

Her face held a look of bewilderment when I looked down at her, all pressed up against me. Tch, figures. She must be a newbie if she was so shocked at being thrown back by the force-field. Probably hadn't expected that to happen.

"Whoa there, Dollface," I grinned, feeling her whole body tense up as she realized the position she was in, "kicking that shit is only gonna give you a busted foot you know." I watched the blood rush to her face as she struggled to get off me though I simply sat back to enjoy as she squirmed over me. I suppose it must be rather difficult to get up if you've got your hands tied behind your back. I was surprised that she didn't ask me to help her as she wriggled and twisted, falling off the bunk with a painful thud in the process.

"The name's Wolf," I said, pushing my elbows behind me to get into a half seated position as she struggled to her feet.

"Cherry," she replied, regarding me with a careful and calculating gaze.

"So what'd you do to end up in this place?"

"The royal convoy got attacked as we were passing this planet," she said, moving around to study the tiny cell.

"Pirates?" I cocked my brow.

"No." I noticed that a pained look flashed across her features though she didn't bother to elaborate.

"I'm guessing this was your first time."

"Getting attacked?" She gave a bitter laugh.

"Escorting the Royals," I shook my head.

She was dressed up in a guard's uniforms so it wasn't hard to guess what her job must have been.

"Escorting the…" she trailed off, her gaze becoming distant as she stared at the blank wall to my right. I wondered what she might have been thinking about when she sighed and looked down to her feet. "I just hope everyone is alright." I heard her mumble.

"Well, if they were lucky," I lay back down again, resting my head on my folded arms, "they would have gotten away in time. If they were unlucky…" I didn't bother finishing the sentence as I closed my eyes and decided to get some rest. She looked smart enough to figure that one out by herself.

I had nearly drifted off to sleep when she spoke up again.

"What about you?" she asked.

"What about me?" I repeated sleepily, stifling a yawn.

"How did you end up here?" she said and I cracked an eye open to see her looking at me curiously.

"Got caught on a job," I replied, turning my back to her. "Better try and get some sleep while you still can, Dollface."

I heard her sharp intake of breath as she had no doubt, gotten her first look at my mangled back though I ignored her. Like I said before, I had been in much worse positions than this. Dollface didn't reply, though I did hear her shuffle across the floor to get to the second bunk in my cell.